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1. Vagus - Plotwist (Euphoria)- Tree of Life festival entry.

Vagus - Plotwist (Euphoria)- Tree of Life festival entry.

Hi guys. We are Maor and Shay, a trance producers named "Vagus". 20 years-old from israel. we're doing progressive-psy trance. during this last year we've released our tracks in soundcloud and performed at open air and club parties. Contacts: Email [email protected] Facebook Soundcloud

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2. UnderCover - Imaginary Friends -Tree of Life festival entry.

UnderCover - Imaginary Friends -Tree of Life festival entry.

UNDERCOVER is the brand new project from two very well known and regarded Psychedelic Trance musicians; Adam Belo aka DARMA/HIPNOTIX and Almog Shmuel aka SOUNDWAVE. Their sound can best be described as a high-energy fusion of Progressive and Full-On Psychedelic Trance, with influences from Electro, Techno, and a mix of eclectic sounds infused for added variety. The result is something completely new and unique – a sound like no other! Combining their many years of experience rocking dance floors around the globe, this new sound has been forged with the intention of creating the perfect dance experience. Undercover is generating waves throughout the global Psychedelic Trance scene – taking dancefloors to places they’ve never experienced before! Living up to their name, Undercover has been in our midst this whole time… Little did we know what they were cooking up behind closed doors! Look out carefully for much more coming down the pipeline from UNDERCOVER! It may just hit you when you least expect it! Contacts: Website Facebook Soundcloud

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3. Suduaya-"Progressive" Exclusive Live Set For Tree of Life Festival!


Heres another Set Suduaya Made exclusively for us From is Progressive side....ENJOY! Get your festival Tickets and make sure you don't miss this great festival! T.O.L. Tickets: Aiodaya (Suduaya & Aioaska) - Fata Morgana Aiodaya (Suduaya & Aioaska) - Language Of the Universe Suduaya - The Scent of Light Flegma & Nerso - Body Snatcher (Suduaya Remix) Suduaya - Gathering under the sun Lyctum - Atmospheric Probe (Suduaya remix) Egorythmia- The Resurrected (Suduaya rmx) Zyce - Oblivion (Suduaya remix) Sideform & Suduaya - Atlas Suduaya has two sides, the progressive psytrance side is perfect for late afternoons and the downtempo side, helped by his unique guitar touch, will ft perfectly with the late evenings. (Progressive Psytrance) @dreaming-sun (Downtempo) @suduaya Videos Progressive Psytrance…amp;v=1GTYXD-jiBQ Downtempo…; ENJOY!

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4. Suduaya- Exclusive Chillout Live Set For Tree Of Life Festival!

Suduaya- Exclusive Chillout Live Set  For Tree Of Life Festival!

T.O.L. Tickets: Suduaya has two sides, the progressive psytrance side is perfect for late afternoons and the downtempo side, helped by his unique guitar touch, will ft perfectly with the late evenings. (Progressive Psytrance) (Downtempo) Videos Progressive Psytrance Downtempo ENJOY!

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6. ૐThe-Waૐ StereOrganic - Tree of Life festival entry.

ૐThe-Waૐ StereOrganic - Tree of Life festival entry.

Tomonori Ozawa aka The Wa was born in Japan in 1974, dove into the world of psytrance in 2006 at the legendary club Mazel in Roppongi Tokyo. After checking out the club scene, he decided that it wasn't the time to put DJing first on his commitments due to the degrading psytrance scene. In 2012, he started to create mixes again and the positive responses that came from over 500 followers around the globe, rejuvenated the thirst to DJ again. At the moment, still an inexperienced DJ on the floor, but by mixing and selecting of the right tracks shared on Soundcloud, gained confidence. Selecting the special specific sounds to be listened to. In 2014, he has elected among the winners of Competition DJs StereOrganic & Artists, became a part of the team StereOrganic France that represent them. Right now, he moving forward to start own label in Taiwan within three years and spread the vibe throughout the Eastern Asia scene. For bookings: [email protected] Facebook Soundcloud

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7. Shivatree - "Bring the Spring Mix" - Promo set -Tree of Life festival!

Shivatree -

See them in June!!! bio&tracklist updated soon ;-)

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8. Vini Vici - Music Evolution Vol. 2 - Promo set- Tree of Life Festival!

Vini Vici - Music Evolution Vol. 2 - Promo set- Tree of Life Festival!

Vini Vici - Music Evolution Vol. 2 - Free Download Set :) Track List : 1>Vini Vici - Expender 2>Liquid Soul vs. Zyce (Feat. Solar Kid) - We Come In Peace 3>Vini Vici vs. Coming Soon - Mad 4>Royal Flush vs. Freedom Fighters - Walter White 5>Vini Vici - Trust In Trance 6>Ticon - Hops Of Hades 7>Riktam & Bansi - On The Floor 8>Vini Vici vs. Pixel - Anything & Everything 9>Major7 vs. Sub6 - Sub7 (DaVinci Code Remix) 10>Ritmo - The Way We Are (Vini Vici Remix) 11>Vini Vici vs. Major7 - Back Underground 12>Vini Vici vs. Capital Monkey vs. Major7 - Mind Games 13>Astral Projection - People Can Fly (Vini Vici & Sesto Sento Remix) If You Like It Follow Us On facebook ;)

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9. A.K.D Live @ L.C.F.- Promo set For Tree of Life Festival!

