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1. Blind Hope Lyrics

Blind Hope Lyrics

A room, thick with wine And all of the sadness Of a heart that time alone won't heal: Do you remember all the bad times When precious few were found by my side? You stood by While others

2. Island Lyrics

Island Lyrics

This for all the things too hard to say You know my way... It’s just my way Restless, tense, and shifting in my seat Changing times fight bottom lines fight dreams And darlin'’ you won’t hea

3. Alice Wishlist Lyrics

Alice Wishlist Lyrics

A single shining tear Somehow finds a way out From behind a wall of stubborn will From behind another cigarette Pretending it’s ended Long enough to start it again (Pre-chorus) You ke

4. If Not Now Lyrics

If Not Now Lyrics

I guess they finally turned you I heard it in your voice Seasons pass within that grasp With each you lose the choice... ‘cause after all of this You’re still alone And after everything you

5. A Place Where I Can Breathe Lyrics

A Place Where I Can Breathe Lyrics

I only wanted such a little thing Only simplicity And now that i am who i was taught to be You have abandoned me I held so tightly to every word you said That’s the price of the respect you'’ve

6. World To Wait Lyrics

World To Wait Lyrics

Window gazing, outside in. At some elusive American myth I know you want to believe they’re at peace Safe from life’s uncertainties But would they agree? (chorus) Take your time, make your m

7. Night Town Lyrics

Night Town Lyrics

Tonight, it could be the end It could be the end of our lives Our last goodbyes Won’t you stay, And see something great? I don’t want to waste tonight Make it ours when the lights go down (

8. Why Good People Suffer Lyrics

Why Good People Suffer Lyrics

I tell you what i want to Never more than what is safe I show you what i want to And the rest i hide away Sometimes i can feel myself leaning Towards the basest of things Am i just a liar? Or a

9. Witch Trial Lyrics

Witch Trial Lyrics

Waiting for the ax to come falling Bracing for the stones that we know so well Blistered and bruised, While we suffer through you... All to allow you enough rope to hang yourselves (Chorus) We

10. The Sad Parade Lyrics

The Sad Parade Lyrics

I see you working Can’t say i’m surprised - This is not the first time we’ve been here. Is this the process? Fall in time to rise? Rise and fall then rise (Pre-chorus) But when you’re on

11. Yes Lyrics

Yes Lyrics

Couples gather on the street No way they notice me But i watch them walk together And it reminds me Of nights when everyone was gone And i ended up alone Nights that were unsafe to hope for anyt

12. Anna Thema Lyrics

Anna Thema Lyrics

Spine of silk and eggshell thin Pity the bleeder, bruised and palsied prince The shameless desperate Mourn the cherished in ruins Yes, our once great Irresolute and forlorn Time to destroy

13. Inclusive Lyrics

Inclusive Lyrics

Like a favorite slave, who's learned to hide behind the chains Your presence sickens me, I'm trying to tell you something Born into your bonds, played the puppet all along But so quick to dismiss me,

18. Breathe Me Lyrics

Breathe Me Lyrics

Help I have done it again I have been here many times before Hurt myself again today And the worst part is there's no one else to blame Be my friend Hold me, wrap me up Unfold me, I am small And need

19. On Being a Human Lyrics

On Being a Human Lyrics

When I was a boy I wanted to be a man Ran ahead before I could ever truly understand Want and need What should and what could be And the cost of what was incomplete You gotta know this Don'tcha know

20. Accelerating into Brake Lights Lyrics

Accelerating into Brake Lights Lyrics

Tell me all about the way you've suffered Tell me all about the burden you bear How you've overcome the odds And found the strength to carry on Tell me how the struggle is real I promise I will find a