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1. Under Dwellers

Under Dwellers

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2. Grand Cru

Grand Cru

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5. PLAAS on its book reviewing land reform process & alternatives; Provision of Legal Services to Farm Dwellers under threat

PLAAS on its book reviewing land reform process & alternatives; Provision of Legal Services to Farm Dwellers under threat

Sound recording from:PLAAS on its book reviewing land reform process & alternatives; Provision of Legal Services to Farm Dwellers under threat of Eviction

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6. Freaky dwellers under my bed

Freaky dwellers under my bed

Mix of songs I like from good artists, hope you enjoy it !

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7. DUB BREEZE - Tribute to COUCH KING(16.04.16)

DUB BREEZE - Tribute to COUCH KING(16.04.16)

Here's my tribute to the amazing Couch King - - .. so amazing that it was a bit of a challenge.. Not sure I've been up to the excellence of this Master! Well.. Hope you enjoy this soft'n cordial Dub breeze anyway... LOVE, AA :^) <3 DUB BREEZE - From a couch queen to THE COUCH KING (16.04.16) Tara Putra - Euro Bongs Blankets and the Couch King ft. Noa - Dub Breeze Soulacybin – Mycophagous Flowertz - Little Universe Suduaya - Salutation To The Planets (Cabeiri Remix) Kliment - Universe Alchemy Entheogenic - Liquid Universe Calebass and the Couch King with Emma Caiman and Tensor - Teeth Under Feet Ott – Spacebaby Flux Vortex – Hologram Planet B - Marley's Dream Kuba - Road To Find Out Globular - Digging & Building - Deeper than Dirt Reiki Run Rampant and the Couch King with DD John and the Weighty Tree – Tighter Bluetech - Phoenix Rising Aes Dana – Nexus GMO vs. Dense - Feedback Peaking Goddess Collective – Arcana Shpongle - Herb Garden Mayor of Donutville, Weighty Tree, and The Couch King - There We Will Hear You Sing Desert Dwellers - Crossing the Desert (Kalya Scintilla remix) Kalya Scintilla - Open Ancient Eyes - The Epilogue (with Eve Olution) Download for free on The Artist Union

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8. Live @ Desert Hearts - Desert Dwellers - 018

Live @ Desert Hearts - Desert Dwellers - 018

It's safe to say that Desert Dwellers are the most OG desert DJs that we know. In fact, Treavor Moontribe was one of the founding members of Moontribe Collective, the original community of California desert dancers who've been gathering under the full moon since 1993. We owe a ton of our inspiration to Moontribe and we might even go so far to say there wouldn't be a Desert Hearts without our founding fathers of the desert scene. While we've had Treavor Moontribe absolutely kill it for us in the past, it's his ultra psychedelic Desert Dwellers project with partner Amani Friend that really made international waves. Predominantly a downtempo project, we first heard about a super rare techno / tech house set performed by Desert Dwellers through our partner Kristoff. And he just wouldn't stop raving about it... Honestly we had absolutely no idea what to expect from a techno set by Desert Dwellers other than the good word of one of our partners. Their set was the one true wildcard on our lineup and it ended up being one of the most radical sets of the weekend. With the first 1.5 hours of the set being all original material, Desert Dwellers pulled off one of the best sets we've ever heard at Desert Hearts. With a heartfelt nod to those who paved the way for us, we hope you enjoy Live @ Desert Hearts- Desert Dwellers - 018 as much as we do.

