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1. Francis Harris - St. Catherine And The Calm (STW Premiere)

Francis Harris - St. Catherine And The Calm (STW Premiere)

A cinematic 12 minutes, exhaling grainy textures, field recordings and a vibraphone that just seems to whisper. Taken from the new album by @cfrancisharris on @scissorandthread. Read more & buy: Listen on Youtube:

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2. Tenderlonious and The 22archestra - Expansions (STW Premiere)

Tenderlonious and The 22archestra - Expansions (STW Premiere)

Spiritual jazz on @tenderlonious' debut album on @22amusic, collaborating with the all-star cast of the 22archestra. Read more & buy:

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3. Jackson Milas - December 21st (STW Premiere)

Jackson Milas - December 21st (STW Premiere)

@piqueniquerecordings move away from the Morrocan Gnawa sound of their first release for the debut of co-founder Jackson Milas. A jazz excursion that comes as close to an embodiment of a warm, crackling fire as you could with four musicians. Mixed by Nicolas Jaar collaborator Dave Harrington. Read more & buy: Listen on Youtube:

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4. Hiatus Kaiyote - Atari (Vulture St Tape Gang Remix)

Hiatus Kaiyote - Atari (Vulture St Tape Gang Remix)

STW Advent Calendar Day 10 - all proceeds go to The Steve Reid Foundation. A psychedelic edit of neo-soul Melbourne space explorers Hiatus Kaiyote, spliced into a raucous hip-hop groove with bubbling synths courtesy of @generalbeats-1. Download & donate:

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5. Sergio Fedasz and The Worker : Wax Candy 500 Mix

Sergio Fedasz and The Worker : Wax Candy 500 Mix

Sergio Fedasz and The Worker explore deep disco and house music mid-week in the sprawling trees and fog of Stanyan St. - in late September 2012. Pretty sure it led to a transcendental hangover. The pre-candy to the Wax Candy.

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7. Rudi Schmidt (from The Melodic) - The Melting Ship and the Copper Ocean

Rudi Schmidt (from The Melodic) - The Melting Ship and the Copper Ocean

The Melodic (formerly Melodica, Melody and Me) played a living room session for us in Bristol. Here is an acoustic recording of a song that Rudi Schmidt from the band played on the charango. For more information on Rudi and session video

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8. AphroditeLiveGMPnotlb


Dj Set ( approx 59 mins of a 3 Hours performance) Dj/Producer - APHRODITE - UK This is a recording of Aphrodite - Uk making his 2nd Ever U.S. appearance and 1st Ever Texas appearance at Gotta Move Productionz "Night Of The Living BassHeads" in Houston, Texas at The Wax. Gavin King aka Aphrodite made his long awaited and 1st ever stateside appearance in New York City then the very next night Houston, Texas! The Massive from Texas to Louisiana and beyond where in full effect! This mix features over 6 mc's showing there love and excitement for the Don. This was one of Houston largest and most successful Drum and Bass/Jungle events ever and the Vibe was so Electric! When you hear the M.C. saying "Where the Fire at" is because someone called the Fire Marshall out on the Event and after finding out all was in order at the Venue The Marshall ask that we stop the Music, Clear the Venue and Bring Everyone back in for a Head Count. It was Crazy but I did it and the show carried on even Stronger. goodgoodTimes_ MaiDai (GMP) Guest M.C.'s Tygreno, M.C. Duh, M.C. Swift, BMC, M.C. Nemo

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9. PREMIERE : Andy Compton & Shamrock - Nifanyeje

PREMIERE : Andy Compton & Shamrock - Nifanyeje

* Read more: * Watch on YouTube : * Pre order : Marcel Vogel’s Amsterdam based label Lumberjacks in Hell arises once again with something raw, soulful, and extremely fresh for your listening pleasure. This time, they’ve tapped the deeply prolific Bristol-based house connoisseur Andy Compton, who’s had a long and venerable career both as a soloist and part of the legendary trio of The Rurals, and who’s also released more than 31 albums and over 135 EPs. This project sees Andy join forces with the African artist Shamrock and the Swahili vocalist Asali for four sun-drenched boogie tracks that they recorded in South Africa. “Nifanyeje,” the projects stand-out track is a slow groover with one hell of a bassline. Adding to the “smoothness” is what seems to be a suite of live instrumentation including organic percussion, gentle guitar, funky brass, light key stabs, and a gorgeous, airy vocal. A track like this demands you to chill. Don’t listen to this in the morning, you won’t get anything done for the rest of the day. If I didn’t have a job to do I’d roll a joint and listen to it 100 times. Anyways, just added this burner to my “Rosé Season” playlist on Spotify. Hand me my slips, fam. Bunny Chow, the 31st EP from Lumberjacks in Hell, couldn’t be a better release. It drops on May 7th, and will likely soundtrack your summer. On May 7th, support the musicians who appear on this record by shelling out some cash for the wax. You won’t be sorry, and you might get laid if you play it.