A.K.D Live @ L.C.F.- Promo set For Tree of Life Festival!

We are thinking To bring them in 2015....please help us make up our minds!

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11. Wolle-"Standup Psytrance"-Best Dj Set contest-Tree of Life 2013!


contact: [email protected] TRACKLIST: 1. ILAI - Burning Mountain 2. 2012 - Alien Contact 3. CYRUS THE VIRUS, WAIO, AVALON - Transitions (MINDFOLD RMX) 4. TRON & GLITCH - It Vaporizer 5. MENTAL BROADCAST,TWELVE SESSIONS&JOSHLIVE - Too Much Information 6. EARTHLING - Tranquillity Bass 7. IN LAK ECH - Ground Zero (TECHNOLOGY RMX) 8. TANTRIX - Subsurface 9. MECHANIMAL&CONTINEUM - The Free Man (ILAI RMX) 10. SINERIDER - Gyroscopter 11. AVALON - Destiny Awaits (COSMOSIS RMX) 12. HYPER NOISE - Rainbox style: from progressive trance up to psy trance Festivals played 2012: Spirit Base, Paradise Festival, Transylvania Calling next gigs: 15. Dezember Birthday Bash @TattooOase, Vienna 21. Dezember Progressive Selection @RoteBar, Vienna 31. Dezember NEW YEAR SBASE @Zentimeterhallen, Vienna 01. Feber Cosmic Carousel with Protonica @LOFT, Graz

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12. Normalize - Promo Live Set 2014 -Tree Of Life Festival!

Normalize - Promo Live Set 2014 -Tree Of Life Festival!

Tracklist: Normalize - Hypnosis (SpinTwist) Normalize - Less is More (SpinTwist) Normalize - Never Lose My Faith (Re-edit unreleased) (original iboga) Normalize - Step by Step (SpinTwist) Ace Ventura - The Spark (Normalize remix) (SpinTwist) Normalize - Blind in Darkness (SpinTwist) Normalize - illusions (SpinTwist) Normalize - 5th Dimension Enjoy! Tasos / Normalize My Contacts: SoundCloud: Facebook: Bookings: [email protected] My email: [email protected] Artist Bio: Flashback: There were these two cheap harmoniums, an electric guitar and a small home amplifier. And then this 13-year old boy who performed daring manoeuvres to combine all this stuff. While one of the keyboards played back some demo loops, he was jamming on his guitar and used his bare feet to create some simple bass sequences on the other keyboard… Lots of things have changed since then, but when watching Tasos from Greece now known as Normalize, performing a live set of his project, one can still see that eager for action boy and his unbroken euphoria for creating sounds. During his Music & Technology studies he figured out that there were exciting ways to replace his feet- at least for music production purposes. The sound engineering education taught him a lot about the possibilities of software and hardware but he mainly learned proper listening and mixing. Combined with his undoubtedly vast enthusiasm for creating music, it was only a question of time for the audience to enjoy the first tracks he mixed. And of course they turned out to be thriving hits. Being a part of the Progressive House duo “Pointech”, his tracks found their way into the cases of DJs like Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk or Armin Van Buuren. But Tasos did not stop at this point; he moved further by deciding to focus on his deep passion for Trance music. And so Normalize was finally born. The project distinguished itself by a remarkable high level of sound quality from the very first hours and therefore it directly entered the upper league. Tasos keeps the clubby moments for his housey project- under the moniker Normalize he presents original, highly energetic and uplifting melodic Progressive Trance.

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14. Anunnaki Project - Festival Mini mix- Tree of Life festival entry.

Anunnaki Project -  Festival Mini mix- Tree of Life festival entry.

Silvan aka Anunnaki Project is a blasting and unique psytrance project! with cosmic and epic melodies, driving and pumping basslines Anunnaki Project brings the dancefloor to a altered state of mind. He shared the stage with well known artists like: Ticon, Iliuchina, Blastoyz, Cosmosis, Fatali, Phaxe, Querox, Filteria, Bubble, Mystical Complex, Bliss, Outsiders a.m.m. Based in the heart of Switzerland, living in the scenic town Lucerne the 25yr old is ready to spread his message around the world. Contacts: Soundcloud Email [email protected]

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16. Tristan- "UK Psychedelic" - Promo Set -Tree of Life Festival!


Here is a Mix of Tristans recent "UK Psychedelic" Trance compilation! +++AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD+++ And if you keen on any of the tracks by themselves, they are still available for Free on the Nano Records Website, just click the "Get the Tracks" button. Track order > Beautiful Garden- Tristan and Raja Ram Blueshaft- Tristan and Magik Free Induction- K.I.M Meerlust- Masterblasters Cosmic Order- Aphid Moon Purple Om- Tristan and Nigel Trigger- Dickster Wierd Effects- Laughing Buddha Ancient Knowledge- Cosmsis & Burn in Noise - Avalon rmx Sonic Staircase- Sybarite Tokyo Sunrise- Sonic Species eNjoy!

