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3. Trust the Serpent Lyrics

Trust the Serpent Lyrics

I bid you welcome to my lair, what brought you here? My garden of tempting fruit or was it fear? Did you think this through? So, you were scared! Then here we go! Blindfolded straight into the

5. Decimate, Desintegrate Lyrics

Decimate, Desintegrate Lyrics

Your towers; eroded and decimated stand Soon to be brought to a complete end of their physical soundness Your existence; flawed and obsolete A thorn in the eye of mankind, forcefed, worn-out and we

6. Obedience Torn Lyrics

Obedience Torn Lyrics

You, the so called glorious ones, chastised for life Signing up for eternity, restricted, tempted, confined A promise of obedience, hypocrisy inside A down-wards spiral of eternal shame What wer

12. The Human Jungle Lyrics

The Human Jungle Lyrics

The Human Jungle starring Herbert Lom was never this much fun And I'm ready to swear to that The room is swaying like a boat But I'm still afloat and that's a matter of fact Let's address the last few

13. Last of the Human Beings Lyrics

Last of the Human Beings Lyrics

There's a war going on and its right down your street the animals are winning and the humans get beat they're rude and they're mannerless they rape and they steal they'll rip out your guts and they'll

14. In A World Possessed By The Human Mind Lyrics

In A World Possessed By The Human Mind Lyrics

Just give me the news It can all be lies Exciting over fair or the right thing at the right time Everything is clear Just how you described The way it appears, "A world possessed by the human mind"



I gotta four-letter word, but I don't care A whole lotta drive, to get me there I've seen a whole lotta wrong, to say the least Spent a whole lotta time, staring down the beast Keep moving subject, m

16. The Human Rights song (The Human Rights Anthem) Lyrics

The Human Rights song (The Human Rights Anthem) Lyrics

The human rights song by Cole Van Dais The world should be a fair place Where we can all live in peace And be free to think what we believe No matter how different that may be The world should be a sa

17. The Human Parasite Lyrics

The Human Parasite Lyrics

the world is infected, polluted by the people the never ending plague mankind the operation "Abaddon Codex" is about to begin the few remainings of an ancient knowledge as they predict: those who came

18. The Human Game (edit) Lyrics

The Human Game (edit) Lyrics

Under the sun I call your name I revise your inner flame I who dare to come disguised In the night of the human eyes As we begin to unravel the veil Of our visions vivid and pale We recoil with invisi

19. The Human Race Lyrics

The Human Race Lyrics

We need faith The kind that can't be shaken We need love The kind won't grow faded We need a helping hand from time to time Somebody to pull us out of a bind we're in We need a mama To tell us when w

20. Beyond The Human Mind Lyrics

Beyond The Human Mind Lyrics

There is this secret place where reality is made From fake dreams, full of empty fantasies Facing limited infinity where shadows dance in flames From darkest dreams a cry of sorrow sings Feeding the