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9. Seeing Things - Single & Remixes - Twisted Records {TEASER FILE}

Seeing Things - Single & Remixes - Twisted Records   {TEASER FILE}

THIS IS A JUST A TEASER FILE ::: FULL RELEASE ON TWISTED RECORDS With this latest release, the Desert Dwellers have teamed up with a highly dynamic and acclaimed group of international producers to remix one of their most cherished tracks "Seeing Things." The result is an immpressive offering of futuristic dubby beats, filled with deep pulsating bass & inextricable, extraterrestrial emissions. Hallucinatory realms await the listener, as one will soon be seeing things completely new through these transportive soundscapes produced by huge international acts like Eat Static, James Monro, Kaminanda, Lubdub, Landswitcher, Variant Field, and Mystral. 1. Seeing Things - Original Mix 7:01 2. Seeing Things - Eat Static's Seeing Beings Remix 10:06 3. Seeing Things - Lubdub Remix 9:22 4. Seeing Things - James Monro Remix 9:23 5. Seeing Things - Land Switcher Remix 7:16 6. Seeing Things - Kaminanda Remix 7:58 7. Seeing Things - Variant Field Remix 6:51 8. Seeing Things - Mystral Remix 6:13 Desert Dwellers consists of Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe; together they are one of the most pioneering and prolific downtempo artists hailing from the United States, having released over a dozen full length albums, several DD remixed albums, as well as countless singles, EPs and remixes for labels like Twisted, Six Degrees, White Swan, and Iboga to name a few. After the huge success of the “DownTemple Dub” series, and blowing up the past three years at some of the most prominent international music festivals including Lightning In A Bottle, Symbiosis, Wanderlust, Shambhala, Eclipse Festival Australia, Envision, Beloved, Sonic Bloom, and Earthdance, Desert Dwellers are gearing up for a very big year in 2014, beginning with a 7 week tour across the United States opening for world renowned Twisted Records artist Shpongle! First up, the original version of “Seeing Things” invites us aboard a multidimensional plane of evocative psychedelic electronica. Desert Dwellers are experts at navigating inner worlds of sound, and with this composition they have availed themselves fully to the nature of their genre-bending production skills which they are highly acclaimed for. Listen attentively, and hear an arsenal of unique sound design, as Desert Dwellers tactfully blend Dub into Breakbeat entangled with Glitch, and a mysterious uproar of psychedelic squelches and spatial vocals that coincide flawlessly. Coming in at a whopping 10 minutes is the first remix of "Seeing Things," by the alien automaton Eat Static. Merv Pepler, drummer from the legendary progressive psychedelic rock band Ozric Tentacles, is the entity behind the groundbreaking electronic sounds of Eat Static. His intuition for channeling the most bizarre is undeniable, and what he transforms this track into can only be described as genius. His remix boasts very unique instrumentation, and is explosive and undoubtedly the most eccentric one on the release. Instilling wonder from Down Under, Lubdub's keen production value and rhythms will take any mate for a whirl, and will have your soul bouncing with a lovely vibrancy. Clocking in at a little over 9 minutes, Desert Dwellers could not have recruited a better group of Aussies to get on board this exceptional remix album. Featuring some very prevalent Drum and Bass, and of course a heaping helping of Dub, Lubdub adds a mighty fine resonance and euphoria that this release will indeed perpetuate, for countless electronic music lovers the world over. It is only fitting that this compilation features a Psytrance track, considering it’s courtesy of the legendary Twisted Records. James Monro’s transmutation of “Seeing Things” is a stunning adaptation that showcases the sheer breadth and dexterity of this Flying Rhino Records founding member. James’ exemplary production techniques and supernatural sense of sound combine beautifully, which boosts this track’s electrifying capacity, to the level that of a psychedelic powerhouse! It is his eclectic style that really inundates the listener, as he traverses the vibratory realms of classic Acid House, Progressive and pure, indescribable Psytrance, highly developed throughout a golden age. Hailing from Paris, Land Switcher is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with on the global circuit, offering a supernatural sense of dynamics in their production. Land Switcher leaves such a refined and delicate balance between the notes. Basking in the distortion of off-kilter time constraints, this song becomes increasingly hypnotic because of this one melody that prevails, which proves to be unequivocally ensnaring. Up next is Kaminanda, an auditory alchemist whom is well-equipped to tackle a composition of this magnitude. It seems that he has an affinity for beautifying beats and always makes sultry sound waves entirely envelop the listener. In this remix he showcases his signature fusion of tribal polyrhythms and the juxtaposition of immersive melodies. He utilizes his favorite FX, spanning trickling arpeggiated synths and echoing reverb that galvanize an overwhelming swell of serotonin. Whatever things Kaminanda saw when he reinvented this tune had to have been sublime. Variant Field has the next recapitulation of "Seeing Things." Laser-etching bass protrudes multidimensional sound passages, as this song shatters rhythmic patterns and brings to this release a whole new element. Without sacrificing danceability, Variant Field's attention to space and detail is what highly distinguishes their remix. When listening, it is difficult to not be made aware of every nuance that makes up their collaborative endeavor. Variant Field has an incredibly intricate style of electronica, which is refreshing but still bumps hard on the dance floor. One heavy hitter after another, Mystral spices up the original "Seeing Things," by incorporating a multiethnic charm of psychotropic profusion. As he rebuilds the vibe of this song, he puts his own spin on the track and it takes on an undecipherable presence. Mystral accentuates the already strange sound structures and complements the fluidity by layering the track with dubbed out horns marinated with Latin Jazz flavors. -- Review and Words by Anthony Della Croce -- Artwork Justin Totemical ("Stone Riser") THIS IS A JUST A TEASER FILE ::: FULL RELEASE WILL BE ON TWISTED RECORDS ON FEB 10th 2014

