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2. Dima: Tuman

Dima: Tuman

nothing at of , which is

4. Tuman


nothing at of , which is

6. PREMIERE : Shaun Benjamin - Floating In Space (Tuman Remix) [Earthly Delights]

PREMIERE : Shaun Benjamin - Floating In Space (Tuman Remix) [Earthly Delights]

MELODIC Series by Sweet Musique : Discover the best Deephouse to Melodic Techno from Paris with Love ... PREMIERE : Shaun Benjamin - Floating In Space (Tuman Remix) [Earthly Delights] Follow : About the EP / Artist : A few words by Shaun Benjamin... “To Evoke - to recall the conscious mind, the smells, sounds, and colors there can evoke memories, based on emotional, feelings and responses. Exploring On Universal Values of inner harmony, equality, peace, beauty, unity with nature, fusing different worlds of cultures, styles, influences, Classical, Ethnic, Electronic...” The "EVOKE" Remixes LP diversifies the originals (with strings by Mehmet Aydin) further into the world of electronica and house sub genres. The release features a unique collection of talent, favourites of the label and new promising debuts. The reinterpretations that are part of the 8 track LP cover an extensive spectrum of sound, with works from amazingly futuristic LetKolben, innovative Sucré Salé of Germany, smooth vibes operator from Pakistan – V I V I D, debut of Moscow's deep scene veterans' fresh project Tuman of Gazgolder club, new Russian talents Amonita and Tayu, Montreal's Wuachuma (Adrien Malka) and finally labels own Atalkingdrum. Organic, deep house electronica at its best, full of live ethnic elements, its a a phenomenal release for multi genre lovers. The release will be exclusive to Beatport end of February, followed by all good shops, including the labels newly set Bandcamp store. Tracks: 1. Desolat(LetkolbenRemix) 2. Written(VIVIDRemix) 3. Written(TayuRemix) 4. SacredFire(SucréSaléRemix) 5. BlackSails(atalkingdrumRemix) 6. FloatingInSpace(TumanRemix) 7. SacredFire(AmonitaRemix) 8. RestlessHeart(WuachumaMix)[AlbumOnly]

nothing at of , which is

8. Tuman moroka

Tuman moroka

Полея Увода - Туман морока Ликование залило зълыдоты умы, Речи язъвълены разънесъли хулы Из усът черъвъленых в замутънённый ум. Где ходила та недужь видаль лютая, Съвященнотайну в седы косъмы путала. Окаянный разум чисътый был. Горъний возъдух съвеж не въкусить в избе, Затъхълый съмърад възопрел и сидит в тебе Съловъно черъвь гърызёт буйну голову. Немолъчъный ворон съпел за упокой. Омывалася кълючевой водой. Отогънала бы туман морока.

nothing at of , which is

9. Tuman Yarom

  • Published: 2015-05-27T21:14:10Z
Tuman Yarom

Recording, mixing, mastering - Soncesvit Studio from EP-album "Vatra" Label: "Sound Age" 2015

nothing at of , which is

11. tuman


nothing at of , which is

13. My best

  • Published: 2017-10-13T18:17:32Z
  • By tuman777
My best

nothing at of , which is