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1. [SwapSwap:Disbelief] Phase2 (Megalophono Strike Again)[1/3 100 Follower Special]

  • Published: 2017-09-15T03:35:01Z
  • By Jario1677
[SwapSwap:Disbelief] Phase2 (Megalophono Strike Again)[1/3 100 Follower Special]

WOAH HOLY SHIT 100 FOLLOWERS Im so glad i hit 100 and i couldnt thank u guys enough ok so This is Phase 2 Undertale in the Style of Phase 2 underswap Phase2 UT by Jimmy Phase 2 US by Nelchael and thumbnail by the lovely spence Again thank you

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2. [Clouded Dysfunctions] it's drop.

[Clouded Dysfunctions] it's drop.

sex art by stylusspence like and repost to die instantly

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3. [Barrier Blocks OST] 064a - Shelby's Story [Storyteller Shelby v4] (1-YEAR ANNIVERSARY - READ DESC.)

[Barrier Blocks OST] 064a - Shelby's Story [Storyteller Shelby v4] (1-YEAR ANNIVERSARY - READ DESC.)

"It all started when-" "...well, maybe it's better to start from before the beginning." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EDIT LIKE 2 HOURS LATER: HOLY SHIT FMS MADE THEIR OWN VERSION OF THE THUMBNAIL AND IT'S BEAUTIFUL and now i'm using it as the official thumbnail the original thumbnail: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ...has it really been that long? Shit. And I thought I'd have something profound to talk about. Anywho, uh... 1 year ago today, the first official version of what is now "A Kind Soul in the Snow" was rendered. It, along with 4 other tracks --- "Ruined", "Distancing", what is now "Hey there...buddy.", and what is now "Commandress With A Crown" --- were uploaded days later back in the era where BB was still called "Undercraft." Hoo boy, a lot has changed. I will be honest, I wasn't expecting for this project to get as far as it did. Had someone told me one year ago I'd be working on what BB is now, and have a good deal of shit done for it? I'd have told 'em they were insane, haha. And yet, against all we are a year later, with the project still going strong. There's a lot of people I could make long half-assed THANK YOs for, but there's two people in particular I wanna thank, both for their kindness to me and their generosity with helping BB along: @stylusspence: You are the best pal a guy like myself could ask for. You've helped me a ton with learning how to draw and making the BB battle sprites look good, and you've helped teach me a lot about myself over the past several months. We've been through hell and back, but we're still somehow friends despite it all, and I'm happy about that. Here's to a (hopefully) long and great friendship, my man. You're fuckin' cool. @pearlymint: The one responsible for part 6 happening at all, haha! Honestly, without Pearl's help, part 6 likely never would've happened. They've been a good friend to me and helped me with tons of spriting stuff for BB while I've been learning how to make my own sprites look good. Keep being awesome, because I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciates it. To both of you, if you're reading this: I dunno why the hell you're so kind and accepting with me and my project, but I can't even begin to explain how much I appreciate it. It means the world to me and then some. And to the rest of you, thanks for stickin' with me despite how fuckin' weird BB used to be, haha. Seriously, I have around 450 followers despite very rarely making music for popular AUs. How did that happen? :p Want to see some Early Installment Weirdness(tm)? Check out the BB tumblr later today, I'll be making a post about the earlier days of BB. And also finally updating the group shot because that's a long-overdue thing that needs to happen. I own Barrier Blocks. Is mine. Undertale and all its characters and areas [c] Toby "Radiation" Fox: would you believe me if i told you i made the entire original thumbnail in a day by myself? no? well, too bad, because that's the truth. lol.

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art cred: StylusSpence

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