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1. MiX


nothing at of , which is

2. MiXOG


nothing at of , which is

3. Move Your Body

Move Your Body

nothing at of , which is



nothing at of , which is

5. Beast Mode

Beast Mode

nothing at of , which is

6. 0ldd diss

  • Published: 2012-06-26T06:28:38Z
  • By 805sp00ks
0ldd diss

ann 0ldd diss i didd t0 summ chumpp byy tha name 0f steve (vex). kinda funnyy n0ww thatt i hearr itt i be sayingg summ weridd shitt wenn im pissedd

nothing at of , which is

7. Blessings - Big Sean -Yc Remix- Re-Prod.By Soul Muzick

Blessings - Big Sean -Yc Remix-  Re-Prod.By Soul Muzick

Re-Prod.By Soul Muzick soulmuzick13 I said Im way up/ with all my blessins, so Get your grades up, cuz u need lessons & im Allways faded by the exit, It dont fade us, we livin reckless. I dont rock a necklace with a watch connected, But I bomb effective, keep your squad defensive. Lookin lost & guessin, another boss of peasants gettin tossed in the jaws while I maul with venom rawwrr I don't need nobody else but I gots me a crew/ If ain't filled wit homies den its just a group/ & yes im a chef i be makin & cookin up soup/ Im counting up all my blessings yeah thats the truth! / Counting all my blessings /& its even stressin/ and its still depressing about me progressing/ but i stay suppressing while i keep em guessin/ my next moves profession/ never second guessin my emotions/ toasting up all of my haters thats up in my lane got you scoped & / my rifile has got u im cockin it back & im BLOWIN! You haters away and you must be out of your mind with SoulMuzik behind/ the beat every time / and young c on the rhymes/ never stand in line with a handout for favors/ just know thatt im greater/ then a white shark in the ocean /with gills searchin for food & you are the bait son& im the great one/ wayne Gretzky im skatin 4 patience for problems/ but i got 99 problems they all bitches/ but who want em? Here to fuck the game up raw bitch yaa no condom/ no jokin its gotham the squad is a problem/dont fuck with no possums you kno that we awesome challenge all yall like my last name was stalin (rahhh) Yeah im always riding dirty but im always clean/ stuntin aint nothin if you aint on that lean/ bitches on deck/ bottle in my hand/ stacks in my pocket so they know that I'm the man/ Yeah Im Flyer then a muthafuckin saucer/ higher then a motherfuckin boss yeah/ i been at it so long working on all these songs while tryin to write all my wrongs/ till i find my place in this world to land right where i belong/ This is a/ no fly zone/ no fly zone/ no fly zone /no fly zone/ Playa's thought they know me/ ha im bouta tell em/ talkin all that shit will get ya knocked out ya cerebellum/ And im always on my grind/ now thats 24/7, working hard everyday till the day im sent to heaven/ I Grew up broke/ middle class, i never really had shit/ always happy/ never unsatisfied about the things id get/ had a roof over my head/ got clothes and was daily fed/ but now im trying to get this money/ in the streets known as gettin bread/ IM BLESSED/ Wayyyy Wayyyy Wayyyy too stoned who needs X!!?? Re-Prod.By Soul Muzick @bigsean-1