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10. The Needle and the Wax

The Needle and the Wax

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11. [podfic] Forget The Wax And The Feathers

  • Published: 2016-02-23T18:55:17Z
  • By annapods
[podfic] Forget The Wax And The Feathers

podfic of Forget The Wax And The Feathers by jackzimmermann, read by annapods

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13. PREMIERE: Roberto S - In Flight [Noire & Blanche]

  • Published: 2018-10-30T20:21:35Z
  • By Moskalus
PREMIERE: Roberto S - In Flight [Noire & Blanche]

Support: Disclosure, Jimpster, Jacques Renault, Auntie Flo, Luke Solomon, Richy Ahmed, Nuno Dos Santos, Jazzanova, Loz Goddard, Llorca, Vhyce, Nolan, Horse Meat Disco, Ben Gomori, Piek, James Curd, Dom Servini, jozif, Lrusse, Jamie Trench, Fred Everything, Schnee, Jad & The, Robert Owens, COEO, Doctor Dru, FSQ + more... Noire & Blanche (House imprint of Délicieuse Records) reveals for this year-end 2018 a compilation of 6 tracks. After noticed releases and sold out references for the first two, N&B innovates with this Various at the edge of the House, between Balearic, Deep and Nu-Disco. Eager to mix styles and influences by inviting long-time favorites and close entourage, it's now done. Joining the Canadian Roberto S, A Vision of Panorama from St. Petersburg and the French Leon Revol and Too Smooth Christ. Without forgetting Folamour and Tell, respectively composers of the first and third opus of the label who reoffend so. Signed on prestigious labels such as Music For Dreams or Chit Chat Records, and recognized for its precious Balearic leg, A Vision Of Panorama perfectly introduces the maxi through "Wind, Brass & Bells", colorful and intoxicating track. Too Smooth Christ, hyperactive French producer, author of the LP "Angel And Voices" in 2017 and co-founder of Supergenius Records alongside DJ Koycott, brings his stone to Noire & Blanche building with "Magic Beauty", a song under evocative with a Dream-House look. Author of the LP soberly titled "Tell LP" at Coastal Haze in the summer of 2017, the EP "Cool Bananas" out on Noire & Blanche in May 2018, Tell comes back with "Endless Love". An exquisite symbiosis of punch and sensuality, the hallmark of the young DJ and producer. After EPs on Beats of No Nation, Monologues Records and freshly Apparel Wax, Leon Revol delivers "Y", a powerful and groovy Deep-House piece. Folamour, tireless producer, Kimosabe his half-project with Marc Bianco, FHUO and Moonrise Hill Material labels manager and now skimming all the clubs of Europe, the man from Lyon spreads once again his strengths and loves for pieces terribly effective and the dreaded groove with "I Know It Has Been Done Before". A piece of sampled House resonating as a return to the origins of House-Music revisited in its own way. Finally, Roberto S fits perfectly in the design of this Various. Half of Conga Radio with Jex Opolis and producer of an enticing house, the Canadian is often supported by Stamp The Wax or Les Yeux Orange. Faithful to his previous productions, he signs here "In Flight", delicious moment of lightness.

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14. Florence And The Machine - You Got The Love (Debugging The Wax Remix)

Florence And The Machine - You Got The Love (Debugging The Wax Remix)

Florence And The Machine - You Got The Love (Debugging The Wax Remix)

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15. MiniCoolBoyz - Whats Poppin? - Sci+Tec Digital Audio - TEC065 (Snipped)

MiniCoolBoyz - Whats Poppin? - Sci+Tec Digital Audio - TEC065 (Snipped)