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10. The Great Mystery LP {{ Teaser }}

The Great Mystery  LP  {{ Teaser }}

THE GREAT MYSTERY ::: DOWNLOAD THE NEW ALBUM…/the-great-mystery CD: iTunes/Beatport/Amazon/Spotify Etc. - Available April 13th 1. Warm Desert Sands 2. The Great Mystery 3. Crossing Beyond (ReVisioned) 4. View from Laniakea 5. Our Dream World 6. The Elephant's March 7. Walking Between 8. The Sacrament (ReVisioned) 9. I Dropped It 10. Bird Over Sand Dunes 11. Wings of Waves 12. Give Thanks The Great Mystery is the latest full length album by the Desert Dwellers, and it is truly a jet setting piece of work. The 12-track collection was predominately recorded on the road, in airports, airplanes, and hotel rooms and finished in multiple studios in multiple countries. Even the live recordings were done with various musicians and singers from around the world in rooms ranging from Berlin to Santa Cruz over the past 2 years. This release is a special one, because it’s the first fully realized album of all original music that Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe have produced together, even though it is the 8th full album in the Desert Dwellers catalog, along with countless singles, eps, and remixes. The title of the album is derived from a Terrance McKenna quote, “Life is like a moment, we’re born out of a mystery, and we die into a mystery.” The duo notes, “Life and Death are great mysteries and we felt that was a pretty amazing theme to go with.” The album also features a talented cast of collaborators including Rick Hunter playing Oud, singer Megan Chandler, violinist Hannah Thiem, Ixchel Prisma, Anuradha Genrich, and a host of others. The duo also worked with notable engineers including Torin Goodnight (Bird Of Prey), Benjamin Last (Temple Step Project), Yulu Fershtat (Perfect Stranger), and James Lumb (of Electric Skychurch Fame) who did analog summing that really transformed the sound quality of the album. The diverse recording locations are just as mixed as the albums vast range of musical inspirations. The pair’s musical palate spans from classical world music to psychedelic rock, all forms of hypnotic deep electronic music, reggae and dub, to pop and everything in between. The duo enthusiastically state, “Its always been a dream to create an album that embodied many of the styles we resonate most with, and The Great Mystery is that album!” They add, “When it comes to electronic music we have always refused to be ‘genrefied’ and this album goes on the complete journey from our classic tribal downtempo grooves to tribal techno, psychedelic trance, dubstep and ambient, all under one unified sound.”