nothing at of , which is

8. DJ Thirty6Rounds - #Booty Twerk Anthems Vol 1 LOON_DSD1

DJ Thirty6Rounds - #Booty Twerk Anthems Vol 1 LOON_DSD1

Intro - @DJTHIRTY6Rounds Twerk Time - 336 Boyz Choppa Style - Choppa/Master P Heartless RnBounce Remix - Kanye West Give It To Me Daddy (Remix) ft Twerk Team - Lil Chuckee Whistle You Twerk - Ying Yang Twins Blow The Whistle - Too $hort Salt Shaker - Ying Yang Twins Twerk Time (Skit) - 336 Boyz Rump Shaker - Wreckx N Effect Slightwork ft Big Sean - Wale Freak a Leak - Petey Pablo Rack City - Tyga Rack City Remix - Wale, Young Jeezy, Meek Mill, T.I. - Tyga Walk like a dog - D.J. Jubilee Shake Ya Ass - Mystikal Bring It Back Feat Too $hort - Travis Porter Ms New Booty ft. Ying Yang Twins - Bubba Sparxxx Money On The Floor ft E-40 - Too $hort Faded ft Lil Wayne - Tyga Look Back At Me Feat. Killer Mike - Trina Dont Hide Thatt Pussy - DJ Unk Work That Monkey - Kstylis Dutty Wine - Tony Matterhorn Hot Wuk - Mr Vegas Hands Up Get Low - Kstylis BOOTY BOPPIN - feat. Beat King - RAI P P.A.M. - Beat King Bop, Bop, Bop - V.I.C. My Chick Bad (ft Nicki Minaj) - Ludacris Booty Wurk ft. Joey Galaxy - T-Pain Nasty Song feat. Gorilla Zoe - Lil Ru Pussy Poppin - Ludacris Bounce Dat - Dorrough POP THAT (Dirty) - DJ CHOSE & BROOK GANG MUSIC What Yo Name Iz - Kirko Bangz Let Me Ride That Donkey - 69 Boys SupaFreak (feat. 2 Chainz) - Young Jeezy Do It Like Maliah - DIRTY - Quinn & Rai P I Wanna Rock - Uncle luke / 2 Live Crew Scrub Da Ground - Splack Pack Bill Gates - Lil Wayne Booty Too Fat (Donkey on her back) - DJ Joker Bleszt & Luri D Get It Girl Extended Mix - 2 Live Crew Manuver feat. Beat King - Quinn & Rai P Make It Rain (Remix) ft T-Pain - Travis Porter Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie - Beenie Man Pull Over ft Trick Daddy - Trina Cake - Travis Porter Drop feat Fat Man Scoop - Timberland & Magoo The Thong Song (Rmx) ft Foxy Brown - Sisqo

