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1. SUNANDBASS Podcast #39 - Marcus Intalex

SUNANDBASS Podcast #39 - Marcus Intalex

Just over one month to go until SUNANDBASS 2015, and our new Podcast comes from none other than @marcusintalex. His closing set of SUNANDBASS 2014 showed us exactly what the festival is all about – but not content with just blowing the roof off with that one, he’s back once again to show us how it’s done. This one is chock full of freshness – good luck to the tracklist spotters! Best thing to do is stick this on and get yourself thoroughly in the mood for the fun that awaits us in one months time! Enjoy!

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2. SUNANDBASS Podcast #53 - Artificial Intelligence

SUNANDBASS Podcast #53 - Artificial Intelligence

Hopefully by now (or not), you’ve managed to get the La Cinta sand out of every pocket and last shoe you own, and are managing to get yourselves back on track after another amazing 8 nights in Sardinia a few weeks back. This can be a testing time for some, but we’ve got a new podcast to see you through – this time from none other than Artificial Intelligence! Freshly back from their debut appearance at SUNANDBASS, where they mashed up the outdoor stage at Ambra Night on Goldie’s night, their podcast will see you through to brighter days and nights, chock full of catchy melodies and good vibes – it’s just what the doctored ordered!

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3. SUNANDBASS Podcast #42 - LSB

SUNANDBASS Podcast #42 - LSB

LSB steps up to mix SUNANDBASS Podcast #42, showcasing the sound that has seen him catapulting through 2015. After solidly building his catalogue for the last couple of years, LSB has now become one of the go-to names for musical drum and bass. And with tracks such as Leave and The View to his name, the demand just seems to be growing. With another stellar EP set to drop on Spearhead shortly and plenty of other music in the pipeline, LSB looks set to keep gracing our ears with musical gems.

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4. SUNANDBASS Podcast #58 - Serum

SUNANDBASS Podcast #58 - Serum

SUNANDBASS Podcast #58 comes from man of the moment Serum! Already loved and revered in the more ravey corners of the scene, 2016 was destroyed by Serum, with killer tracks on 31 Records, V, Philly Blunt and many others. With a vast discography stretching all the way back to 2004, in recent times he has really stamped his mark on Drum & Bass, and become known to produce devastating tracks for all corners of the music. His first appearance at SUNANDBASS in 2016 was no different, and his new Podcast here gives us another taste once again!

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5. Marcus Intalex @ SUNANDBASS 2014

Marcus Intalex @ SUNANDBASS 2014

One more tune! One more week! Even after 8 days of SUNANDBASS vibes, it never feels like enough. So here we are, one more tune, bringing you right back to The Island - this is the closing set from SUNANDBASS 2014 bought to you by none other than @MarcusIntalex. Packed full of gems, old and new, this was a perfect way to close SUNANDBASS, a showcase of the full 360° of the greatness that drum and bass has to offer. It’s also the perfect warm-up for our SUNANDBASS Reunion in Berlin on 14th February – we hope to welcome some of you there for ONE MORE TUNE! SUNANDBASS Reunion, Berlin, Saturday 14th February:

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6. SUNANDBASS Podcast #47 - Alibi

