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1. Son of Sochi - Cropsey Freestyle

Son of Sochi - Cropsey Freestyle

Producers: Dead Nebula, Son of Sochi Engineers: Gary Sapozhnikov, Canberk Orguz Writers: Canberk Orguz Hear more from Son of Sochi: Subscribe to my Youtube Channel so World Star Hip-Hop can find us:

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2. Son of Sochi - Astroland Freestyle

Son of Sochi - Astroland Freestyle

Producers: Dead Nebula Engineers: Gary Sapozhnikov, Canberk Orguz Writers: Canberk Orguz Hear more from Son of Sochi:

nothing at of , which is

3. Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov

New Son of Sochi single "Mazel Tov". Produced, Recorded, and Engineered by Son of Sochi The beat is the from Nas's "H to the Omo" freestyle diss track (which takes it's beat from "Paid in Full" by Erik B and Rakim) Lyrics coming soon. Follow me on Twitter: @SonOfSochi Youtube: Son of Sochi Facebook:

nothing at of , which is

4. Ayi


Cik git def ol, Stacking up my payload, If that AK goes click click, you say Day-O, Tally these banana clips, I spit slow mo, I be ripe for the pickin, You ain't a day old, Birak Barrack'la konusduyum gibi cak, Yetenekleri inanmiyan'da saf laf etme, hayat cekmece gibi Raf, Yakalarsam hadi bas gasa bas, Yas queen, my lean be so mean, 20/20 vision I seen all your jiins, My deen don't ever intefere wit C.R.E.A.M, Young Money militia cuz Old Money is kiing Bow down to the crown crown crown Brexit out this bitch if she down for the pound Heard you gang gang gang, Hear you sound sound sound If you talk that shit then it's Blaow Blaow Blaow

nothing at of , which is

5. N.S.T. [973]

N.S.T. [973]

Quick preview track. Enjoy.

nothing at of , which is

6. Stoli


I use my fist to plead the fifth, Sip then flip the script and swig Dropkick a Bolshevik Give me a White Russian, now quick Before I concus, my liver I do not trust like women, Tooken advantage of, my anger brewing like its (BROOKLYN) Yeah, but ain’t no Jay-Z’s on my block, Just a Turk lookin to merk some JD on the rocks Contra singing Mantras like Sinatra, yelling (SHOTS) My conscious keeps menaging all this gossip and these hops Thots keep on jockin, robbin my noggin’s options, Monogamous robing involving a gin and tonic Oooooh and I probably should just swerve it, But it’s so hard to curb it, ain’t like you be perfect Plus, I deserve it, Working to double these mixtapes, SoCo on the rocks like my grandfather in his day I just keep it classy, don’t know my name then ask me Son of Sochi, now excuse me, while I finish my Stoli

nothing at of , which is

7. CULO (Ass Remix)

CULO (Ass Remix)

Live Remix between Bojangles and Ass

nothing at of , which is

8. B-RAG (Cypher)

B-RAG (Cypher)

I I Believe I Believe That We Will Win (Even when we lose)

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9. Emile Zola ft Pharell

Emile Zola ft Pharell

It's been a crazy day, lately my patience fade away, Blame it on the alcohol, a couple double shots today, Am to Am but I'm playin in the majors, Slide in yo DMs, catch me slippin like the Lakers, Know you'se a miles away, I just found some time to spare, Hit you up on Viberr, Need to hear your voice I'm in despair, In between these meetings, hiding in empty classrooms, Sending you naughty pics, I'm hoping you get back soon, Double X and Os, tippin toes, and sippin 40s, Subtle I suppose, how she work the pole, get it shawty, Bubble in the rose, candle glows, water wet her body, Hit in the morn, while she moans, and then I'm outtie, Relaxation is over now that I'm sober C.I. hate when I cut flooow like Ayatoollah, I'm tryna hit gold like I'm HOV, No diploma, I Set fire to the truth, Rap Game Emile Zola

nothing at of , which is

10. Dear 70

Dear 70

Dear 70 year old me. #MHHCypher

nothing at of , which is

11. Freedom


nothing at of , which is

13. Pharoahs


nothing at of , which is

14. Me, Myself, And Sochi

Me, Myself, And Sochi

Just Because. Beat courtesy of AllisWell

nothing at of , which is

15. Pop Pop

Pop Pop

When I was 16, my 16's was a bit sad, I filled up pads with self righteous crap that I couldn't patch, With a flow that was outdated back in 1988, KRS none but still braggin like Cassius Clay, Now off to college after I barely paid my deposit, Couldn't rock fly shit so my humor obnoxious, Passed the semester, then networked the campus, Came back in the spring, B.M.O.C. with the answers, Ultra Violet finalist, single so my wallet rich, G.P.A. the opposite but hid it to get hired shiiit, Got too crazy, monumental memories, Summer's when I met her She'll never know what she means to me, Now add a chapter 7 then I dropped out in a hurry, Now I put in 40 plus, to get by on this money, You can hear that I'm hungry, don't let the rumble disturb you Went from a joke of a poet to an MC of Magnitude.

nothing at of , which is

17. Coffee And Cigarettes

Coffee And Cigarettes

A little instrumental interlude from the album.

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