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1. The Violent Sound Lyrics

The Violent Sound Lyrics

Lost in the violent sound You can circle the Earth And not find one place That the human condition Hasn't poisoned with hate Wide open eyes Ear to the ground Terror amplifies The violent sound Why d

2. Last Words Lyrics

Last Words Lyrics

Frail fixture Holding a hurricane within Loaded vessel Slowly growing thin Waves radiate from every line wrote Bellow out echoes With last words spoke The fury begins to spin Blocking out the light P

3. The Drip Lyrics

The Drip Lyrics

Sinister undertones at play You take the pill so you can stay all night Poison slowly drips from your lips Crawl back from where you came You avoid the questions Cause you can not handle What I have

4. The Face Lyrics

The Face Lyrics

This is Darkness I have returned Do you remember the last time we spoke? Any last words? Yes, I have some You'll neer rid of me We are one I'm the beginning You are my end Rotting the bone Under you

5. The Dream is Dead Lyrics

The Dream is Dead Lyrics

The dream is dead They took it out back and put a fucking bullet in its head The dream is dead motherfucker Dead Do you believe it? Dead Fill it up pump it full of lead Who do you think should

6. The Box Lyrics

The Box Lyrics

Think outside the box Then burn it and smile while the wind blows the ashes off Towards the ideas that have been locked away They’ve been waiting to come out and play your whole life That’s

7. Bag of Bones Lyrics

Bag of Bones Lyrics

Here's the deal I'm just another young man in a fucked up reel by reel So far from perfect, twenty-six, asking... Is this worth it? But how's this sound? Plug it in, turn it up, play it loud, till yo

11. Sacrifice (The Prince) Lyrics

Sacrifice (The Prince) Lyrics

Hollow victories For a broken man A shattered purpose What second chance? I feel like Judas kissed me Like nothing's right Doomed to suffer For the rest of my life Rip my eyes out now Be care

12. A Face Amongst the Flames Lyrics

A Face Amongst the Flames Lyrics

You come around here again You will not have to fear death For I will cut you up into hundreds of pieces and eat you myself I will then sew every opening on my body shut Burn myself alive Happy knowin

13. Manifest Destiny Will Be the Death of Me Lyrics

Manifest Destiny Will Be the Death of Me Lyrics

Manifest Destiny Will Be The Death Of Me Long Nights Always Run Down But I can finally breathe Saved my life, you saved my life, our lives together we will excel, succeed, together we will survive Ach

14. North Of Corpus Lyrics

North Of Corpus Lyrics

Shadows form into hands and dance like scissors across the top of the van Intoxicated by the fever that builds and the hospital pill I am free of this world North of Corpus five inches from the Sun S

15. As the World Turns Over Lyrics

As the World Turns Over Lyrics

One step in the wrong direction Face down in the dirt You'll never know You'll never change You'll never grow So run in place as the world turns over Coward mind chameleon skin A walking cancer

16. Ballad of the Butcher Lyrics

Ballad of the Butcher Lyrics

This is the ballad of the butcher Please stop me before I kill again All that bloodshed and snapped necks Roll around inside of my head The evil that lives within me It spreads without my consent

20. Switch Lyrics

Switch Lyrics

Pretty please Never change So damn perfect In the most terrible way Impure intentions Light up your face Not so fast I plan to make you mine Would you feel pain for me? Beg for mercy, pray for more,