SUNANDBASS Podcast #47 - Alibi

It’s time for SUNANDBASS Podcast #47 – and this month we’ve got Brazilian badboys Alibi on the controls. Under their Alibi moniker, the guys started to make big waves last year. Made up of DJ Chap and Level 2, they’ve been releasing music since 2009 on labels such as V Recordings, Innerground and Chronic. Now signed exclusively to V, these guys look set to do great things in 2016 with plenty of music ready to drop. Known their for love of a wide range of style of Drum & Bass, the guys effortlessly weave together dancefloor, musical, deep and upfront tracks in their sets, whilst all the time making sure to clearly show their roots and influences. Check out their SUNANDBASS Podcast for a taste! Facebook: Soundcloud: Alibi - Vega [Dub] Arcatype - Tempest [Ingredients] L Side - I Can [Dub] Fluidity - Deeper Vibe [Dub] Satl & Malaky - What you Waiting For [?] FD - Ambra [SUNANDBASS Recs] Andrezz - Be Free [Dub] Random Movement - Sleazy Bitch [Ivy Lab Remix] [Fokuz] Dogface & Unreal - Untitled [Dub] Phaction - Stratos (Total Science Remix) [Fokuz] Spectrasoul - From the Jaws [IshChat] Alibi - Aftermath [V Records] Spectrasoul - 4urgh [IshChat] Unknown - Parallels [dub] L Side ft T.R.A.C. - Killer Transmission [V Records] Kusp ft SMB - Fixate [Authentic Music] Alibi & Command Strange - Ahead of You [dub] Dj Limited - But I [Biological Beats] Dj Strech - Hungry Tiger (Serum Remix) [Ako Beatz] Alibi - Last Call [V Records] Dj Marky & S.P.Y. - Yellow Shoes [Innerground] LSB - Walking Blues [Soul:r] Shotik & J Brown - The Other Side of the Force [V Records] Nitri - Considerations [Dub] Critycal Dub - Reckless [Dub] Drifter - Elsewhere Now [Zero T Remix] [Fokuz] Alibi - Reizenstein [Dub] Solygen & Type 2 - Can't Go [Celsius] Unknown - Untitled Solid State - Just a Vision [Marcus Intalex & ST. Files Remix] [Renegade Records]

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7. SUNANDBASS Podcast #50 - DJ Marky

SUNANDBASS Podcast #50 - DJ Marky

The sun is shining (occasionally) and the countdown to SUNANDBASS 2016 is now well and truly underway. Podcast #50 is also upon us, and so it seemed like a good moment to bring in yet another ray of sunshine to all our lives – and what better ray, than a Brasilian ray of sunshine in the form of the legend that is DJ Marky! Since his introduction to the international world of Drum & Bass in the early 2000’s in the shape of his ‘The Brazilian Job’ mix CD and his contributions on ‘The Brasil EP’, DJ Marky has become one of the top DJs in Drum & Bass and has spread his infectious love for music and party vibe worldwide. SUNANDBASS Podcast #50 shines a light on his tremendous skills on the decks – check it out now and get in the mood for SUNANDBASS 2016! 1- Calibre - Roga Funk 2- Bachelors Of Science Feat. Collette Warren - Down The Line (Random Movement Remix) 3- DJ Marky - Ready 2 Go 4- Pola & Bryson - The Things I Do (Ownglow Remix) 5- SpectraSoul & dBridge - Glimpse (Ivy Lab Remix) 6- Decon & Paul SG - The Jam 7- DJ Marky - Silly V.I.P. 8- Marcus Intalex - Poledance 9- Spirit - From Creation 10- Big Bud - Emotionography (Satl Remix) 11- Potential Bad Boy - Revolution (Tyke Remix) 12- Konichi - Together 13- TC Feat. Metrik - The Light 14- Digital, Spirit & NFM - Infinity 15- Alibi - Hornet V.I.P. 16- Fierce & Vicious Circle - Section 17- The Invaderz - Pavements 18- DJ Marky - Electrified 19- Total Science - Respect Due 20- DJ Marky & Tyke Feat. Cat Knight - Untitled 21- Serum & Voltage - Save This World 22- Marcus Intalex - The Guilotine 23- Calibre & DJ Marky - The Amen Track Mixed With Love by DJ Marky

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8. SUNANDBASS Podcast #32 - Calibre

