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1. The Blast

  • Published: 2016-03-21T12:47:36Z
  • By G.L.A.M
The Blast

First official single off the upcoming project "The Feel 2"

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2. Kanine mix for The Blast

  • Published: 2018-10-24T14:04:08Z
  • By The Blast
Kanine mix for The Blast

Drum & Bass in 2018 has undeniably been the year of the jump up / roller hybrid revival, with its signature foghorn bass rattling clubs up and down the country. One of the artists at the forefront is Kanine, he’s had an epic year with releases on Low Down Deep, D-stortion and Crucast as well as joining forces with Simula and K Motionz to form Distress Signal. He delivered us this hard hitting fast paced mix packed with dubs and bangers last week and we haven’t stopped listening since. Catch Kanine making his Blast debut on 7th December in the tunnel at Crucast, and Distress Signal making their Bristol debut on Boxing Day for SASASAS’ NXT LVL. Soundcloud: Facebook: Twitter:

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3. Holy Goof Blast Mix - Oct 2016

  • Published: 2016-10-21T13:47:38Z
  • By The Blast
Holy Goof Blast Mix - Oct 2016

The Blast mix series returns after a small hiatus, and who better to reintroduce it than Holy Goof? Having smashed the tunnel for us at his Blast debut earlier this year, the Coventry born producer of all things Bassline brings us a 40 minute taster of what to expect when he makes his Motion main room debut at the sold out Halloween Carnival of the Dead on Friday October 28th. More about Holy Goof: Soundcloud: Facebook: Twitter:

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4. Dj Randall - Mix for The Blast x Rodigan's Ram Jam

  • Published: 2015-01-28T13:04:30Z
  • By The Blast
Dj Randall - Mix for The Blast x Rodigan's Ram Jam

Randall is a long term favourite of ours at The Blast so its an honour to have snared an exclusive promo mix from the great man. Randall is what they call an original Junglist, the DJs’ DJ. If you ask Andy C or Friction who inspired their mixing style, they’ll say Randall. He started DJing in the mid 80s after hearing acid house at Notting Hill Carnival and quickly fell in love with rave culture.  After making a name for himself on pirate radio and the illegal rave circuit, Randall’s career really took off with his legendary sets at AWOL and World Dance. He fast established himself as one of the elite of the emerging drum & bass scene, with an unsurpassed tune selection and an impeccable reputation behind the turntables that he has maintained to this day.  Now over two decades since he started spinning tunes, Randall remains one of the most forward thinking musicians and DJs on the drum & bass circuit so its a huge honour for us to be able to host this mix. You can catch Randall at The Blast presents Rodigan’s Ram Jam on Friday 13th March supporting David Rodigan alongside Stylo G and The Blast residents. Over 50% of the tickets for this show are already sold so if you don’t want to miss out grab yours now from Randall's Links: Twitter: Web: Grab the Tracklisting here:

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5. The Blast (Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek Tribute)

The Blast (Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek Tribute)

DJ Harrison-Keys Andrew Jay Randazzo-Bass Keith Askey-Guitar Corey Fonville-Drums

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6. The Blast From OUTKAST Mix 2014

  • Published: 2014-10-07T20:10:29Z
  • By ossusa
The Blast From OUTKAST Mix 2014

DJ Tron put together some of your favorite OUTKAST tracks of the past 20 years. We proudly deliver "The SoundTrack Of Your Life" and the musical memories from the ATLiens clearly fits that description!!!!!

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7. Trap Magazine & The Blast Present -Outlook 2014 Boat Party Mix

  • Published: 2014-08-22T10:08:33Z
  • By The Blast
Trap Magazine & The Blast Present -Outlook 2014 Boat Party Mix

Outlook Festival is fast approaching and this year Trap Magazine and The Blast will be linking up once again to host our very own – and no doubt very wavy – boat-party. With grime heroes Kahn & Neek, Black Butter superstars My Nu Leng and D&B experimentalist Sam Binga all onboard, we’ve been counting down the days for months. We couldn’t wait, though, so hatched a plan to enlist the guys playing our boat to produce a very special mix to showcase how it will be going down on HMS Wave on 5th September. So here it is, available to download now and packed with over an hour of incredible music that takes in everything from Kahn & Neek’s US club bangers and UK grime anthems, to My Nu Leng’s unique brand of bass-heavy house, to Sam Binga’s unexpectedly funked out and soul driven selection.

