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1. Vampillia - Winter Ash

Vampillia - Winter Ash

Self-defined as a brutal orchestra, Vampillia is a 10-piece group from Osaka, Japan constantly pushing and blurring the boundaries of sonic extremity with their beautiful yet twisted and dark blend of metal, noise, post-rock, ambient, shoegaze, classical, progressive, folk and industrial. With origins in seminal rock group Boredoms and Ruins, Vampillia have conquered the admiration and respect of the press, the fans and their peers throughout the last thirteen years and numerous releases. Pitchfork for instance, called their 2011’s debut album “Alchemic Heart” “terrifying, exhilarating and intricate”. The album featured guest contributions from Jarboe, Merzbow and Inswarm, but the list of illustrious musicians that gave their approval and collaborated with the Japanese ensemble doesn’t end there, add Attila Csihar, Nadja, The Body and Yellow Swans between others. Yet, Vampillia were already a weirdly diverse and intriguing musical entity before these irreverent and respectable musicians showed up to help them out and judging by the forthcoming “Happiness Brought By Endless Sorrow” EP they show no signs of slowing down or compromise. Powerful, dark, intriguing yet beautifully alluring the new EP still shows the Japanese ensemble defying musical conventions and creating a sound of their own that is extremely difficult to describe let alone categorize in a single genre. "It’s somehow both so completely out there and insanely catchy is even more remarkable." - Metal Sucks

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2. ULTAR - Swarm

ULTAR - Swarm

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3. Besra - Dwell In Gloom

Besra - Dwell In Gloom

Post-metal fans, meet your new favorite band: Finland’s Besra. Featuring former Callisto guitarist Johannes Nygård, Besra marry the elasticity of Burst with the ter-riff-icness of Pelican, the battering acrimony of Cult of Luna, and the dreamier pastures of Isis, resulting in progressive, forward-thinking metal guaranteed to knock you on your ass. The band will release their debut album, Anhedonia, this spring on Swedish underground label Temple of Torturous, but MetalSucks has a taste of the goods for you to try now in the form of the song “Dwell in Gloom.” You’re so welcome! Check out the track below. The single is available digitally and will also be released as a split 8″ with Atlases, sold only on tours. Get all of Basra’s upcoming tour dates at the bottom of this post. We’ll give you a heads up when Anhedonia has a set release date!

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Order your copy here: Aluk Todolo announce details of 'Archives Vol. 1' via Temple of Torturous! Instrumental power trio, ALUK TODOLO, have confirmed details of their upcoming archival release, appropriately titled "Archive Vol 1". The eight-track record will be released via Temple of Torturous on 20 March, 2017, and is comprised of rarities, B-sides, and unheard tracks that chart the first ten years of their existence. Over those ten years, including four full length albums, a collaboration and two EPs, ALUK TODOLO have trodden a new path of sonic pursuits. Hailing from France, the exploratory trio get experimental with Krautrock drenched in black metal intensity. Whilst having never been able to be easily pigeonholed, ALUK TODOLO's sound has morphed and reshaped over the years. Of the new release, the band commented: "We selected those tracks, because they were still in our consciousness after all these years. We approached the release as a whole, assembled the tracks focussing on dynamic, like we did for our latest studio album Voix (instead of making it chronological). For us it's a way to revisit our 10 first years, and use recordings we made on our own, be it rehearsal tracks, or work-in-progress steps, rare tracks releases or just experimentations. It's a collection, and here is Vol.1, we have no clear plan about the Vol.2, but time will tell.." ALUK TODOLO will play dates in the US throughout February with Insect Ark before returning to Europe to tour with Oranssi Pazuzu, including a stop at Roadburn Festival where they will perform Voix in full. Archives Vol. 1 will be released on limited vinyl edition & digital for the Spring equinox of March 20 via Temple of Torturous in Europe and The Ajna Offensive for US.