SUNANDBASS Podcast #32 - Calibre

Happy 2015 to all of you, and what better way to see in the New Year but with a new SUNANDBASS Podcast of the highest quality. The words sublime, special, forefront and unique are often banded about, but this mix truly has it in spades. Podcast #32, our first for 2015, comes from one of the masters of our music, and this mix is nothing short of superb. A lesson in the creation of sound - no names, genres, pigeonholes needed, just genuinely fantastic music. Up steps Calibre for the SUNANDBASS Podcast, and what a perfect start it is to 2015. The tracklist is below but check this out first… SUNANDBASS Reunion Party - Saturday 14th Feb 2015, Berlin One of our favourite things about SUNANDBASS is the way it brings people together, so we’re very excited to announce the SUNANDBASS Reunion Party on Saturday 14th February 2015. Taking place in our home city of Berlin, we invite you to join us for a get together of friends, family and loved ones and the chance to share an evening of music, fun and memories. As well as the possibility to catch up with some of your people from around the globe, we have bought together a line-up that guarantees to bring the SUNANDBASS vibe to one of Berlin’s most exciting and intimate venues. We hope you might make the journey to come and join us, and very much look forward to welcome those of you that do. DJs: Calibre Marcus Intalex FD Delicat Soulsurfer Rumba Hosted by MC Soultrain Ohm, Köpenicker Strasse 70, 10247 Berlin 23:00 – 07:00 KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR THE FACEBOOK EVENT COMING SOON SUNANDBASS Podcast #32 – Calibre - Tracklist: calibre --- sant vangelis --- the sleeping beauty bremen --- sun son calibre --- lost dominick martin --- beyond iasos --- the winds of olympus calibre --- so right mary lattimore --- pluto the planet calibre --- sand promise calibre --- collision calibre --- waiting for you calibre --- thunder front calibre --- poke calibre --- don’t watch this calibre --- heute mi:sti:cal --- secret love calibre --- error errant duane pitre --- section I

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9. SUNANDBASS Podcast #21 - Tokyo Prose

SUNANDBASS Podcast #21 - Tokyo Prose

Tokyo Prose takes to the controls for SUNANDBASS Podcast #21 and he takes us on a journey showcasing again why his stock is so hugely on the rise. With his debut album for Samurai Music almost complete, this mix gives us a good idea of what to look forward to – musicality, depth and emotion. A couple of little teasers of his new music feature, the fantastic ‘Goodbye Hands’ that he kindly gave for the SUNANDBASS 10 Years Selection album which you all know well, and also the brand new ‘Songbird’ on Hospital, both great examples of what we can expect on his forthcoming LP. Enjoy the mix! 1. Paul SG - The Last Ceremony (Big Bud Remix) 2. LSB - If You're Gone (feat. Sophia Wardman) 3. Hybrid Minds - Felicity 4. Mako, DLR, Villem & Ant TC1 - Hungry for Atmosphere 5. Tokyo Prose - Goodbye Hands 6. FD - Change Please 7. Ivy Lab - Baby Gray 8. Anushka - Never Can Decide (Ivy Lab Remix) 9. ??? - ??? 10. FD - Into You 11. Random Movement - Fresh Off the Market 12. Forren - Pantyhoes 13.Bal - Venus in Furs 14. Skeptical & Dub Phizix - Deeper Love 15. Mutt - Conversations (Gremlinz and Rene la Vice Remix) 16. Calibre - Who's Singing 17. Loxy & Resound - New Age 18. Tokyo Prose - Songbird

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10. SUNANDBASS Podcast #51 - Dom & Roland

SUNANDBASS Podcast #51 - Dom & Roland

With no less than seven albums to his name, and a whole raft of releases on seminal labels such as Moving Shadow, Certificate 18, Metalheadz and his own label DRP, Dom & Roland is a certified pillar of the Drum & Bass scene, with his contributions undoubtedly shaping the music and it’s sound. His eighth LP is now on the horizon, and will be released on Metalheadz. This certainly promises to show a brilliantly crafted and no doubt technical side to his production, and is sure to be shaking dancefloors worldwide. Check out his brilliant SUNANDBASS Podcast, which hosts a number of his tracks on this forthcoming album, alongside some of his firm favourites – this one goes off!

