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1. The Scumfrog - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2015

The Scumfrog - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2015

2015 was my seventh year on the Robot Heart bus, and my fourth RH sunrise. As this set posts, I am in full preparation for my 2016 sunrise, and I hope this soundtrack gets you in the mood for yet another journey to that dusty bed we call home. See you there! @thescumfrog Photo credit: John Curley Track list: 0:00:00 D-Nox & Beckers ­ Orient Express 0:05:30 Audio Junkies ­ Arpeggio 0:11:30 Benn Finn ­ Tohuwabohu 0:16:23 Oscar Offermann ­ Fluffer 0:21:45 Maceo Plex, Maars, Florence Bird ­ Going Back (dub) 0:25:10 The Scumfrog ­ Just Before Dawn 0:36:30 James Last ­ Here Comes The Sun (The Scumfrog sunrise remix) 0:40:56 Amber Long & Robert Mason ­ Aquatica (Jamie Stevens Dub) 0:45:11 Eric Sneo ­ Long Ways 0:50:50 Kotelett & Zadak ­ Tizia 0:57:00 Tim Sheridan ­ Bionic Language (Adultnapper Remix) 1:02:26 Troyanova ­ Die Goldene Flote (Flute Edit) 1:04:27 Markus Wesen ­ Neustart 1:09:08 Ytre Rymden Dansskola ­ Afterski (Magnus International Remix) 1:17:24 Sechzig ­ Track Five (Edit) 1:20:57 Paresse ­ Little Wanderer 1:28:05 The Rolling Stones ­ Play With Fire (The Scumfrog Remix) 1:34:25 Barnt ­ Cherry Red (Tale Of Us Remix) 1:43:08 Spirit ­ Taurus 1:44:25 Solomun ­ Zora 1:53:14 Donna Summer ­ Love To Love You Baby (The Scumfrog Remix) 2:01:18 Lee Oskar VS E-Man ­ Enter The Haunted Temple

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2. The Scumfrog - Robot Heart Burning Man 2013

The Scumfrog - Robot Heart Burning Man 2013

We are still shaking the dust our of our ears... and this is not going to help! We couldn't wait to share The Scumfrog's epic set from Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning at Robot Heart, Burning Man 2013. Playa perfection. Photo by Casey Kelbaugh The Darkness: 01)Metope ft.Sid Le Rock – No Self Control (Louie Fresco’s Jock Mix) 02)Akasha FX – Stranger 03)The Scumfrog – Lost Your Number 04)Julian Jeweil – Don’t Think 05)Newman – Quickle (The Inaudibles Remix, Scumfrog Edit) 06)Timo Maas – Kick 1 Kick 3 The Light: 07)Oliver Schories – But Maybe (Rampue Remix) 08)The Beach Boys – Our Prayer 09)The Scumfrog – Dionysian (Original Mix) 10)Samu.l – Restless Dreams 11)Gee Van D & Namu Desrets – Cobra Coral 12)Fink VS Chopstick & Johnjon – Make It Good (The Scumfrog Rework) 13)Fabian Schumann & Black Vel – Casalinga (David Jach Remix) 14)Todd Terje – Strandbar (Disco Version) 15)Bobby Hebb – Sonny (Accapella) 16)AMBS & May – Miami Flip 17)The Scumfrog ft.Vassy – Don’t Give Up (Deep Playa Dub) 18)Black Magic – Let It Go (MAW Dub, Subb-an Remix) 19)Samuel L.Session – Four To The Floor (Tiger Stripes Remix) 20)Pink Floyd – Mother (The Scumfrog Remix) 21)Namito & Rummy Sharma – Wade In The Water (Pele & Shawnecy Remix) 22)Steve Nash – Volk Lore (Alex Flatner Remix) 23)Romanthony – Bring U Up (PBR Streetgang Remix) 24)Sexual Harassment – I Need A Freak 25)Mathew Jonson – Sahara 26)The Scumfrog – Now That We’ve Begun (Accapella) 27)HAL-9000 – Daisy (2001: A Space Odyssey) 28)The Police – Walking On The Moon (The Scumfrog Dub)

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3. The Scumfrog - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2014