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5. SOON (US) - Burning Wood

SOON (US) - Burning Wood

It’s easy to reduce SOON to superficial contradictions. After all, who would’ve thought singer/guitarist Stuart McLamb and drummer Thomas Simpson of indie stars The Love Language would emerge with this righteously heavy offshoot? However SOON’s Vol. 1 debut, set for release via Temple Of Torturous this March, quickly dissolves the easy narrative of acclaimed popsmith taking the left hand path toward heavy metal. What’s more obvious is the immediate chemistry between McLamb and Simpson, bassist Rob Walsh (Bitter Resolve) and guitarist Mark Connor (Grohg). Though SOON employs the heavy, distorted riffing and contemplative pacing of doom, the band shares none of the genre’s antagonistic, abyss-gazing tropes. It’s dynamic, melodic and adventurous. The Chapel Hill, North Carolina-based quartet pulled from a deep well of influence and experience in crafting its eight-song LP. SOON spent a concentrated week of revising and tracking, plus two months of tinkering, at the Greensboro studio Legitimate Business with engineer Kris Hilbert (Torch Runner, Between The Buried And Me, The Body) at the helm. If SOON has a signature, it’s the unlikely pairing of heavy doom and elegant melody. Simpson and Walsh conjure storms in the low-end, while McLamb and Connor balance mettle and melody, shading these songs with psych-rock textures and melodic finesse. Rather than using their low, slow riffs as dredging sinkholes, deliberate momentum turns meditative—with strong forward pushes devoid of any dead weight. Airy melody and psychedelic flourishes keep these songs nimble and even pop-oriented. The balance of power and grace evokes more triumph than decay, but never sacrifices its grand heft. Standout tracks “We Are On Your Side” and “See You Soon” are bursting affirmations that ride heavy groundswell for a powerful uplift. Eager to push their boundaries, “Mauveine” is a stately dirge that uses sparse acoustic strums and somber strings to showcase McLamb’s rich croon. While “Rise” summons a deep otherworldly drone to form a foundation for a funereal incantation. SOON is undoubtedly a departure from any of its members’ past efforts, but the band’s casual formation and openness to exploration yields a compelling new entity. SOON’s enveloping debut is as much a product of deliberate focus as it is the offspring of laid-back jam sessions and weekend cookouts. [words by Bryan C. Reed] Vol. 1 Track Listing: We Are On Your Side Burning Wood See You Soon Gold Soul Glass Hours Mauveine Datura Stramonium Rise SOON’s Vol. 1 will see release on CD, LP and digitally via Temple Of Torturous on March 4 2016, pre-order here:

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6. Moloken - Subliminal Hyms

Moloken - Subliminal Hyms

The experimental, progressive, Swedish metal lords return! It'’s been four long years, but finally Moloken from Umeå Sweden are ready to release their new album, All Is Left To See. With it they finally present what they have been doing all of this time, a lyrical concept called 'Mörkrets Kärna': an album-trilogy about falling down a pit of your darkest being, losing yourself completely and desperately trying to make sense of it. Heavy! This is a self-lived experience of true human darkness when the breakdown of a loved one spirals down a very dark path. Could this be the end? All is left to see... The album showcases the band’'s most experimental side yet. Moloken clearly has no intention of being trapped in any corner of genre-fascism, but rather work with a "anything goes" attitude, which is a fresh breeze in an otherwise stale metal scene. All Is Left To See was mostly recorded live at the famous Tonteknik Studio in their home town Umeå, and has an atmosphere and sound that is reminiscent of their first album Our Astral Circle (2009). However, they’'re not interested of walking in old shoes; their musical universe has been further expanded by adding new layers, elements and twists, topped off with dark and bleak lyrics surrounding the 'Mörkrets Kärna' concept. To truly engage in a new Moloken album you must dive into it head first. You won't know quite what lies ahead, but it’s worth the risk. Release Date: October 19th 2015 (EU) / November 13th (US) LABEL: BAND:

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7. Fanfare


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8. Blind Ocean

Blind Ocean

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9. In Memories

In Memories

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10. Black Wave

Black Wave

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11. Release


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12. Giant Monologue

Giant Monologue

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13. Mirrors


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14. Dried Shadows

Dried Shadows

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15. Dawn For Nobody

Dawn For Nobody

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16. VALBORG - Ich Bin Total

VALBORG - Ich Bin Total

After successfully touring Romania in autumn 2015, Valborg have finally decided to respect their fans' wishes and record the two songs which have been the heart of each and every Valborg show for three years now: „Werwolf“ and „Ich Bin Total“. Originating from the pre-Romantik era those songs represent the best of what Valborg stands for and also give away a glimpse of what is about to follow on the 6th full length record which is already in the making. But most of all this recording is meant to fulfill the wishes of those loyal ones who kept attending Valborg shows and begging for these songs to be made available. Here you go, enjoy! Marketing Highlights – 7“ EP release, limited to 300 copies – RED vinyl – Played Roadburn Festival in 2010 – Tour with Ahab and Omega Massif in 2013 – Tour with Bloodway in Romania in 2015 (documentary video available:, – sold out exclusive “Valborg-only”-show in Bucharest in 2016 – Countless concerts played all over Europe (France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland) – Shared stage with Triptykon, Sarke, Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, Karma To Burn, Today Is The Day, Soilent Green, Altar Of Plagues and many more. – Recorded, mixed and mastered by Marius Costache in Studio 148, Bucharest – 4 out of the 5 recent records have been recorded live – Same line up since 2008 – Band members have been running highly-acclaimed underground label Zeitgeister Music since 2007 and are involved in much-praised bands such as Owl, Ekpyrosis and Klabautamann Band members Jan Buckard – Bass, Vocals Christian Kolf – Guitar, Vocals Florian Toyka – Drums For fans of Killing Joke and Celtic Frost Track list Side A: Werwolf Side B: Ich Bin Total Artist: Valborg Title: Werwolf EP Cat ID: ToT035 Street Date: 09/23/2016 Genre: Doom / Wave / Hardcore Configuration: 7“ Vinyl / Digital Hometown: Germany Label: Temple Of Torturous

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