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17. Mysticism - "Long Life Forest" -Exclusive Promo Dj Set -Tree Of Life Festival!

Mysticism -

"TRACKLIST 01 - Sync24 - Something Something 02 - Sync24 - Oomph 03 - Solar Fields - Active Sky (Origin 2003) 04 - Lemonchill & Cabeiri - That Old Sin 05 - Solar Fields - Cobalt 2.5 06 - Solar Fields - In Motion 07 - Alwoods - Long Life Forest 08 - Alwoods - Spacequake 09 - Lemonchill - Anima Mea (Alwoods Remix) 10 - Alwoods – Voice Of Sherwood 11 - Alwoods – Near Light 12 - Zero Cult - Heartwork --- BIO --- Ozzy aka MYSTICISM, RAMIZES & FREETECH was born in 1984 in Istanbul, and met with psytrance at the age of 18 over the albums of Kox Box, Cosmosis, Halluginogen, Goa Gil, Astral Projection etc. Since then, he'd been gathering psytrance archive which still continues. In the city he studied his BA, Ozzy organized various indoor psytrance parties and mixed tracks as RAMIZES between 2004 - 2007. Meanwhile, he helped out his producer friends by giving them ideas and loops for their new tracks. Ozzy met Tmx Mind in Soulclipse Festival Turkey 2006 and since then, they kept in touch. When Tmx & U-Recken decided to organize Tree of Life Festival in 2012, Ozzy helped them as Night Chief of Gate. At 2nd TOL, Ozzy was Night Artist Manager. After 2nd TOL, Ozzy & Tmx organized parties & festivals and played together at the events of Tmx's company`Mind Manifest Project`in Turkey until Feb 2014. In summer 2014, Ozzy is helping out all the organizers in Turkey at all outdoor festivals and Free Earth in Greece. As MYSTICISM, Ozzy is label DJ at Altar Records. Ozzy as a DJ mixes; ‘Psychill / Psybient / Chillgressive’ as MYSTICISM, ‘Zenonesque / Progressive / Full-On / Psytrance as RAMIZES and ‘Hi-Tech / Forest / Progressive Dark’ as FREETECH. ALL FOR ONE LOVE. ------------------- Booking Contact: [email protected]"

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18. Orpheus -Valium - Tree of Life festival entry.

Orpheus -Valium - Tree of Life festival entry.

Orpheus Biography The name Orpheus comes from the Greekmythology, he was called by Pindar, which wasan ancient Greek lyric poet, "the father of songs". The myth tells us that when Orpheus was playingon his instrument, the trees and the stones werelistening, the rivers deviated from their courseand the forest animals fell silent. Behind Orpheus music is Yaniv Gabay, trancemusic producer since 2007 from Israel. By theage of 12, he played different instruments suchas piano guitar and drums set.The main goal of Orpheus is to bring unique style to the trance, which characterized by powerfulmusic with touch of classical instruments, without compromise in the quality and purity of the sound. In 2009 Orpheus won in an international contest of Phonokol LTD. In 2010 he won in aninternational contest of FM Music. The tracks were released in digital stores In 2011 the trakcs "Tanuja dancing" and "Losing control" a remix of X-noise were released in Astrix's episodes "Trance for nations" 5 and 7.Also the remix of X-noise "Losing control" was released in their EP produced by HOMmega record. Contacts: Facebook - For booking: E-mail:[email protected]

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19. Shivax VS Agneton - Tree of Life festival entry.

Shivax VS Agneton - Tree of Life festival entry.

Agneton is Elias Gits from Belgium, born in 1988. After years of listening to all kinds of electronic music, he felt the need to express his passion for Nitzhonot and Goa by starting a small music project of his own. In 2007 he started producing music on Fruity Loops 6, which resulted in releases on a dozen of compilations and an album entitled "Horizon In Your Head". In 2012 a second album followed, “ Wizards From The Future”. Agneton has played in Brazil, Germany, Turkey, Israel, Spain, The Netherlands, Sweden, Greece, Russia as well as countless gigs in Belgium. Nowadays he is slowly working on new material and also runs Sita Records together with the rest of the crew. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Shivax Is a Nitzho-Goa Project from Jerusalem, Israel by Yanai Jascourt I started listening to Trance and Electronic music at age 15. in 2007 i started writing and learning how to use FL studios 5 through a friend and got hooked :) I was exposed to Goa trance shortly after and shivax was born. After a few Army years and traveling in 2011I began Producing on Cuebase 6 and got into Nitzhonot and nitzhoGoa and started making fast tempo tracks with super ethnic melodies and space sounds :) At the end of 2012 i Joined the belgian label "SITA" and became a part of the Nitzho Family My first Album "State of Mind" was released in March 2013 (available here…Mind/detail.aspx) through "SITA RECORDS", Belgium. My second album "Victory Anthems" was just released! with new fresh tracks that continue exactly where state of mind ended. Better sounds Better energy and a whole new range of variation in style from up to date Nitzhonot with a lot of Goa trance in between :) contacts: Email [email protected] Website Facebook Soundcloud YouTube

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