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11. SUNANDBASS Podcast #36 - Total Science

SUNANDBASS Podcast #36 - Total Science

Spring is in the air – and it feels like the countdown to SUNANDBASS 2015 is truly underway! What better way to celebrate this than to have a brand new SUNANDBASS Podcast from some of the biggest legends in the drum and bass scene – Total Science! Releasing records together since 1996 (and individually since 1991!), the guys have since graced the scene with 3 LP’s and hundreds of singles and EP’s, their contribution to the drum and bass landscape both essential and highly influential. Their SUNANDBASS Podcast is typical of their style when behind the 1’s and 2’s. It’s absolutely chock full of fresh and unheard tracks – and ranges from the more melodic side of the spectrum, through to the harder and more rolling style too. Total Science just like good music and you can hear it here - if you want to get to know some of the tracks that are sure to be new drum and bass essentials in the coming months, check this!

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12. SUNANDBASS Podcast #37 - Jubei

SUNANDBASS Podcast #37 - Jubei

SUNANDBASS Podcast #37 is upon us, and joining us for this months instalment is none other than Metalheadz’ @Jubei-1. Known for rolling it out, whether on the ones and twos or in his productions, he has spliced together some of his favourite tracks, new and old for this mix. Expertly blending smooth, tough, musical and hard, he shows why he is often thought of as one of the best DJs on the scene, able to put together a wide variety of tracks whilst still maintaining a common theme throughout. With a new EP for Headz just over the horizon, we thought now would be a good time for him to show us what he’s about, and he’s done that in spades here once again. Tune in, zone out and check Jubei.

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13. SUNANDBASS Podcast #56 - DJ Flight

SUNANDBASS Podcast #56 - DJ Flight

Happy 2017 to you all, we hope you had a lovely Festive period and a great New Year! We’re bringing it in with a new SUNANDBASS Podcast from none other than DJ Flight! A longtime Metalheadz resident DJ, she rose to mainstream prominence with her BBC1Xtra radio show, which she presented weekly for many years. She has also presented her own show on Rinse FM and is currently producing her own Podcast series, ‘The Next Chapter’, which follows on directly from her radio shows. Known and respected for her consistently great taste and selection, as well as her ability to move tightly and succinctly between sub genres, styles and vibes, whilst presenting a distinct narrative in her sets, we get a great insight into what DJ Flight is currently repping in her brand new SUNANDBASS Podcast – check it out! LINKS

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14. SUNANDBASS Podcast #64 - Satl

SUNANDBASS Podcast #64 - Satl

October’s SUNANDBASS Podcast comes from fast rising production talent Satl. At the tender age of only 21, he has already fashioned a body of work to be proud of, and shows a maturity to his sound and musical approach that belies his newness to the game. His ear for a strong hook and sample is evident across his work, and he has already produced a number of tracks that are consistently being drawn by a wide range of DJs, and have been released on leading labels such as Integral, Shogun Audio and Fokuz. With obviously still a huge amount left in the tank, he is sure to be a figure to watch very closely in the next couple of years – tune in to his SUNANDBASS Podcast and get to know Satl now!

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15. SUNANDBASS Podcast #59 - Blocks & Escher

SUNANDBASS Podcast #59 - Blocks & Escher

Blocks & Escher have become names synonymous with quality, depth, musicianship – but perhaps most importantly, art. Possibly a dying attribute in dance music today, yet one that could be argued is more important than ever, whether stepping into the studio individually, or as a duo, Blocks & Escher have become known as artists who truly craft their own sound and path within the confines and frameworks of both music, and Drum & Bass. With a string of releases on quality labels, it was truly after the formation of their own Narratives label, that Drum & Bass was forced to take stock of what the duo were doing and finally get the props they had so long deserved. With an album now wrapped up and ready to drop on Metalheadz, everybody will soon be singing their praises and lifting their stock worldwide. We’re extremely privileged they have recorded the new Podcast for us – it’s time to drop in deep with Blocks & Escher.

