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21. Young Black & Strapped ft. Poet AF Black (Prod. by Nemesis)

Young Black & Strapped ft. Poet AF Black (Prod. by Nemesis)

Kno'Ledge Cesare ft. Poet AF Black - Young Black & Strapped Twitter: @TheSoulRebels Facebook: Contact: [email protected] Lyrics: “Young, Black & Strapped” #1 My peeps hold machete, throw up gang sign, Life is beautiful and tragic, at the same time Black on black crime, no tears from our leaders You motherfuckers need more than black Jesus We thirst for a change, they gave us cocaine On every block, I see young black males slain But we are not afraid, in the Benz with shooters 3 men, no ski mask, Soul Rebel Movement We don’t shoot at brothers, we are organized You get paid like Judas, to kill yo own kind Peace is cheaper, but just like John Lennon, I see my autopsy, the government and ‘em Anything less than intelligent will not survive; The Block! I heard murder, and his body dropped Like a falling star, how we gonna get him up? Red or blue, when is it gonna be enough? #2 Young, black and strapped, my mood is violently The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everybody The UN is a joke, middle finger to five-O You get hit on rooftop, like Pablo I need money in my pants like Jamaican drug lord Move my mom out the Ghetto, time to make that call This shit is raw, Truck Turner with a hatchet HIV infected, this rap shit, impressive, Always on message, so don't let the kids listen This is for the folks who ain't got a pot to piss in The drunkard and the wreckage, spin this record Let the haters hate, we don't owe them anything Fuck the Po-Po I tell them “don't push me” You are what you eat, so I know you are all pussy Until black is free, there’s nothing you can tell me I rep the struggle until someone hear me (Chorus Poet AF Black) #3 I write for my daughter, I write for my son, May he become intelligent, just like his father I am the poet of the slave and the slave master Raised by scholars, call me intelligent mobster So many young girls, lost their dreams to a pimp I want `daddies little girl’ to marry a king Beware of false prophets and the evil within We build churches but school look like a sin My president is black, but he’s never in the ghetto Ask the system, why Malcolm X had to go They send us to war but can’t help the po’ Sometimes I ask myself, what are we fighting for? They say Kno’Ledge is peace, yeah I wear it Awareness, till I am out of this bitch and perish You are nobody, until somebody, Put an end to your life with a double shotty (Chorus Poet AF Black)

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22. The Soul Rebels - 504 (Mendez & Muna remix)

The Soul Rebels - 504 (Mendez &  Muna remix)

320 kbps!/opportunities/soul-rebels-remix-contest/submissions/77384

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23. 39) Lumar Leblanc Of The Soul Rebels

39) Lumar Leblanc Of The Soul Rebels

In this episode, I have a candid conversation with founding member/snare drummer Lumar Leblanc of the world famous The Soul Rebels of New Orleans. --- Keep in touch with The Soul Rebels: -- Donate to Groovecast via Patreon: Leave a review or listen on iTunes!…ast/id1171074850 Follow Me Facebook! Email me! [email protected] Donate through paypal!:

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25. Jams On The Sand 2017 Mix Tape

Jams On The Sand 2017 Mix Tape

Jams On The Sand 2017 Mix Tape Stand Up For Love - The Hip Abduction 100 Years Storm - Adam Ezra Group Leave Home Girl - Scott Sharrard & the Brickyard Band Girlfriend is Better - Start Making Sense Talk To The Moon - Ripe Friend Of The Devil - Roots of Creation Crazy Show - Hayley Jane & The Primates Athea - Holly Bowling Fever Dreams - Tom Hamilton's American Babies w/ Holly Bowling Roamin > Viola Lee Blues - Midnight North Master Blaster - The Soul Rebels Circumstance - RAQ Jams On The Sand is a Summer weekly FREE concert series on the beach in Asbury Park. 2018 will be our 3rd season. Please go out and support live music and go see the bands in this mix. Thanks to Frank Natale for his hard work pushing faders and turning nobs.

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26. DeepElectroLUL 2014

  • Published: 2015-01-07T03:55:03Z
  • By LuL
DeepElectroLUL 2014

Paul Simon (Âme Private Edit) - Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes - Stone Owl (Andy_Toth Remix ) - Chemtrails - Julien Chaptal Call Me (Original Mix) - Solomun - Kackvogel - Paul C (Paolo Martini Remix) - The Morning Slap - DER DRITTE RAUM( SEBASTIAN LEGER REMIX) - HALE BOPP - - Kriece - Advanced flight engine (original mix) - Madeleine Kombinat 100 Feat Ginger Remix - Soul to Rest - 16 Bit Lolitas - Nuclear Power Pants - SQL - Surrender (Original Mix) - - Scheibe - Achterwaarts (Original Mix) Loco Dice - Jacuzzi games - - Ben Grunnell- Macau Dub (Original Mix) - Cassius ( Tim Green Remix ) - 99 - - - - - - - Soul Rebels (Lunar Disco Remix) - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Claptone feat Jaw - No Eyes (Original Mix) - - Klangkarussell (Oliver Koletzki Remix) - Sonnentanz - - - - - Mercury - Old Man's House

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