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1. Ansolo Promo Mix - UNITE OUT NOW!

Ansolo Promo Mix - UNITE OUT NOW!

Buy Here from Beatport: 1. Ansolo & Special Features - Unite, 2. Sick Individuals - Pepper w Deniz Koyu - Ruby 3. Eric Prydz - Every Day w sick individuals and dannic - blueprint 4. Dansson & marlon hoffstadt - Shake That (Tom Staar Rmx) 5. My Digital Enemy & Rob Marmott - African Drop (Tom Staar Rmx) 6. Nom De Strip - techno saturday 7. Tom Staar - rocket, 8. Avicii - addicted to you (sick individuals remix) , 9. Pierce Fulton - old man and the sea 10. Special Features and lazy rich, beginning of the world, 11. Ivan gough and jebu - Noxu, 12. Prok and Fitch and max linen - man with soul 13. Joris voorn - goodbye fly, 14. Sleepy tom - let it go

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2. Victor Porfidio & Mark Martins - Zuma (Original Mix)

Victor Porfidio & Mark Martins - Zuma (Original Mix)

Tom Staar’s Staar Traxx label returns this fall with the tribal monster anthem that has been energising and galvanizing dance floors from the clubs to the main stages including Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, Tomorrowworld and Creamfields. Zuma is the peak time set livener from Venezuelan collaborators Victor Porfidio and Mark Martins. Not your average house track, Zuma breaks into almost a tribal chant into the explosive drop coupled with rolling toms and hard-hitting stab synths, suitable to give any dance floor an injection of tribal energy. Available 13th November 2015 on Beatport SUPPORTED BY: Axwell /\ Ingrosso, Steve Angello, Dannic, Juicy M, Ummet Ozcan, Deniz Koyu, Abel Ramos, Daddy's Groove, Will K, Richard Beynon, Vinai, Tommy Trash, Ivan Gough, Kryder, Robbie Rivera, Tony Romera and more.

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3. Eddie Thoneick - Feel the Soul (Original Mix)

Eddie Thoneick - Feel the Soul (Original Mix)

It is set to be a Happy New Year from Staar Traxx, where for ST011, the first release of 2016, head honcho Tom Staar has enlisted the production wizardry of an industry legend! After a long break in the studio, German genius Eddie Thoneick returns to form with the incredible percussive masterpiece that is “Feel the Soul”. Originally premiered by both Kryder and Tom Staar, this track is pulsating, rolling “tech room”, big house music at its finest incarnation. Right from the off, the groove of the rolling tom drums builds the tension like a musical elastic band being wound up. The initial drop brings up the toms but the pumping kick drum cuts through, but that is not all. The main breakdown is as emotive as it is instructive, with massive diva vocals directing you to ‘Feel the Soul’. That really tells you what this record is about, soul, feeling, movement. Eddie Thoneick is bringing a new wave of sound to Staar Traxx. OUT NOW!

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4. Stase - Into the Light (Original Mix)

Stase - Into the Light (Original Mix)

As the summer season opens up world wide with festivals and hundreds of days of back-to-back clubbing, Staar Traxx shines bright amongst the flurry of music with the hugely anticipated release Stase “Into the Light”. Originally premiered at label boss Tom Staar’s Ministry of Sound show in 2014, he has since kept this weapon firmly close to his chest before finally setting the release of the track in the peak of summer 2015. The thumping intro crescendos into a beautifully original solo harpsichord melody, arguably a sound never heard before in house music. Into the latter part of the breakdown the strings are joined by an incredible surging lead, which lends itself to the explosive drop which almost propels you “Into the Light”, lifting the atmosphere, and intensity throughout. Expect to hear this record as a peak time centerpiece in many DJ sets over the summer DJ Support from: Steve Angello, Hardwell, Danny Howard, W&W, Bassjackers, Max Vangeli, Delayers, Jose De Mara, AN21, Ivan Gough, Arno Cost, Promise Land, Deniz Koyu, Kryder, Micha Moor, Juicy M, Dubvision, Tom Staar, Danny Avila, Gregori Klosman, Daddys Groove, Tommy Trash, Viktor Mora, Robbie Rivera, Abel Ramos, David Puentez, Jesse Voorn, and Third Party

