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1. Remember Me Well Lyrics

Remember Me Well Lyrics

When I lay down my head Bound for heaven or hell After alls said and done Please remember me well You can dance on my grave You can ring out the bell You can drink to my health But remember me well

2. I Confess Lyrics

I Confess Lyrics

Here I sit In a crowded room Selling you a lie In a worn out tune Throwing my words Against the roof and walls I shove down my throat To forget them all I do, confess to you now I know what I'm saying

3. White Folk's Blood Lyrics

White Folk's Blood Lyrics

What mysteries flow through these white folk's blood? What secrets do they hide within? What sickbed words pass across their lips? And what passions lie beneath their skin? Are their fortunes made in

4. Family Tree Lyrics

Family Tree Lyrics

A wind is rising outside The house is a trembling The leaves are shivering Out in the fields where we walk The roots that support us Have built a fortress Well we grow in the breeze Like the family t

5. King of Kings Lyrics

King of Kings Lyrics

Blow your whistle Drive your engine Sail me down the rivers of delight Won't you turn on your lamp of beauty I wanna see you crucified tonite Speak to me on the Tower of Babel Whisper words that only

6. Sun Gone Down Lyrics

Sun Gone Down Lyrics

A house up on the hillside, a hell hound in the yard and there he's standing guard and watching People look though the window, a casket inside Today's the day he day, by roadside Wind blows hard, the

7. When the Hammer Came Down Lyrics

When the Hammer Came Down Lyrics

My eyes are wide open, my head hanging down I was running through the woods like a rabbit being chased by the hounds. On the side of the road lies a jawbone cracked Some poor dead beast out in the sun

8. Birds of Prey Lyrics

Birds of Prey Lyrics

At the crack of dawn I heard the rooster crow Packed my bags and split Hopped the C & O Driftin through the South Spent a lot a week in that town Just searchin for a friend If you could see me know wi

9. I Want Answers Lyrics

I Want Answers Lyrics

Cripple man walks, and leper is a beauty when they say their vows, they do their duty. I don't understand. Horsewhipped, ransacked, false allegations. The prophet man speaks, with wild gesticulations.

10. The Righteous Will Fall Lyrics

The Righteous Will Fall Lyrics

I wrote the writing on the wall I wrote the book of the seven seas I forged the chains that shackled you I made the meek get down on their knees Oh I stood up high on this lonely mountaintop Speaking