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1. N.M.E-Depth of View

N.M.E-Depth of View

My most recent tune. A relaxing and inspired trance melody. Enjoy!

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2. N.M.E-Wait For Me (Original Mix)

N.M.E-Wait For Me (Original Mix)

Really fond of this one. A thoughtful bit of trance at a dance friendly tempo. Please like or a leave a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts!

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3. N.M.E-Just A Thought

N.M.E-Just A Thought

This is definately one i would like to continue to tweak and work on once i eventually purchase the full version FL!

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4. N.M.E-Brave


Very happy with this one! A nice liquid dubstep tune that is overflowing with feels, a bit of epic and a bit of chill ;)

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5. N.M.E-This Side Up

N.M.E-This Side Up

Found some new toys to play with in FL and as a result got a few new sounds out of it! Definitely something I would like to expand upon in the future.

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6. N.M.E-Timeless


Really had a blissful image in mind while making this one, hope it brings some relaxation to everyone's day!

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7. N.M.E-Automate


First attempt at a house tune with elctro elements thrown into the mix!

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8. N.M.E-Brighter Tomorrow (club mix)

N.M.E-Brighter Tomorrow (club mix)

A "club" mix for one of my recent songs. I just wanted to play around with the song, while keeping the tone as is and merely change the the feel/intensity of it...perhaps it is more of a "dance" mix rather than a club one but you get the idea ;)

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9. N.M.E-New Heights

N.M.E-New Heights

be bored, make music, upload music.....and here it is. A dandy trance tune, enjoy!

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10. N.M.E-Data Limit

N.M.E-Data Limit

A completely experimental tune that attempts to emulate glitch hop (or a dial up modem)! This ended up being incredibly tedious and very difficult to I hope someone likes it ;P

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11. N.M.E - How We Breathe (Original Mix) [pre master]

N.M.E - How We Breathe (Original Mix) [pre master]

I haven't had much time to spend producing in the last few months (;_;), but I thought I would upload what I've been trying to work on recently (work-in-progress): Energetic melodic trap with chillout inspired elements - complete with soothing vocals and ambient vibes. I would love to know what you think! :)

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12. N.M.E - A Stronger You

N.M.E - A Stronger You

A groove and melody I decided to work together. Only good vibes :)

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13. N.M.E-Binary (Original Mix) [v1]

N.M.E-Binary (Original Mix) [v1]

A new electro house tune with plenty of glitch inspired elements. I really enjoy making these types of songs and hope you get even a fraction of that enjoyment in listening to it! Its an experimental and intentionally chaotic piece. Also considering additional tweaks and perhaps an extended mix in the near(ish) future. Enjoy.

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14. N.M.E - In Our Memories (Original Mix)

N.M.E - In Our Memories (Original Mix)

A chilled, trance inspired house track. Happy Holidays!

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15. N.M.E-Distance In Time (Original Mix)

N.M.E-Distance In Time (Original Mix)

A trance inspired progressive house tune. I will put together an extended mix sometime soon :) Enjoy!

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16. N.M.E-A Song for Summer (v1)

N.M.E-A Song for Summer (v1)

A bright, cheerful tune to reflect the summer atmosphere :) (Still a few things to tweak and I might extend the final version, but I hope you enjoy for now!)

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17. N.M.E-Boundless (deep trance mix)

N.M.E-Boundless (deep trance mix)

A more rave/hardtrance inspired tune full of gated synth goodness!

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18. N.M.E-Finding Myself

N.M.E-Finding Myself

Trance. old. not horrible. enjoy

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19. N.M.E-Not Your Parent's Disco

N.M.E-Not Your Parent's Disco

My first attempt to make a dirty dutch inspired tune with electro house elements mixed in to create a more unique sound!

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