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9. Rozz Dyliams - The Blast Chamber

Rozz Dyliams - The Blast Chamber

Produced by Keenanza Lyrics: Face like a hound with the wicked psycho sound. Goon stand down from the anger in my frown A killer with a crooked jaw you know I'm fuckin down. get off the corner before you get Lights out I don't need to kill ya, I'll just let ya do it now. I'm from a different world you don't know shit about You can try all that you want. You can try to pay your way in but at the fuckin day's end, all I do is count I look a little more like Dracula the more I count . All you do is rack em rack , all I do is rack out It was always too risky to sell drugs cause I wanted to have to much to lose and so I had to choose a different route It all comes with a price though cause at the end of the night, I start hearin whisperin goin on inside of my house And when I wake up , it's a brand new day and I still manage anyway even if the voices are loud Livin trapped in bedlam is an issue but I'm ridin and I slide like 95 but I ain't ready yet to bounce Killer from Lorain county , seek you like a bounty hunter but all I wanna do is to put you in the ground Dyliams never Finna die just like a wicked clown. No matter where I'm goin I'm still 440 bound You don't know shit , getcho dome hit, I'll make it open like a lotus and your brainll pop out What's the word now. Dylan is a mean man, I just wanna watch you fail and lose everything that you have I'm stuck inside a world of mackin and I'm feelin trapped , cause there's so much shit I wish I could unlearn but I can't Now it's time to go back Henwell & Brokaw . Get your neck broke off for fuckin with my camp No jive boy, Dylan going live boy. Roll up in the pro5 and leave your pro clubs damp Mind of a savage paperchasin money freak . who operate above the law because the game is free You fuckin with my cartel you do more than pay as you go cause for the rest of your fuckin life you pay it up to me But I still kill ya anyway no matter what you offer Cause I control your fate so you disappear like Hoffa Now we bout to pull a deadly stang unlike no other Flashbacks of ridin in the Buick with my brother I love the smell of rotting death more than the smell of cash. I am the wicked shit I don't need makeup or a mask R o double z is synonymous with the sounds of apocalypse ain't no way for me to be anonymous and so it's time to blast Welcome to the blast chamber Trapped inside a life of anger Mama shoulda used a hanger So now I pose a deadly danger (Dylan Ross)

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10. molly pop (G.L.A.M - The Blast flip)

  • Published: 2016-04-21T20:41:43Z
  • By hemlock
molly pop (G.L.A.M - The Blast flip)

Hit "R" for that repost

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11. [Quadmash] - Waiting For The Blast From The Cheat Codes To Subside

[Quadmash] - Waiting For The Blast From The Cheat Codes To Subside

Mashup of: Stonebank - What Are You Waiting For Ephixa & Bossfight - Subside Stonebank - Blast From The Past Nitro Fun - Cheat Codes VIP Songs belong to Monstercat.

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12. DJQ Mix for The Blast

  • Published: 2012-11-08T17:02:55Z
  • By The Blast
DJQ Mix for The Blast

DJQ just dropped this exclusive mix for us ahead of his appearance in the Trap Magazine tunnel at The Blast presents STB on Friday 7th December as part of In:Motion. Stream or Download here. Also check out the rest of the lineup below the tracklisting: 1. DJ Q - Armagideon 2. Donkey Punch - Snapbacks and Tattoos 3. Roses Gabor - Stars 4. Redlight - Basscone 5. Spooky - Baby 6. Julio Bashmore - Au Seve 7. Tulisa - Sight Of You (TS7 Remix) 8. Burgaboy - You're Gonna Love Me 9. Indo - R U Sleeping (Todd Edwards Remix) 10. TS7 - Strobe 11. Artful Dodger - Please Don't Turn Me On (Disclosure Remix) 12. Preditah - Germs 13. DJ Q - Cross It 14. Virgo - Hypnotic 15. Rudekid - Summer 16. Victor Romeo - Inside You 17. Medlar - Onwards 18. DJ Q vs Rosie Gains - Closer Than Close 19. DJ Fabion - Retro Bass 20. Van She - Jamaica (Riva Starr Remix) STB 7th December In:Motion Main room - The Blast present: Rusko P Money - live The Others Darq E Freaker Superisk b2b 0H91 Dubious Hosted by: Koast C-Strike-Z Warehouse - DnB all night: Dillinja Nu:Logic Hazard N3gus Octane & DLR Critical Impact A.Quake Hosted by: Skibadee Wrec Texas Remidy Tunnel - In association with TRAP magazine: Roska LV DJ Q New York Transit Authority Trap Djs Fire Man Sam Cave: Reggae Roast Times: 
10:00pm - 06:00am Motion, 74-78 Avon Street, Bristol BS2 0PX 
£16.50 / £18.50 
MOTD More info: WWW.THEBLAST.CO.UK Tickets: LINKS: DJQ FB: Trap Magazine Online: The Blast FB:

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13. The Blast, The Bloom

The Blast, The Bloom

Higgins Waterproof Black Magic Band

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15. The Blast

The Blast

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