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16. SUNANDBASS Podcast #44 - Anile

SUNANDBASS Podcast #44 - Anile

Happy 2016 to you all, we hope you had a lovely Festive season and New Year! We’re jumping head first into it with a cracking new podcast from @anile. Matt’s music has been of a consistent quality since he first made his debut back in 2010. Since then he has continued to grace a plethora of quality labels such as Soul:R, CIA Deep Kut, Commercial Suicide and Cylon to name but a few. His wide-ranging output is indicative of an artist with a broad taste in drum and bass, someone who can pick out quality within the music whatever sub-genre it may line in. Fast-forward to 2015, and it saw Matt being picked up by none other than Med School for an album project – and what an album it was. Chock full of quality, styles and vibes – it showcased his production talent and variety in spades and is one that is sure to stand the test of time. And now he graces us with a sublime SUNANDBASS Podcast. Flitting beautifully from deep and dark to musical and uplifting, it’s just what you need for the start of 2016.

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17. SUNANDBASS Podcast #46 - DJ Storm

SUNANDBASS Podcast #46 - DJ Storm

DJ Storm really needs no introduction, at all. As one of the most important pillars of the foundations of Drum & Bass, Storm has seen it all and still stands tall at the forefront of the scene, an impeccable tastemaker with a highly refined ear for the music. Initially infamous for her formidable partnership with the late DJ Kemistry, the pair were seen as some of the finest DJs in the scene and were hugely influential in the formation and building of the essential Metalheadz empire. Storm has since gone on to forge her own distinct path, always known for picking out the finest musical gems and building and blending them together in her own inimitable style. We’re extremely happy that she’s taken the time to do so once again for the SUNANDBASS Podcast – check it out! Tracklist: 1. Hornsey Dub - Battery - Metalheadz 2. Broken Plates - Randall - Voltage Remix - Mac 2 3. Man Down - Total Science - Metalheadz 4. Sun Bites - Digital + Villem - Metalheadz 5. Going Clear - Fierce + Zero T - Quarantine 6. Never Be Free - Madcap - Repertoire 7. It's Not Okay - Response - Commercial Suicide 8. Request Line - Spirit - Rupture 9. Start Moving - Potential Badboy featuring MC Fats - Playaz 10. All I Do - T I - Mac 2 11. Without You - Spirit - Commercial Suicide 12. Stolen Desire - Digital + Spirit - Synthesis - Function 13. Amen Project - Madcap + Jaybee - Mac 2 14. SOS - Response - Digital Remix 15. Spirit Catcher - Calibre - Shelf Life 4 - Signature 16 . All Massive - Total Science - Metalheadz 17. Jungle Jaw - Digital + Nomine - Synthesis - Function 18. True Story - Digital + Response

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18. SUNANDBASS Podcast #60 - Command Strange

SUNANDBASS Podcast #60 - Command Strange

Kazakhstan born Alexey Fuifanov has been releasing music under his Command Strange moniker for over ten years, consistently honing and developing his craft. With his first release on V Recordings back in 2013, he has since signed with the legendary label, dropping a selection of cuts in 2015 and 2016 to dramatic effect with his trademark combination of jungle, jump-up and soul vibes woven throughout the tracks. With plenty more just about to drop, including a killer track with Alibi on a soon drop to SUNANDBASS x V collaboration, it was the perfect time to bring him in for a SUNANDBASS Podcast to show us just what he’s up to right now. Tune in and check out Command Strange!

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19. SUNANDBASS Podcast #68 - Submorphics & T.R.A.C

SUNANDBASS Podcast #68 - Submorphics & T.R.A.C

SUNANDBASS Podcast #68 comes courtesy of the Stateside connection – @submorphics and @t-r-a-c Fresh off the back of Submorphics’ ‘Detroit Haze’ EP on The North Quarter, and T.R.A.C.’s ‘Life In Motion’ LP on V Recordings, this podcast finds these two right in their prime. Even though they reside in opposite sides of the US, their styles compliment one another’s perfectly, Submo’s obvious love of soul and funk and his great ear for a sample, and with T.R.A.C.’s hip-hop flows laid effortlessly over the top of proceedings. The mix features of wealth of both hot new cuts and killer old draws, taking you from deep to dancefloor in one smooth move. Check out Submorphics and T.R.A.C.!

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