MiniCoolBoyz - What's Going On" SCI+TEC Release Date: Oct 31th on Vinyl and digitally on Nov 1st 2012 TEC065-WHATSGOINGON Beatport: Vinyl: ALSO AVAILABLE ON MASHBOX! We welcome back Italian techno team and longtime members of the SCI+TEC family, MiniCoolBoyz, for their third release on the label. Once described as the prodigies of m-nus main-man Richie Hawtin and as "future stars of electronic music" by our very own Dubfire, the boys have come a long way since their first release with the label back in 2010. Mike and Raphael's exciting blend of minimal groove-laden techno and tech house continues to impress and has soundtracked one of their most successful years to date. With a seam-busting tour diary that has seen them grace many of the summers biggest festivals, a catalogue of 2012 releases for the likes of Saved, Material and Terminal M, plus the ongoing success of their very own Amazing Records imprint, life really couldn't be better for the Italian duo. Now, after their blistering summer, MiniCoolBoyz kick off their winter season and ask, "Whats Going On?". Their vinyl cuts "What's Popping?" and "What's Going On" have been described by the boys themselves, perfectly we might add, as "minimal, weird, dark and trippy… with added energy bombs!". If the wax doesn't suit, fear not, both cuts also feature on the digital package backed by another brace of electronic questions in the form of , "What's Wrong?" and "What's Up?". More questions than a toddler on Ritalin. To discover the answers, well, just play them out… As always SCI+TEC provide an exclusive package of MiniCoolBoyz DJ tools. Mladen Tomic – “Really cool tracks again from MCB!! Will play for sure, especially What’s Up!!” Philip Straub – “Simply HUGE EP!! What’s Poppin’ is fantastic!!” Xordo – “Another BOMB release from the Minicoolboyz! Love all tracks! Will def play all of them, thanks!” Sian – “What’s Going On is heavy! Another great ep from these guys!!” The Dolphins – “What’s Poppin’ is SUPER!!!! Great record, we will be giving it 100% support!” Raul Boesel – “What’s Up!!! That’s going straight into my next gig.. love it!” Ceoltronic Radio - (Spin 1038 Dublin) – “A very reliable duo these guys. Another quality release. Will feature on Ceoltronic Radio tonight. Thanks.” Laurent N – (Nice Radio, France) – “Nice release with good stuff (as always). Will play, soon on Air & SUPPORT !!!” – “Considering this for a review.” Lukas (Raveline Magazine Germany) – “I love “What’s Wrong”!! Great track!” Raphael – (Partysan Magazine Germany) – “Yeah...spooky and groovy ! Support for all of them!” Kaiserdisco – “What’s Going On is SUPERB!!!! Big support from us!” Mauro Picotto – “Really well done guys.. What’s Going On is another BIG MCB track!!” Pig (Pig&Dan) – “Solid productions from these boys.. like the reggae vibe in What’s Up. Will support!” Liubo Ursiny – “'What's Going On' my total fav here! Devastating bass line, destined to rule every dance floor! Thanks!” Schubert – “Nice tunes!! What's Poppin’ sounds great loud and the others are a great compliment.” Steve Parker – “The Boyz never seem to let us down on them minimal grooves, my favourite has to be What’s goin on, support! Thanks!” Joran van Pol – “Awesome EP by the MiniCoolBoyz! Definitely playing this at ENTER. at the Gasworks/ADE!!” Raul Boesel – “Oh yes!! Different… but very good!! Like them all.” Sinisa Tamamovic – “Another great ep from MiniCoolBoyz. Can’t get enough of “What’s Poppin’”, will play it!” Boris (Pacha NYC) – “Another solid techno ep from SCI+TEC.” Bryan Chapman – “Very nice and solid release again from MiniCoolBoyz. What’s Poppin’ is the best for me.” Marco Bailey – “I LOVE these guys and their tunes and these are no different. What’s Poppin’ is perfect for me to play.” Simi – “What’s Wrong is sounding solid… I’ll give it a spin!” Tiefschwarz (Basti) – “Hey guys this is another TOP package of tunes, with What’s Poppin’ my highlight.” Filterheadz – “WOOO!! What’s Going On totally ROCKS!!!” Saso Recyd – “Another strong SCI+TEC record, especially What’s Poppin’.” Justin James – “OUUF! What’s Wrong is calling out to me… Future Funk!! J” Monika Kruse – “These are quite ‘Tooly’ aren’t they..? Gonna have to try them out. What’s Poppin’ sounds most interesting.” Francesco Bergomi – “INCREDIBLE release by the 'Boyz!! Can't help but agree with Dubfire's and Richie's words on these two amazing producers!! Love their music. Thank you very much for the package.” VINYL RELEASE TRACKLISTING A: What's Poppin? B: What's Going On? DIGITAL RELEASE TRACKLISTING 1. What's Poppin? 2. What's Going On? 3. What's Wrong? 4. What's Up? 5. What's Poppin? Vox & FX DJ Tool 6. What's Going On? Tools 2 DJ Tool 7. What's Wrong? Vox & Crash DJ Tool 8. What's Up? Vox & 909 DJ Tool w + p by: Michele Colombo & Angelo Manicone Published by: Moon Lover Music [BMI]

