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1. Sandrino: The Ransom Note Mix

Sandrino: The Ransom Note Mix

What brings people together? Why do we make friends, form relationships and associate ourselves with one another? For love? Common interest? Gain? In the case of Frankey & Sandrino what brought them together was a sense of musical correlation, an understanding and realisation in something great. Since the duo formed in 2014 they have released an array of expertly crafted EP's on some of the most definitive record labels in electronic music. Mule, Kompakt and Innervisions have all opened doors to the pair and now they find themselves in a pioneering position amidst dance music. We are delighted to be able to welcome Sandrino, one half of the duo, to contribute as part of our Ransom Note mix series.

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2. Shit Robot - The Ransom Note Mix

Shit Robot - The Ransom Note Mix

Shit Robot has pulled together 12 tracks of finest quality house and techno to get you through the cold winter nights. being a generous sort, SR has gifted us some exclusives in the mix, including two new, as yet unheard bangers from the DFA Records stable, one from Marcus himself, the other from Factory Floor. [for tracklist and interview go to: ]

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3. Boys Noize: The Ransom Note Mix

Boys Noize: The Ransom Note Mix

There are few names within electronic music as widely known as that of Boys Noize. The producer and label boss often casts an array of debate as to the relevance of his sound amongst the underground. However, it is difficult to challenge his selection policy in the booth, his tastes more informed than most. This was perhaps most visible on his addition to the fabric mix series which featured music from the likes of I-F, DJ Deeon and more. However, it was still called into question by "heads" if you will. Now he steps up to our mix series with a fresh selection of tracks designed to ignite, excite and no doubt challenge. What's the point if people aren't talking about you eh?

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4. PREMIERE: The Juan Maclean - Here I Am (Tuff City Kids Remix Instrumental) - DFA

PREMIERE: The Juan Maclean -  Here I Am (Tuff City Kids Remix Instrumental) - DFA

Nothing gets you clean like a @the-juan-maclean clean and it looks as though your ears could do with a good old fashioned cleansing - have you even washed them since that time you went to that party and that girl (at least you think she was a girl) put her finger covered in mustard in there? Those things look filthy and they could really do with all that dirt being flushed out. Fortunately there's a brand new product on the market from The Juan Maclean that's been made in conjunction with the ever-reliable Tuff City Kids (on @dfa-records) that'll have your ears feeling like they were cleaned by clouds themselves. We all know just how much you need this so, please, for all our sakes, pop this in your ears and do the right thing...

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5. PREMIERE: Autarkic - Rotation! Rotation! (Red Axes Remix)[Turbo]

PREMIERE: Autarkic - Rotation! Rotation! (Red Axes Remix)[Turbo]

Spin, spin, spin, spinning, spin. Rotation, rotation, rotation. Dance, dance, dance. The wheel was in motion, the movement had begun and there was no turning back. It was perilous by nature, fascinating by design. A beautiful link, stunning, sublime. The world kept on moving, the dance was on, where it would land, who knew. Turbo are arguably one of the most prolific record labels to have emerged since the millenium. The output is vast, varied and emphatic. Up next is Autarkic who recently released on Disco Halal. He is remixed by none other than Red Axes.

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6. Ivan Smagghe: The Ransom Note Mix

Ivan Smagghe: The Ransom Note Mix

Ivan Smagghe is the seamlessly cool founder behind Les Disques de la Mort. For years he has been regarded as one of the leading figures in Electronic music and continues to push the boundaries between the weird, wonderful, obscure and danceable, alongside the likes of Andrew Weatherall, Optimo, Trevor Jackson and more. He slots firmly into chic French fashion culture and gritty, underground musical eclecticism at the same time. Over the past couple of years his label has released music from far and wide: pop obscurities from Israel, punk funk from Lithuania and experimental electronics from the likes of Mutado Pintado, Golden Bug and Margot. He delivers over an hour of energetic fun for Ransom Note. @colonelgatito

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7. PREMIERE: Carrot Green & Selvagem - Ossain (Disco Halal)

PREMIERE: Carrot Green & Selvagem - Ossain (Disco Halal)

In a small circle, the chanting chief is enclosed by half-dozen followers, frenzied and fired as they hear his song. A creature, half-man/ half-porpoise and a tribal head who has been wronged.