nothing at of , which is

9. Dope Pheind Montana : Just Practicing Walk's Better Pt.2

Dope Pheind Montana : Just Practicing Walk's Better Pt.2

Don't worry Puff. I still love ya! the Adikt? bt ummm fir this one just kall me. DopePheind Montana. DopePheind Montana. DopePheind Montana. DopePheind Montana. WOLVES! Ahahahahahahahahahahaha Speaking oph wolves. I'm the phukking alpha. Now what. I'm a make sure u gett down kuz, I'm so phukkin high. My shotts. I'm thinkking , are gonna hit the target. Spark itt. Watch Walkk walk insyde walmart all on it. On whatt? Don't phukking need to worry. I'm mean no worry no need. I'm mean I'm birded off weed. I mean I'm burnt off the H,a-s-h oil. Imma make sure they take them thn boil. Wow. Thatts a basik rhyme fir the thing I was tryna hit. But y would u die legit? Living like a shy ass bitch. Yeah I'm thinkking you gon' go out the same way. I'm wondering iph I should Bang em lyk the drum outta oph the AK. But itts been a minute since straps was held . I just sit bakk,& I aktt rebel..ious... Itts the schiz. Nitwits, is who I b rollin with. But you know we bout to go ......over it. Over. Talkin bout the ledge. Yes. Get the sledgehammer. Then we .uh..hit they chest lyk bammer;really wrong. Itts the strong. I'm a make sure. Thatt I go and.....kill the kong. Phukk kingg. I'm the gODD I'm as ODD as id lyk to b. Why? would you lyk to phukking join my dynasty? Phukk itt. Hmmm. I don't thinkk. I just flo wyld. free . Style me. You kant phukking die ryte by the G, D- R- U in phront. Yes you threw the blunt. Then we phukkin went & phound itt. Whatt r u chewing upp? Mcs. Yes these,mother phukin testes. Are so gODD damn big. Just lyk the words in my best speech. So? Don't try me kid...or....or..... Well uh...I won't even rhyme the shitt. Its nott serious. Unless u wanna gett serious. Now digg these scripts. & I aint talkin aboutt papers with words. I'm talkking scripts lyke prescriptons....yeah uh. Taking the worstt \dosages possible. But I thinkk they're the best. So imma /float to the hospital. Or @.least nod in and out even iph I'm off oph em. Walkers always dodging motherphukkin ,bitch ass cups. Cups? I meant cops. Can't even say the name kz I don't lyke em . So ima go & Flo lyk ,..I'm so. Lighted upp by the drug, I should know. I'm just practicing. Under digg probly not. So pass that BAT bak to me. Speaking oph the uhh..... Bear jew. I'm boutt to bear jew ,you. Then imma air their fair crew. I mean fair kz they're all pale faced. Imma make sure I go & annihilate the whole basik race. bkz I'm so much more than that. I'm a dipherent type oph being. R u , snortin that? .....Uhh...don't worry. Iph u wanna little. Throw some in. & ill throw itt bak just so I kan go & spin. No one knows why I b throwin them. Right off the bridge. Whatt bridge? Phukk this. Bunch oph phukkn kunts love to run up & hit, what? drug spliffs. why is he always talkin thatt Drug shit. kause he loves it. Lyke them phukkin sluts .... Itts , kinda my ritual. Now imm trying to live my liphe lyk spirtual. I guess thatts phunnny; hysterikal. I'm so, you know. Even tho I'm quite gone. Imma get on lyk I'm off. Than I switch itt up . Digg itt? Probly nott. so don't gett your_phukkin sister phukked. Its the speaker nokers chillen with the geekd upp walkker. Thinkk your speech will slaughter till I bring My phukking heat & singe off your face & laff lykk heehee. Think your monster? Not even a... drink fir energy . Thinnking enemy? Don't my nigga. You myte wanna sleep on thatt kuz Ill D the remedy. D stands fir dik & DOPE . Got em both. Walkks approach: is kome upp...uh.... make sure I ain't got no felonies on my nose & pull all the hoes. hahahaa...I suppose. I should go mayb always ACCAPELLA. Kz walker mentions AWESOME BETTER stuff when there is no beat fir some reason. Bkz, oh yeah iknow ,bekause he's rekorded ON IT YEAH...UUHH. Ill throw itt in. So I now it hit those syloabills. I meant syllables . Uh...I'm really cool. & I kan DIGG IT YO. y? Kz I'm the one thatts digging those bones upp lyk the spittnflows. Thatt I dugg since I saidd itt when I saidd I DIGG IT YO. Now re wind that u myte phind some geek mic raps that seem lyk wak but iph u putt em together in context. He's lyk : Bt uh. Its Phukking uh .. Blotter ink. Mota vaded muse sikk . Even tho I'm not very phukkin motivated & I haven't phukin dropped any tabs. Hahahah. Thatt how I kan b everything. Phukk every one thatts not on the mic ryte now. Walk out. Or in. Or phukkin gone (both) or here. Or phukkin what id decide id be. Aphter I know what's GOING ON. Iph I phind out what's going on. FLOWING SONGS thatt aren't realy SONGS AT ALL. They're mor lyk DOPEPHEIND THOUGHTS.. THROWN ON KNOKS . Pun intended even tho there isn't NO BEAT @ ALL . I'm just uh,..GOING STRONG. goodlookin out to my boy SMOKE FIR UHH. uknow The enlightenmentt, iph u gett itt. So ima little here & there bt imma keep FLOATING ON...hahahaha phukk off. Phukk ,off . WALKER THE PHUKKING ADIKT. Practicing practicing practicing I'm only Practicing practicing practicing Better than the raps u sing. Raps u sing. & I'm just practicing practicing. PHUKK U! ALL, OPH U. I'm just practicing. PHUKK U ALL. OPH U. Bt sorry fir the wait your still waiting tho I'm jus practicing. To slow it down. SORRY FIR THE WAIT. YOUR STILL WAITING THO. I'm just practicing practicing practicing. And practice make perphektt. o_O ——————/´ ¯/) —————--/—-/ —————-/—-/ ———--/´¯/'--'/´¯`•_ ———-/'/--/—-/—--/¨¯\ ——--('(———- ¯~/'--') ———\————-'—--/ ———-'\'————_-•´ ————\———--( .

