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2. Team HiHo - Thunder Over Louisville 2012

3. 陳綺貞 Cheer Chen 【小船 Impressionism】

  • Published: 2018-12-02T06:27:52+00:00
  • Duration: 221
  • By Bito
陳綺貞 Cheer Chen 【小船 Impressionism】

We challenged a new way of storytelling, the story is set on a fairytale-like journey. Every flow must have its ebb, and which interprets that we don't have a perfect life or even have defect. The small ship in this video is a hint, we follow the accompany within their happiness, fear, hope, adventure and lost. Directed by Bito Client: 添翼創越工作室 Team Ear Music Creative Director:劉耕名 Keng-Ming Liu Art Director:羅荷 He Lo / 呂秉真 Binbin Lu Producer: 劉妤暄 Tammy Liu Account Manager:彭乃芸 Naiyun Peng Ideation:羅荷 He Lo Concept Artist:羅荷 He Lo Character Design:羅荷 He Lo Layout Design:呂秉真 Binbin Lu / 羅荷 He Lo Storyboard:呂秉真 Binbin Lu / 羅荷 He Lo / 蔡易廷 Eating Tsai Lead Animator:呂秉真 Binbin Lu Cel-Animator:呂秉真 Binbin Lu / 王璿甯 Hsuan-Nin Wang Painting Artist:蔡易廷 Eating Tsai / 林維玟 Hiho Lin / 吳中義 Chung-Yi Wu / 陳曼昀 Man-Yun Chen / 林昕 Hsin Lin / 黃詩涵 Shih-Han Huang /王璿甯 Hsuan-Nin Wang Compositing / VFX Artist:楊鎬維 Johnny Yang / 蔡易廷 Eating Tsai Editor: 蔡易廷 Eating Tsai

4. Team HiHo - A Farewell to Bill

5. Team HiHo - Phenomenal Johnson

Team HiHo - Phenomenal Johnson

Winner of the 2012 Louisville 48 Hour Film Project.

6. 2012.48HFP.Louisville.PhenomenalJohnson


"Phenomenal Johnson" by Team HiHo!, Louisville 48HFP Winner