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8. PREMIERE: CoastDream - Soft Moon [X-Kalay]

PREMIERE: CoastDream - Soft Moon [X-Kalay]

The dim glow cast a hazy flourish of light across the early morning sky. Soon it would fall beneath the surface of sight and the soft moon would vanish into the warm blue of daylight. In the greenhouse the flowers began to blossom and awaken beneath the first hint of the morning glow. The glass flickered beneath the glimmering beams and the murky green shadows within were illuminated and set alight. The rest of the park was quiet and still as the day broke. The night was gone. Coastdream is set to release a debut EP on X-Kalay who have consistently released music of supreme quality. This one is a sun kissed, summer ready house track with sublime form.

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9. Jimpster - The Ransom Note Mix

Jimpster - The Ransom Note Mix

We've been admirers of Jimpster from afar for many a year. He's spent a solid two decades remixing and DJing, playing in the sadly now defunct The Bays, run his very own Freerange Records for 15 of those, as well as the offshoot, yet equally as interesting Delusions of Grandeur on the side. He's probably not someone who gets to spend an awful lot of time putting his feet up with a nice brew but his hard work certainly pays off as there's a mighty fine selection of records with his name attached to them in some form or another. In one of his brief, quieter moments we manged to cajole Jimpster into putting together a nice juicy Ransom Note mix for you to slip into as if it were a warm bath, filled to the brim with scented bubbles. Whack this on and drift away on the good ship Jimpster - he's even answered a bunch of questions if you're feeling more than a little curious;

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10. Weval: The Ransom Note Mix

Weval: The Ransom Note Mix

In 2013 a duo began to surface on the radar, associations and releases on Atomnation and Kompakt began to reinforce their status. The pair from the Netherlands, Harm Coolen & Merijn Scholte Albers, make up the Weval project which is about to release its debut album for Kompakt. They met in 2010 and describe their relationship and its outcomes as "organic". Their musical backgrounds vary and have led to a clash of ideas and concepts which is prevalent throughout their work. We caught up with the pair and asked them to record a mix.

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11. PREMIERE: Vitalic - Ooey [Correspondant]

PREMIERE: Vitalic - Ooey [Correspondant]

"Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Oooooooo. Pardon, what was that mate? Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Oooooooo. Oh, and again? Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Oooooooo. Just one more time now please? Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Oooooooo. Ah, cool." Correspondant have thrown a curveball into the equation with their latest release. They invite the much loved Vitalic on top the label to contribute two tracks of heavy duty club orientated oddball weirdness.

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12. PREMIERE: Cabaret Nocturne - Blind Trust

PREMIERE: Cabaret Nocturne - Blind Trust

Chapping on the door to wake me, YOU CUNT. I have been waiting here all night. You could've picked me up. Oh, she had more "strings" to her did she? She can fuck off, am telling you. I don't wanna hear about her ways. You know you love it this way, get a grip and hold my neck. Make it dirty baby. Make me throb. Like when we first met. Read more at:

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13. Phaeleh: The 'Monday Is Okay' Mix

Phaeleh: The 'Monday Is Okay' Mix

There is beauty amidst the spaces in between. Phaeleh has been releasing music since 2008 and throughout this time has produced three albums. On the eve of his latest release it seems somewhat fitting to reflect on his contributions to electronic music. The discourse of his music has seen him veer right and left between uk bass culture and somewhat cinematic soundscapes. Never standing still Phaeleh has taken influence from a range of genres and continues to explore the realm of possibilities within sound. Titled "Illusion Of The Tale" he speaks bluntly about the roots and origins of the release. “The album title is my polite way of saying we live in a world of bullshit and bullshitters. Essentially I feel we all live in a constant lie, whether it be our Facebook profile pictures, the need to present our lives as perfect, with good looking partners, intelligent children, the perfect job etc." Ahead of the release of the record on the 14th of October we asked him to contribute to our Monday mix series as he delves deep through the depths of his record collection.