The Scumfrog - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2014

Sunrise is my favorite way to describe the magic of Burning Man. There are 365 sunrises each year, and most of us consider it a privilege to sleep through them. But during one week at Burning Man the attendance of sunrise is a must. In the desert, as a collective, we make things that are otherwise ordinary occurrences into sacred spectacles. We make costumes for the sunrise, we compose music for it, and we go through death-defying stunts to take incredible pictures of it. And so it goes with many things at Burning Man; things that we take for granted in the real world are treated differently on the playa. It is not just the rising of the sun that we elevate to mythical proportions, but human traits like kindness, patience, uncertainty and flexibility are also celebrated, tested and recharged in Black Rock City. Through audio and video captures, these extraordinary treatments of ordinary things stand a chance to be implemented in the outside world, not just for those who were there, but also to people who never traveled to Burning Man, and who - through these captures - are reminded that certain basic things in life can hold more value if we so choose. With every unusually nice thing that someone did or said to us at Burning Man, with every unprovoked smile we received from strangers in its dust storms, we will be charged and challenged to pay that spirit forward the other 51 weeks of the year. And every morning, the sun will faithfully show its face to remind us of this opportunity. So, the next time we need to set our alarm clocks because real life responsibilities demand us to be awake before dawn, let’s choose to be grateful for witnessing the sun peek over the horizon or through our concrete jungles, while most other people are sleeping through it, and let’s remember that we are ambassadors of that magical place that celebrates the beauty in ordinary things. Today is a good day to be awake! @thescumfrog Live violin by @TallulahKidd Cover image by Darrin Harris Frisby Special thanks to the Wednesday morning drummers! Tracklist: 01) Chris Colburn – Neurotic Mother (Petter B Dub) 02) CosMes – Naruto 03) The Unknown Cases – Masimba Bele (snippets) 04) Chris Rea – Josephine (outro) 05) Pollyester – Voices (Baris K Remix) (with Tallulah Kidd) 06) The Scumfrog – Navajo Sunrise Blessing 07) Herb Alpert – Rise (snippet) 08) Dino Lenny – The Magic Room (Accapella) 09) Rampue – Untitled#2 10) Moderat – Bad Kingdom (DJ Koze Remix)(Scumfrog edit) 11) Gus Gus – Detention 12) Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime (The Reflex & The Scumfrog remix) 13) Ten Walls – Nochnoy Dozor 14) The Scumfrog – Send Wave 15) Synapson ft.Victor Deme – Djon Maya Mai (Sasha Braemer Remix) 16) Ole Biege & Martin Waslewski – Adsbodskins (Hanne & Lore & The Scumfrog Remix) 17) Pacha – One Kiss (FOS Remix) 18) The Scumfrog – Dionysian (accapella) 19) Radio Slave – Koma Koma 20) Tim Andresen – Lonely House 21) Kolsh ft.Gregor Schwellenbach – Cassiopeia (with Tallulah Kidd) 22) Roland Clark – Resist (accapella) 23) Jamey Johnson – You Are My Sunshine (The Scumfrog & Loosebird Remix) 24) Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt – Place Of Love 25) Timo Maas – Subtellite 26) The Dead Rose Music Company – Just A Bitter Love 27) Mari- Free (Ray Mang Instrumental) 28) Nina Simone – Plain Gold Ring (Nana K Edit)

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5. Love To Love You Baby (2015 Sunrise Mix)

Love To Love You Baby (2015 Sunrise Mix)

From the compilation "Bootlegged and Unreleased". Exclusive edits and remixes by The Scumfrog that were previously unreleased, now available for FREE download as individual tracks, and continuous mix at

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11. The Scumfrog - Less Obvious Yacht Rock (from Burning Man 2015)

The Scumfrog - Less Obvious Yacht Rock (from Burning Man 2015)

Not your average Scumfrog mix from the Christina yacht sunset tour, Burning Man 2015 Full story, track list and download at: "I finally got my smooth-DJ fix at Burning Man earlier this month where we took an actual (decommissioned and on-wheels) yacht out into the white open sands and had a great cruise with about 150 people," says Jesse Houk aka The Scumfrog. "I recorded the set and this is the result."

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12. The Scumfrog - Robot Heart - 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017

The Scumfrog - Robot Heart - 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017