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5. Luca Perra Feat Knifekick - I Want It Now (Original Mix)

Luca Perra Feat Knifekick - I Want It Now (Original Mix)

The Winter Music Conference buzz is ever present and of course Staar Traxx are on call to deliver another energetic, bouncing house masterpiece ready for release. Dutch resident Luca Perra teams up with American vocalist ‘Knifekick’ to produce the melodic ‘I Want it Now’. Echoing the bright and energetic tones of summer looming, ‘I Want it Now’ begins with sensational percussion sequence with an almost tribal choir-like adlib until the breakdown reveals the so titled hook of the track. The mesmerising, airy vocal from Knifekick is met with the strong percussion buildup, which elevates the energy of the track tenfold, climaxing to the piano and lead drop, with almost a staccato melody ringing through the song, cut with a thumping, pumping bass melody, almost now a signature of a Staar Traxx release. Luca Perra and Knifekick have certainly lived up the standard, which is driving Staar Traxx further up in people’s estimations. Available 22nd April 2016 on Beatport

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6. Promise Land & Matt Nash - Pressure

Promise Land & Matt Nash - Pressure

Staar Traxx return this summer with a big statement of intent provided by label debutants Promise Land and Matt Nash collaborating on ‘Pressure’. Heavy and metallic, Pressure begins with a strong percussion lead intro which evolves into a melodic and euphoric break with timeless electronic stab leads, before exploding into an explosive drop. The final breakdown follows, which perfectly winds the track to a crescendo indicative of the relentless energy that Staar Traxx has become renowned for. Festival season has an anthem!

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7. Simon Alex & AK9 - Badlands (Radio Edit)

Simon Alex & AK9 - Badlands (Radio Edit)

Staar Traxx returns in 2017 a new host of prolific artists, forging the pinnacle of forward thinking, beat driven, atmosphere electrifying house music. Beginning with a bang, Simon Alex & AK9 provide the opening score of what promises to be a masterful year of music with the massive horn led rally, ‘Badlands’. Deceptively simple to start, the beat builds gradually to a stomping medley of snares and almost a war cry vocal, which releases the driving beat to the break down. The horn riff serves almost as revelry to the inevitable sonic explosion of the crescendo where a full array of percussion and vocal stabs join together to deliver a massive moment in any DJ set. If you needed evidence of this all you need to do is watch Steve Angello premiere the track at Tomorrowland Brasil 2016, before heavily supporting throughout the summer. Finally the record is released on one of dance music’s most durable, forward thinking labels, Staar Traxx. OUT NOW

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8. FREE DOWNLOAD Tom Staar - Sunshine Techno

FREE DOWNLOAD Tom Staar - Sunshine Techno

Tom Staar releases his incredible 'Sunshine Techno' just in time to close off another massive Ibiza season. Available now for FREE DOWNLOAD on the buy link!

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9. Rob & Jack - Do My Thing

Rob & Jack - Do My Thing

Off the back of their top 10 all time highest selling release on the label ‘Sabale’, Rob & Jack return with their drum rolling, tech inspired club weapon ‘Do My Thing’. Opening with kicks, hi hats and open cymbals, this track ascends during the intro, building in to what can only be described as a release of tension as the catchy hooky vocal take over, driving the record forward with a symphony of toms and metallic synths. Not satisfied with leaving it there, the breakdown offers an intense and euphoric crescendo as the synths and percussion build to a final release in a pleasurable onslaught of kicks, claps and vocal, perfectly balanced sonic beauty, as always.

