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1. Rixton - Hotel Ceiling

  • Published: 2015-01-23T23:57:27Z
  • By suburb
Rixton - Hotel Ceiling

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2. Suburb Side

  • Published: 2013-06-17T04:47:30Z
  • By FanoBee
Suburb Side

With sounds like Summer Nights being High in Hollywood while Driving Drunk to the Beach in a car full of rich druggie white girls and thriving to be Forever young while smoking a menthol cigarette, FanoBee drops his 4th coming tape Menthol Break. Download here or go to

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oh damn art by andrea reyes + victor m. cervantes all audio by victor m. cervantes

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5. Fela kuti - lady (suburb edit)

  • Published: 2012-04-24T19:33:40Z
  • By Suburb
Fela kuti - lady (suburb edit)

new edit......original tune floating around in my head for a while...time for an edit ....She go want take cigar before anybody She go want make you open door for am She go want make man wash plate for her for kitchen She want salute man she go sit down for chair She want sit down for table before anybody She want piece of meat before anybody Call am for dance, she go dance Lady dance......

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6. Suburb x Curtismith - Fire (feat. Kali)

  • Published: 2016-08-01T18:41:23Z
  • By Suburb
Suburb x Curtismith - Fire (feat. Kali)

More to come with this guy! Photo credit: Bench Blog

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7. Suburb


Music for the first level of the game Does not Commute by Mediocre. Composed by Douglas Holmquist Robert Fuchs: bass Andreas Baw: drums Olle Wikström: flute Douglas Holmquist: Fender Rhodes, electric guitar, vibraphone

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8. MOTH - Paris Suburb Rules

MOTH - Paris Suburb Rules

IRR02 Paris Surburb Rules MOTH Cover by Rabat-Joie Photo by Coeur de Manioc

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9. Memotone - Suburb

Memotone - Suburb

The nights are drawing in and young Will Memotone is probably the only other person I know that's excited by the onset of Autumn and death of our (non) Summer. Well here at the Black Acre remote woodland retreat we have doubled our anticipation as we're accompanying the intruding dusk with the perfect soundtrack, Memotone's beautiful "I Sleep. At Waking". Here's a little bit of it!

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10. milo - a toothpaste suburb 9/23/2014

milo - a toothpaste suburb 9/23/2014

milo's DEBUT LP "a toothpaste suburb", available now on iTunes, Bandcamp, worldwide via HELLFYRE CLUB!! Production by Greyhat, Tastenothing, Iglooghost and Riley Lake Featuring Open Mike Eagle, Busdriver, Kool A.D., Scallops Hotel and WC Tank - Order the album on Bandcamp:…paste-suburb - Order the album on iTunes:…burb/id906568717

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11. Suburb

  • Published: 2016-10-14T19:16:41Z
  • By Bengale

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