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14. Mark Seven - The Ransom Note Parkway Mastermix Vol 3

Mark Seven - The Ransom Note Parkway Mastermix Vol 3

Based in Stockholm since the late 1990s, British-born Mark Seven began his obsession with the dance at now vaunted London parties such as Delirium, to a soundtrack of Soul, Funk, and Hip Hop. As Acid House took root in the capital Mark became a regular at the similarly hallowed Future and Shoom and started organizing his own events. His passion for discovery led him to journey to the U.S. and Europe to source vinyl, and has resulted in his own on-line store, JusWax. In Stockholm Mark set up the Black Lodge all-nighters, mix-tapes from which helped to alert the outside world to his knowledge and ability. Mark is probably one of the best selectors around and is making a journey over here next month (details of that here: With that in min we thought it was high time we asked him to formulate a mix for the R$N series.

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15. Marcus Marr: The Ransom Note Mix

Marcus Marr: The Ransom Note Mix

Marcus Marr remains a pivotal figure in the wider realm of dance music having become a firmly established figure associated with the likes of DFA and beyond. His sound sees him blend intriguing elements of post punk, indie and rock alongside house, techno and electronic influences. He has worked prominently as a disc jockey for many years and has travelled the world as a result having made regular appearances at the likes of Panorama Bar, Razzmatazz and Good Room in New York. He has also collaborated with the likes of Chet Faker and has established a succesful presence within both the underground and current dance industry. He has just collaborated with a number of disc jockeys on a new remix EP of his work "Familiar Five" with the likes of Prosumer, Justin Van Der Volgen, Gerd Janson and Ara Koufax all featuring.

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16. Ulrich Schnauss - The Ransom Note Mix

Ulrich Schnauss - The Ransom Note Mix

"When I get asked to do mixes I often take that as an opportunity to put together a selection of my favourite pieces from a specific era, genre or composer. In this case I compiled a number of my favourite Japanese electronic tracks as I have been listening to a lot of that stuff for the past year or so." Throughout the last decade Ulrich Schnauss has produced three albums which perfectly captured his vision of taking the 90's 'Shoegaze' aesthetic - very uncool at the time as we'll discuss below - and placing it into an electronic context. With the new album 'A Long Way To Fall' Ulrich felt the need to change and explore new avenues. And it's another beauty. On the 3rd July, German born musician and producer Ulrich Schnauss will play an extra special live A/V show at Electrowerkz. We decided that this was the perfect time to have him create his Ransom Note Mix and we caught up with him to find out a bit more about his background, his mix and his general thought on music; Read all here: Tracklisting: 01) ryuichi sakamoto: before long 02) inoyama land: apple star 03) testpattern: souvenir glace 04) sandii: zoot kook 05) ymo: expected way 06) ryuichi sakamoto: exhibition 07) chiemi manabe: うんととおく 08) yukihiro takahashi: curtains 09) haruomi hosono: hotel malabar roof garden 10) testpattern: ring dance 11) testpattern: ryugu 12) ymo: perspective 13) ymo: 音楽 14) haruomi hosono: madam consul general of madras

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17. PREMIERE: Folamour - You Never Told Me I'll Miss U That Much [Noire & Blanche]

PREMIERE: Folamour - You Never Told Me I'll Miss U That Much [Noire & Blanche]

The days had grown long and tiresome, there was little light in the place in which he sat. Four walls surrounded his very being, he had not known he would miss her as much as this once she had gone. Now there was little left to do but brush the tears from his eyes, dive, dance and enter the abyss of a new and wonderful world. Only, without her. Folamour steps up to deliver a five track EP for the newly formed imprint Noire & Blanche. He blends emotive melodic twists with percussion and club sensibilities.

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18. PREMIERE: Disco Halal - Baladi (Mehmet Aslan Edit)

PREMIERE: Disco Halal - Baladi (Mehmet Aslan Edit)

One of the finest voyeurs of sound to have graced our ears in the last year or so is the legendary Moscoman. We're big fans of this glorious horse enthusiast and everything he touches seems to turn to aural gold in a matter in instants. His Disco Halal label is just one such example of how he's able to do no wrong when there's music involved. Read More Here;

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19. Moomin: The Ransom Note Mix

Moomin: The Ransom Note Mix

Berlin-based producer @moomin's third album 'Yesterday's Tomorrows' came out earlier this year via Wolf Music, and in something of a new direction, it found him incorporating his love for hip-hop, jungle, funk and breaks into his usual sample-led deep house sound. We're very happy to welcome Moomin on board to our Ransom Note mix series, especially as this instalment finds him digging deep and exploring the hip-hop section of his record collection.

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