nothing at of , which is

10. TRe - Guilt Stricken

TRe - Guilt Stricken

Guilt stricken for the way that I was livin' in my younger years and all the tears thatt mama shed still f*ckin' with my head. I'm a new man, but the old one still haunts me. Homies trading war stories. I'm acting like "it's not me." But I'd be lying if I ever said it never was Out looking for some trouble a fiend for the adrenalin rush Schemin', plottin', thievin' just to get the cash flow Even my brother started thinkin' I was an asshole But I was young and dumb, high strung and the drugs didn't help me none Movin' couch to couch, situation had me on the run No bullets for the gun, guess that's how God had meant it be Otherwise I might've died or ended in a penitentiary Still doing time at times it's like I'm doing time Cause all of these thoughts got me caught up in a bind When I think back and rewind, endlessly remind me of the crimes that I committed and the pain I gotta live with. I was only - 16 in a mad man's dream Innocent bystander, I still hear her scream Never meant it to happen, but it happened none the less morning after I was arrested, how'd I get into this mess? My sister gave birth to my niece and I missed it Only my parents could come to visit my mind twisted Still stuck on making moves when I'm released Out to make a name and take the pain out on my enemies I didn't realize, my worst enemy was me Yeah I made it on the outs but I was far from being free I found a new Clik, and we hit the streets deep On a mission against the world if you ain't with us then you bleed All I know is anger, no fear, there's only hate Said I didn't give a f*ck, all I knew was how to take And keep on takin' Now at nights, sometimes I wake and find my sheets soaked with cold sweat short of breath. I'm on fire...

nothing at of , which is

11. Kray-Z


Phukk people I'm litt upp down town reno . Lyk all the neon bright lights u see glow. Fresher than seafood. I shut him down lyk reboot Spaced outt droid lyk R2 d2. Lyk the weasal pop goes these three blues. Rolling lyk a diesal ,geeking lyk I teach school . Still bout my c notes & singles lyk casino keno and the craps & blak jak tables . Then I leave those dealers to pikk upp g notes thatt pheinds who don't sleep wrote . Speaking oph sleep I wake upp to: A bad breezle. Fresh squeezed juice & the best weedsmoke. See ? tho thatts only iph I do sleep. which we know I dont bekause I don't. Really need to. Eat thru skin tisssue when I need to eat phood. High lyk upp i am walkk but to her I am just , ___________________________________________ I'm whatt the phux is upp. Gigging saucy in my Jordans I don't give a phukk, your really nott important . Yeah, your are gorgeous. Your also just a whore slut. You really thinkk i'd want ya ? Bitch I wantt 2 slit yir throat open. & Seal you up in over head storagebins and other kinds oph LOVELY vile morbid shitt. Phukking yes ! on one lyk . Upp fir days. Or Nodding lyk wake up ! I'm Ballin lyke lay ups. Kz All oph my name brand Ganja thai phlavors Are bombers lyk jäger. sikstyle watch me vomit lyk aaaaaeeeewwww Then Skywalker mutates into Tupac with dual glocks to shoot coppers and who ever else dude wants to drop. Then I spew vomit. Again Kz well I don't drink Too ophten. since Itt Baaaaayssssiiiikaaaaly maaaaaaakes me Kray z They say thatt I'm Kray z __________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ like always There I go waltzing Hand to handing magic mushrooms My mother phukin clintele say they need Oxys I woulda called house but he's only got vicodin. faded off henny Drunk bitches b trippin I told her i was strange she said that she kould digg it. I dont believe girls. I slid thatt bitch my pik axe, she lett me excavate her. I phukk'd her realy filthy. Loaded lyk a fully, fully naked bitches. She knows I'm ill ,she kals me phukking sikkening. Prior to US cumin I had to stik MY dik in HER ass one time . When WE came . Itt was awesome. Higher than the martian. Truth is .im On one. Geek tried to pass the bong. Kouldnt heave itt . toss'd itt. Stooey Ooh wee. Adikt isn't coughing. Trap. All day. I killed itt. Haunt itt.

