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1. Drogue (feat. Skyggefigurrer)

  • Published: 2017-06-23T21:20:44Z
  • By Suldusk
Drogue (feat. Skyggefigurrer)

Fall between the trees Starless Eternal eidolons drifting dreamless Are we the undeserved We are embracing hallowed darkness Summoning up our storms We are blackened incarnations Of the void we know so well Of the maledictions that befell us Before we ever came into the light Bonded by the void we are Acoustic guitars/instrumental composition- Skyggefigurrer Vocals/lyrics- Emily Highfield Thanks to: Skyggefigurrer - for sharing his formidable musicianship - I am humbled and eternally grateful to you. Tahazu inspiring the vocal refrain and theme of this track. Drewdahead for your mastering. Soundcloud friends - beyond grateful to you all.

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2. Black Butterfly

  • Published: 2016-10-29T01:54:26Z
  • By Suldusk
Black Butterfly

I dream in black and white Throw my hands to the air Where is my funny boy The one with the deathly stare Colours of the dream Are never what they seem to be Turbulent the way Hidden from the fray Now gone Kill My Time Souvenirs Reveal myself tonight By the river flow Bitter angels sing their plight Without a trace they go Misty charms and spells Kiss the ground, you fell so hard Winter wind will sigh Blackened butterfly you dream Kill my Time Souvenirs Thanks to Drewda for mastering this track and to Ksenia for the artwork.

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3. Return As Trees (feat. Skyggefigurrer)

  • Published: 2017-12-18T09:44:23Z
  • By Suldusk
Return As Trees (feat. Skyggefigurrer)

This song is dedicated to Tom Purser IV. Thanks for the music and for the support Tom. Sleep well my friend. Guitars - Skyggefigurrer Vocals - Emily Highfield Image - Sylfvr Voices rise from the sea, unalone on the steep Walk through ruins to the uncontained abyss Lay across the starry fields and knowingness Surrender to the hidden evergreen, as we return as trees Wear the colour of the night, haul the ashes to the mire To the edge of the kingdom we will stand Lament not ascensions to the light Take this flesh and turn it into wood Cast these limbs unto the hallowed earth And wood to stone, so I can return, as trees Silver light, shimmer through watch for dawn In these woods of twilight hymns A silent void..... Huge thanks to Syggefigurrer and Drewdahead for mastering A massive thanks to my beautiful Soundcloud friends for your support and kindness. I treasure all of your comments and am eternally grateful to you. May the next year bring you all that your heart desires.

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4. Urstrøm (feat. Skyggefigurrer)

  • Published: 2017-09-21T01:06:52Z
  • By Suldusk
Urstrøm (feat. Skyggefigurrer)

To my beloved fellow soundclouders who comment - I thank you deeply for your support. Taunted by the sun’s light in all you do Shines in places that you will never go Transcendant As you wonder how it would ever feel Resplendent Gaze away and succumb from all view The solace of eternal light Cascade to a cold embrace This bruised sky and winter ice Whereupon all your stars fell, from blackened veils Now return all my senses and wait for ice to melt Distant mountains beckon me Infinite, purest amulet of evergreen Resurgence I am awake Under starry crowns I roam Silent spaces wait for me cold familiar, return home Go, it will all disappear Nothing for nothing The winds of winter Will cleanse away your sorrow Your redemption is here. Huge thank you to Skyggefigurrer for the inspiration. Much love to all Soundclouders x Guitars Skyggefigurrer @skyggefigurrer Vocals/ Lyrics Emily Highfield Mastered by Drewdahead @drewdahead

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5. Suldusk - Black Butterfly (FPRMX)

Suldusk - Black Butterfly (FPRMX)

This is a Fat Pockets RMX!!! Written by Emily Highfield. Check the original here: Vocals: Emily Highfield / @suldusk Beats, bass, keys, production: DMonroe / @fatpockets Mixed and mastered by DMonroe.

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6. Catacombs

  • Published: 2018-10-24T09:07:52Z
  • By Suldusk

Preview track off forthcoming album 'Lunar Falls' out April 12th 2019 by Northern Silence Productions. Catacombs Borne of autumn storms and stars, to come so far Seeking comfort in the dream, behind your eyes Sacrifice, stars to die to survive You are safe now beloved In the mist now we await In the rivers of grief we were drowning By the rich of the dark we will awake Breathe your air, eye to eye, we lie Sage and Seers coming home Drifting back to the catacombs

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7. SULDUSK - Solus Ipse

SULDUSK - Solus Ipse

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8. Comfort Zone (Suldusk Remix)

Comfort Zone (Suldusk Remix)

Music Video!! 2016. Lyrics by Highfield. Produced by Drewdahead.

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10. Emily Highfield, Suldusk Interview

Emily Highfield, Suldusk Interview

The wonderful Emil Highfield stops by and has a chat about her upcoming Suldusk release, Lunar Falls, and what the 2019 tour may look like.

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11. An interview with Emily Highfield of Suldusk

An interview with Emily Highfield of Suldusk

4-2-19: Calling in all the way from Australia was none other than Emily Highfield of Suldusk. The frontwoman discussed her brand new album "Lunar Falls" and the stylistic writing methods for this record. We also talked about the Australian metal scene, our love for Opeth and more. During the Three Random Silly Questions segement we talk about weird things in someone's home, sports on alcohol and funny tour stories.

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12. Living Up (with Emily Highfield aka Suldusk)

Living Up (with Emily Highfield aka Suldusk)

Music, Guitars (Tele), Bass, Drums (AD2), Mix & Mastering (DAW): @bonetender Lyrics (see below), Vocals: @suldusk formerly Highfield This song is based on my track: Powertrip! Highfields incredible voice gave my track yet another big push, big thanks, fantastic! ---------------- Lyrics: Always listened to what I was told Always heard and bought what I was sold Always did what the little man said to me Chipped @ at and built for view Too scared to stand out for what I knew The walls were getting too damn close I got my hammer out I started to break it all down Pound it down to the ground Tired of facing down Now that Im LIVING UP............... Always took the safer road I could see Always left the true philosophy behind Always shuffled into the cages that were built 4 me Before I knew it I was trapped again I didn't know just where to begin The door had shut and I was hidden Found myself searching looking for a little way out, a light in the clouds I finally found the thing that I believe in, I believe in......... ©Bonetender & Highfield 2016 All Rights Reserved

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13. The Reaper Man, feat. Emily Highfield on Vocals

The Reaper Man, feat. Emily Highfield on Vocals

Here comes The Reaper Man! Lyrics and vocals: The one and only: Em Highfield! You sure want to hear more from her! Check out her cloud: _____________________________________________________ Hello and welcome to your own wake Its time to put aside all that you ache now The main man is coming to collect I don’t mind as long as I can forget He’ll be here soon he promised everyone But he’s not bringing weapons not one He’s the man he’s the man he’s coming back, coming back coming back for you He’s God forsaken but does he now the truth and when you lock eyes with him you will know too He lets you think that you are invincible, before you know it he’s made you hit the floor Here comes the Reaper Man He’s gonna wash his hands of you Don’t you make any plans, cause he’s down with what he’s gonna do.

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14. Suldusk - The Elm

Suldusk - The Elm

Band: Suldusk (Aus) Album: Luna Falls Date of Release: April 2019 Engineer: Mark Kelson @ Kelsonic Studios Mixer: Mark Kelson @ Kelsonic Studios Mastering: Joe Carra @ Crystal Mastering Producer: Mark Kelson @ Kelsonic Studios

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