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10. Defiev - Friday Night Acid (Original Mix)

Defiev - Friday Night Acid (Original Mix)

Staar Traxx returns with a psychedelic rolling acid trip courtesy of Defiev. Born in India, now residing in Singapore. Championed throughout 2015 by label boss Tom Staar and Kryder respectively, Friday Night Acid begins as it means to climax with the catchy acid lead, which propels the energy in the track from the outset, winding up to the awe inspiring drop with the relentless acid loop and thumping kick. The next break takes it down, only momentarily before the climactic final drop, once again shooting from all angles before the outro crushes the sounds into a bass heavy acid lead. Friday Night Acid is the drop you need to brighten the night up ☺. Available 4th March 2016 on Beatport

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11. Micha Moor & Avaro - Kwango (Original Mix)

Micha Moor & Avaro - Kwango (Original Mix)

Every once in a while you get to hear a tune that makes you think life is beautiful and that no matter where or who you are things will be awesome. Thanks to Micha Moor and Avaro one of those tunes has surfaced. "Kwango" marches into your ears and instantly hits the "shake your ass" nerve. A solid updated house feel keeps the drums moving while the massive lead builds from the belly of the tune. The lead carries the tune to a break that will almost, make you cry...almost. Come on, we all love a good dance piano break. Thanks Micha Moor and Avaro for reminding us that you are awesome.

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12. Antoine Clamaran vs Divolly & Markward, Jude & Frank - Zumba E 2017 (Radio Edit)

Antoine Clamaran vs Divolly & Markward, Jude & Frank - Zumba E 2017 (Radio Edit)

After an explosive start to 2017 Staar Traxx returns with Antoine Clamaran vs. Divolly & Marward, Jude & Frank bringing a fresh sound to the 2003 hit ‘Zumba E’. This 2017 rendition uses the vocal hook sample in masterful fashion, building the record in the breakdown. This leads to the fleshy rolling percussion marching throughout the beat, topped off with an attention demanding a horn stab, all contributing toward giving this record a real peak time feel. OUT NOW Stream: Buy:

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13. Leandro Da Silva & Stage Rockers - La Corrida (Radio Edit)

Leandro Da Silva & Stage Rockers - La Corrida (Radio Edit)

Continuing with their musical summer welcoming party, Staar Traxx welcome Leandro Da Silva and Stage Rockers to the roster with the energetic and dance floor galvanizing ‘La Corrida’. Latin guitar strumming and Mariachi horns blazing, the breakdown, creates almost a visual of a cowboy in the Wild West riding off into the sunset, dropping into a pumping beat with horn-like stabs maintaining the energy level throughout. Another clear indication of things to come from the UK label, who have been evolving consistently to putting out feel good house music but never losing the big, room filling sound that put them so emphatically on the map. Summer is coming, and Staar Traxx leads the celebrations

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14. Drop Department & SuitStatic - Manea

Drop Department & SuitStatic - Manea

Staar Traxx returns with a massive summer anthem finally getting its much anticipated release. Manea is a massive horn lead dance floor destroyer, perfect to rally the clubs and main stages into a wave of energy.

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15. Frank Nitty & Al Sharif - The Iberian (Radio Edit)

Frank Nitty & Al Sharif - The Iberian (Radio Edit)

Fresh off the back of final touches to their rebrand, Staar Traxx celebrate with a massive summer hit ‘The Iberian’ by US compatriots Frank Nitty and Al Sharif. The Iberian is a latino inspired anthem with a strong Mariachi stand off feel, blazing trumpets leading to an atmospheric breakdown which builds to a driving beat coupled with the trumpet ‘hook’ triggered every 8 bars. The next breakdown seeking to double the intensity with drum rolls and brass building to the final climactic beat cutting through to provide a jumping ode to latino passion and energy.

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16. Nico de Andrea & Pete Dash - Burning Sun

Nico de Andrea & Pete Dash - Burning Sun

Staar Traxx begin 2018 with the fusion of tribal percussion vocals with the bouncing energy of the house beat, in Nico de Andrea and Pete Dash's 'Burning Sun'.

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17. Tony Calrya & Erick T. - Marimba

Tony Calrya & Erick T. - Marimba

Staar Traxx return to Miami Music Week with a collection of certified dance floor weapons! The Miami Ammunition EP is a pack of essential house music to welcome in the coming summer season.

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19. Tom Staar & Kaz James - Matterhorn (Original Mix)

Tom Staar & Kaz James - Matterhorn (Original Mix)

Out now on Staar Traxx!

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