After 6 years of creating sunrise soundtracks from atop the Robot Heart bus, it is a challenge to avoid submitting to a formulaic approach. One of the biggest perks of producing a Robot Heart sunrise is that you can take risks; explore soundscapes and dynamics, knowing that the mystical Deep Playa setting allows for pauses and quiet moments that don’t translate in loud clubs or multi-stage festivals. This year, the set was a journey starting with robots and ending with humans. I wanted the sun to come up to the sound of arguing AI robots. What you heard was a transcript from the actual negotiation between two AI bots at Facebook earlier that summer; Other than it creating a surreal environment as the sun came up, it also proved a perfect palette cleanser to transition from night into day. The sounds of flutist Claire Chase immediately afterwards set the tone for the 90 minutes to follow. I remembered Robert Miles (we lost him this year) with a beautiful guitar version of his song "Children", and then introduced spiritual emcee and rising star Elliott LaRue. He delivered a chilling live message from the top of the bus about our challenges and responsibilities as humans. And that about summed up the Scumfrog sunrise from 2017. Enjoy the memories! @thescumfrog Tracklist: 01) Duelling bots 02) Orche/Strada ft.Claire Chase - Calligraphy 03) Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - Shiva Manas Puja 04) Lord Of The Isles - Weh-In 05) Rabo & Snob - Let You Know 06) &Me - Avalon 07) Basti Grub - Ko Sar Ra Di 08) Del Gado - Children (Tini Monteca VS Saffa Remix) 09) Marc Lamarche - Ethiopo (Edit) 10) Gabrielle Aplin - Run For Cover (The Scumfrog Dub) 11) Amevon - Fuchsia (Mathias Hinds & Simon Kisk Remix) 12) Dee Montero - Aeon (Reprise Mix) VS Shlomi Aber - Foolish Games 13) Elliott LaRue - Morning Sermon 14) Lizards - Frontier (The Scumfrog Remix) 15) Joe Goddard - Home (Eric Kupper Remix) Photo: John Dill

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13. Time On The Fucking Moon (The Scumfrog and Robot Heart Mashup)

  • Published: 2012-09-11T21:28:25Z
  • By RobScott
Time On The Fucking Moon (The Scumfrog and Robot Heart Mashup)

Pachanga Boys VS Evolution Control Committee

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14. The Scumfrog ft.Elliott LaRue (excerpt from sunrise 2017)

The Scumfrog ft.Elliott LaRue (excerpt from sunrise 2017)

Music by @deemontero (Aeon) @shlomiaber (Foolish Games) and @TheScumfrog (additional production and edits). Voice and words: Elliott La Rue. Recorded live in Black Rock City during The Scumfrog's sunrise set on Robot Heart. Full set here:

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15. The Scumfrog - Friends With Boats Vol.4 (2018)

The Scumfrog - Friends With Boats Vol.4 (2018)

Summer sounds from The Scumfrog, containing two tracks from the new Scumfrog EP 'Ethereal Subterranean', available now: Full tracklist: 00:00 - 04:00 04:00 - 11:11 11:11 - 17:30 17:30 - 23:00 23:00 - 28:00 28:00 - 31:40 31:40 - 37:00 37:00 - 41:51 41:51 - 49:49 49:49 - 55:12 55:12 - 1:00:40 1:00:40 - 1:07:20 1:07:20 - 1:12:50 1:12:50 - 1:20:20 1:20:20 - 1:25:00 1:25:00 - 1:29:00 1:29:00 - 1:35:00 1:35:00 - 1:40:15 1:40:15 - 1:46:00 1:46:00 - 1:51:30 1:51:30 - 1:56:00 1:56:00 - 2:02:00 2:02:00 - 2:08:49 Download this mix and the three previous Friends With Boats mixes from the archive at

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16. The Scumfrog - Driving To Burning Man (part 2, 2014)

The Scumfrog - Driving To Burning Man (part 2, 2014)

This mix is: - Available for download at - Awesome to drive to - A collection of cool and neglected stuff from The Scumfrog's hard drive - A shameless and redundant way of spreading the word that The Scumfrog will once again be performing at Burning Man in 2014 This mix is not: - An accurate representation of a typical Scumfrog club set - A passive aggressive way of saying 'screw you Soundcloud for yanking the previous installment of this series from my page.' - A guarantee that everything written here is the truth Enjoy the ride, and hasta la playa The Scumfrog

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17. Subtract Radio 01: The Scumfrog [5.5 Hour Set]

Subtract Radio 01: The Scumfrog [5.5 Hour Set]

Subtract Radio brings you timeless moments by talented DJs from around the globe, as their magic tales unfold at our events. Subtract Radio Episode 01: @thescumfrog With over 25 years of experience behind the decks, this man has literally heard and seen it all! Jesse played an extended 6.5 hour set (that's 390 minutes for you Literature majors) at Subtract On The Pier on July 3, 2016. We're happy he allowed us to share the last 5.5 hours of this journey with you! Photo by Jacob Avanzato

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18. Smooth Yacht Cruise Through Black Rock City, 2016 by The Scumfrog

  • Published: 2016-09-16T08:51:34Z
Smooth Yacht Cruise Through Black Rock City, 2016 by The Scumfrog

Many thanks to for this superb sunset mix recorded at Burning Man this summer...on a yacht on wheels called Christina. Track list coming soon at:

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19. The Scumfrog - Send Wave (Mendo Remix)

The Scumfrog - Send Wave (Mendo Remix)

Buy on Beatport: @thescumfrog / @mendo-official / @fabio-giannelli

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