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12. Đường Về Nhà-Mr.PLB ft Zephyr

  • Published: 2013-08-04T11:21:49Z
  • By Mr.PLB
Đường Về Nhà-Mr.PLB ft Zephyr

Intro: zZephyRr Khi bước chân đã lún chìm trong bể khổ thậtt lâu… Ta đc nếm mùi vị thành công và đối mặt thất bại Mệt mỏi… ta khao khát 1 nơi bình yên..1 nơi mà ta có thể đc là chính ta. Ver1:Mr.PLB Khi đôi tay ai dang rộng? Khi ai kia thôi mơ mông? Khi con chim nhốt trong *g? Khi đầu óc nó trống không? Là khi nó biết tất cả đố kị ghanh ghét giờ này lương tâm nó không cho phép Dù biết sẽ vất vả để xóa đi tất cả Buồn đau nước mắt thất bại vinh quang giờ đây nó muốn sẽ xóa nhòa Thù hận nó bỏ qua Lòng nó sẽ mở ra Nhìn về phía trước con đường rất dài và nó vẫn đang từng ngày cố gắng để hướng đến ngày mai Không tồn tại!! nó vươn lên cho ngày mai và mãi mãi... Mel: zZephyRr Hôm nay… ta muốn sống thật yên bình… Tâm ta sẽ an lành Tim ta chẳng đau đớn…tháng năm trôi qua thật mau…. Lòng người chìm đắm lún sâu….chẳng muốn lo âu… Đi về đâu…….. Chorus: zZephyRr Đường…về nhà còn xa lắm…. Lợi danh…sao toàn mang bao đau thương… Mất đi tình người…Tự hào mình ghê lắm…. Giờ ta quay về như chính ta thôi…. Midtro:Mr.PLB Hơn 3 năm sống chung vs Rap!1 khoảng time đủ dài để tao nhận ra những gì được-mất.. giờ đây tao chỉ muốn nói .... Ver2 :Mr.PLB Tìm 1 chốn bình yên đi Mày ở lại nhé tao đi Đằng sau ánh hào quang thì... Đó là..bao nhiêu đêm trắng được thua cay đắng tao mệt mỏi lắm tất ở đó mày lấy đi Tao giờ đây chẳng cần gì... Vì tất cả những điều tốt đẹp tao muốn mày hãy nhìn này nó đang ở trong bàn tay tao Bạn bè anh em sát vai bên tao và tao biết chúng nó luôn cần tao Tao nói được và làm được đó là điều mà chúng nó luôn luôn tự hào Mel: zZephyRr Hôm nay… ta muốn sống thật yên bình… Tâm ta sẽ an lành Tim ta chẳng đau đớn…tháng năm trôi qua thật mau…. Lòng người chìm đắm lún sâu….chẳng muốn lo âu… Đi về đâu…….. Ver3:zZephyRr Phía trc là chông gai…quay mặt là biển dài… Khi đôi chân…tê…khi đôi tay…không còn sức………. lê… Vẽ lại trong mắt gắt …ta…mang theo bao đam mê…yêu thương chia đi muôn phương …khong chút vương… Chắc ta vì ta hay là vì ai… Vì Name vì fame hay là tại game… Ta đi đâu cũng gây…và khi ai gây là sút… Chút nhân tâm không dung…để rồi bước vào ngày tận cùng… Giờ còn ai đứng bên…trọn cuộc đời cùng mình… Cùng kề vai sát vai…trên 1 chặng đg dài…Và… Tìm ta cho lương tâm ta chút …nhớ thương…nhớ thương…nhớ thương… U ô u yêu thương….u ô u ấm áp…cho ta quên đi quãng thời gian mà tự làm mình đau thương….. Chorus: zZephyRr Đường…về nhà còn xa lắm…. Lợi danh…sao toàn mang bao đau thương… Mất đi tình người…Tự hào mình ghê lắm…. Giờ ta quay về như chính ta thôi….

nothing at of , which is