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1. Note to Self Lyrics

Note to Self Lyrics

Tell my mother Everything's alright You know she's prone to worry ‘bout me Almost all the time Tell my heart My old, unfaithful friend That I will not return and he will not See me again Tell my fa

2. Still Small Voice Lyrics

Still Small Voice Lyrics

I'm an old soul and I have been Here for a long time And I've seen your face a thousand times But I wouldn't mind once more, once more I am the bed of a creek out of season And I've grown dry Where w

3. Truth Be Told Lyrics

Truth Be Told Lyrics

There's nothing good within me if I'm honest. If I am honest, there are times I will try to dress up all my darkness and make it seem like it was light all along, but it's a lie. Truth be told, I'm n

4. The Disconnect Lyrics

The Disconnect Lyrics

All I've ever heard is, listen to your heart. Do whatever feels right, in the moment. But what would happen if I, waited for a day? My heart would tell me something different, and everything would cha

5. The Mason Lyrics

The Mason Lyrics

I've held on so long To what I want You to become I see that you are not Who I dreamed you to be But that's not your fault See long ago I made up my mind She would be the love of my life But now I s

6. Edge of Eden Lyrics

Edge of Eden Lyrics

There's a feild of gold There's a sliver river There's a place I know, I left it all behind Chasin' every high Chasin' sirens singing I fell for every lie, and left me here to die Tears taste bitter

7. Dancing in the Dawn Lyrics

Dancing in the Dawn Lyrics

1, 2, 3, 4 Hold my breath I'm standing on the edge of the man I'm gonna be Moments slip and ya I'm scared to death won't get the best of me And we could fall we could fly, we don't know if we don't tr

8. American Man Lyrics

American Man Lyrics

Green ties pulled tight like nooses Hands shake I'm taken in Dreams die in time I lose it Farewell my innocence My worth is measured in signs Next to numbers on the line These walls they've ruined my

9. Silhouettes & Sand Lyrics

Silhouettes & Sand Lyrics

she's a shadow to me a silhouette of beauty in a face that I still can't see I've imagined her simile since I was a child for some reason it keeps hiding from me nobody seems to know the way this all

10. Ships of Cortez Lyrics

Ships of Cortez Lyrics

Sand on his shoes, He's finally reached the shore. After miles of blue just standing at the door. We were fearless in dreams. Now we're here, now we see the fight before us. And you say that this is h

11. The Bridegroom Lyrics

The Bridegroom Lyrics

Black key Blank page Pin screams Outrage Where did you go When i needed you most Remember My words That i will return And make you My own You will never be alone Hold on Keep holding on until the mo

12. Hello Darling Lyrics

Hello Darling Lyrics

Hello darling What's your hurry? Where you going? Where you been? Why you trying to catch perfection? Like grabbing water, Like chasing wind. I can see you Though you tried to Hide behind the walls

13. The Man I Want to Be Lyrics

The Man I Want to Be Lyrics

If I become the choices that I make Am I on the road that I should take? Cause I've got all of these ambitions, but I'm afraid they take me down But I don't want to end up wishing for the life I could

14. Tossing and Turning Lyrics

Tossing and Turning Lyrics

I can't sleep at night, tossing and turning I turn on the light then while it's burning I think of all the things that we do And all the reasons why I love you Tossing and turning I'm tossing and tur

15. Tossing Tears Lyrics

Tossing Tears Lyrics

sometimes i just dont know which way they wanted to go i know they have no idea the way im halted here sometimes i just cant see which way she wanted to be i know she has no idea the way im on her ea

16. Copper Moon Lyrics

Copper Moon Lyrics

Just a slice of Copper Moon Over the ocean, ocean blue To hear my one and only tune To strike a chord that brings me to you There was a time when The only trouble was deciding what trouble to get in

17. Copper Colored Gal (Remastered) Lyrics

Copper Colored Gal (Remastered) Lyrics

I bought a picture frame today I'll put your picture in it right away I'm gonna put it on my dresser so every time i look at you i can say Copper colored gal of mine love you 'cause you're so divine w

18. Copper Mines Lyrics

Copper Mines Lyrics

Stillness of winds I am hardly what I say I am I've imagined you One hundred pennies Underneath my tongue And my soft dumb heart Grows stale at the thought of it What I have to give Is small but at l

19. Copper Man Lyrics

Copper Man Lyrics

I am the copper man And im under cover In east america They're selling miracles The dutch master's got it up He's stocked and ready In west america He'll poison anyone Don't forget the phi

20. Lightning Crashes Lyrics

Lightning Crashes Lyrics

Throwing Copper Miscellaneous Lightning Crashes Lighting crashes, a new mother cries her placenta falls to the floor the angel opens her eyes the confusion sets in before the doctor can even close