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16. The Wax and the Water

The Wax and the Water

Shout out to @night-swim-radio for premiering this on show 109 last night

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17. Wick And The Wax

Wick And The Wax

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18. Basement Phil - The History Of Rave 1992 PT15

Basement Phil - The History Of Rave 1992 PT15

BASEMENT PHIL - HISTORY OF RAVE 1992 PT 15 LIVE EVERY THURSDAY at 8 - 10PM at Hi Everyone back tonight on a new station ONLYOLDSKOOLRADIO , Tonights show as always features Hardcore and early Jungle / DnB tunes, and the Artists featured tonight are Jonny L, Kev Bird & the Wax Doctor, Liquid, Low Noise Block, Manix, Mastersafe, Matrix Rise, Mayhem, M-D-Emm 2, Messiah, Ministers Of Dance & GSP, Nasty Habits, Nebula 4, New Class A. New Decade, Neuromancer, Newton, Sky Joose, Rush Til Dawn, Smooth but Hazzardous &Techno Bros, So I hope you enjoy 2 hours of Old Skool Memories, and as I always appreciate it if you can share this post to help get the word out about the channel change thanks Basement Phil.."Hardcore Will Never Die" TRACKLISTING Kev Bird & the Wax Doctor - Dark Matter - Basement Records Rush Til Dawn presents Hedgehog Affair-2nd Rush-Basement Techno Bros - We Owe You Something - Basement Smooth But Hazzardous - Smooth But Hazzardous -Basement New Class A - Feel The Rhythm - Reel 2 Reel New Decade - ABC - Out Of Romford Nebula 4 - Feels So Good - Little Giant Music New Decade - Beyond Understanding - Out Of Romford Nebula 4 - Trax Away - Little Giant Music New Decade - Dynamic - Out Of Romford Nebula 4 - The Colony - Little Giant Music Liquid - Music - XL Messiah - Temple Of Dreams Manix RX - Kickin Newton - Razor 1st Cut - Rhythm Section Low Noise Block - Rave In The Bedroom PT3 - Ibiza Newton - Dubwich - Rhythm Section Sky Joose - Bond 007 - Ibiza Newton - The Chase - Rhythm Section Low Noise Block - Its Not Big Its Not Clever - Ibiza Newton - Razor 2nd Cut - Rhythm Section Ministers Of Dance & GSP - I Can't Wait - Boogie Beat Manix - Try To Love Me - Reinforced Neuromancer - The Unforgettable Feeling - SymphonySounds Manix - Let The Music Move Ya - Reinforced Neuromancer - Pennywise - SymphonySounds Manix - Rainbow People- Reinforced Nasty Habits - Lets Go - NHS Manix - Hardcore Junglist - Reinforced Nasty Habits - No Dominator - NHS Mastersafe - Everybody - Formation Matrix Rise - The Preacher - Mutant M-D-Emm 2 - Spliff Up & Calm Down - Strictly Underground Matrix Rise - Moments Of Pleasure - Mutant Jonny L - Hurt U So Remix- Yo Yo Mayhem - Damage - Basement

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19. How Does That Sound (prod. by GOO)

How Does That Sound (prod. by GOO)

This the 3rd and last single off the Rick & Morty EP dropping October 31st!! Make sure y'all check it out, repost, and follow me. crimegang. Reuploaded2.0 LYRICS! Chorus Bitch you on my list of problems I might cross your ass out right now!! I'm so west Coast but I sip like I'm from the south... I might take her on a date just to dick her down... Baby tell me one thing how does that sound... X2 Verse1 I got money on my mind that's what I dream about... I got lean up in my cup now in living in dreams now... This a trippy situation I wish I can show and tell... This a trippy situation tryna make my momma proud.. -- So damn high, All I fear is the come down... So damn paranoid, trappin with a gun now.. They ain't show love.. I can't play pretend right now.. -- The thrown up for grabs, I can feel it being mine... Mine now! I cut all the bullshit off, I put it in time out.... On a pill and the juice, Close my eyes. lights out... Only the God lord knows if it's Johnny Mo's time now... CHORUS VERSE2 I'm a young goat in the making ya that's what I am dawg I might son ur ass and let u play in the sandbox I'm still running base like I play in the sandlot.. My homies put the flame to the wax like a mothafucken candle... -- Bitch I'm down to die young I ain't post Malone! And I'm always on my block so you never know... I pray I go to heaven just like all my bros.. pull up on the opps and shoot some mo... CHORUS

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