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Opening the night for Desert Dwellers (Envision Festival Tour) - presented by Beats Without Borders Live Recording by ElementalRhythm Vancouver, BC - Winter 2013 featuring: Deva Premal - Kumara Mantra Kaya Project - Under The Spell Temple Step Project & Kyrstyn Pixton - i Alone Bluetech & Shamans Dream - The Way Through

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12. Banco de Gaia - All Sleeping (Desert Dwellers Remix) [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Banco de Gaia - All Sleeping (Desert Dwellers Remix) [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

The shift is underway. We've seen the writing on the wall, and the transformational paradigm realignment in the electronic music industry is afoot. No longer are fans content to bang their heads in hedonistic ecstasy before passing out under a car in the parking lot. Supporters of the scene want more--and they're getting it. The sacred bass and downtemple scenes are emerging from their west coast haven to spread the word from coast to coast. And it's a European producer who has gotten the ball rolling. Since the 80's, Toby Marks has been an influential producer and label head, amassing a huge catalog of tunes and treasures. His most recent album, Apollo, breathes new life into the industry, and as such, the remixes are equally potent. Artists like GAUDI, Kaya Project, and Eat Static take their turns on Ollopa: Apollo Remixed, and the results are extraordinary. Today, we premiere the Desert Dwellers remix of "All Sleeping." This reset button for the body and soul is a liquid trip down healing waters into a soothing pool of transfixing percussion and light, glitchy melodies. Slip away on a whisper with this translucent delight that captures the mind. It's out there. And there's no doubt the boys are going to break it out when they play Sonic Blossom in Denver, CO next week. It's too good to keep locked up. This album goes live Oct 7 and physical copies are out Oct 8 on Bandcamp. The Untz: Banco de Gaia:

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13. Vinyasa [Mix]

  • Published: 2014-12-02T11:44:33Z
  • By Mayawaska
Vinyasa [Mix]

Jami Sieber - Maenam Spiral System - Elephant Carbon Based Lifeforms - Flyatta Dig Ephemaral Mists - Midnight Kiss Geotic - Riding Thermals Shira Kammen - Downstream Aaron Spectre - Dulcimer Phil Thornton - Meditation Kaya Project - When Only Sand Remains (Tripswitch remix) Desert Dwellers - You Can See Forever Ott - Smoked Glass & Chrome Randon Myles - Water Kiran Ahluwalia - Vo Kuch Kaya Project - Saranghi Breaks Shpongle - I Am You Kaya Project - Under A Spell Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent) Steve Roach - Palace Of Nectar Note to teachers/instructors who would like to download this for use in their classes. You can donate here if you wish -

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14. [email protected]


Originally premiered on Proton Radio! Deep in the Mojave Desert in May 2017 we gathered under the full moon once again, which was the conclusion of 24 years of moons that we've now gathered for! I had the honor of playing 2 sets, one at night and one to close the gathering starting around 2pm. Here is my closing set which is a rare moment where I get to play my most favorite kind of music, slow deep tripped out house of the tribal and melodic natures! Track List: 1 - Erothyme - Morning Glory 2 - Stavroz - Jahallom 3 - Viken Arman - Life 4 - Hraach - Die Yaman (116 Deep Mix) 5 - Geju - Mantro 6 - Oceanvs Orientalis - Asfour 7 - LUM (mx) - Certeza 8 - Viken Arman - Rosas 9 - Falling Cows - Kara Tal (Acid Pauli & NU Remix) 10 - Oceanvs Orientalis - Tarlabasi (Be Svendsen Remix) 11 - NHKFF & Svoe - Gipsy Love 12 - Art In Motion - Sacred Lake People (Marcelli Lisboa Remix) 13 - Blancah - Learning To Fly (Kris Davis Groove Remix) 14 - Mode - Catastrophe 15 - Claws SG - Skyquake (Muui Alt Option) 16 - 2040 - The Savior 17 - Grizzly Bear - Sleeping Ute (Nicolas Jaar Remix) 18 - Zakir - Ruhi (Just Emma Remix) 19 - Recondite - Tame 20 - LUM (mx) - Toe (Nu Extended Mix) 21 - The Acid - Ra (David August Remix) 22 - Birds Of Mind - Ankara (Stavroz Remix) 23 - David August, Nelia Kit - A Golden Rush 24 -Viken Arman - Solar 25 - Gottlieb Scheppert - Zahar (Kleintierschaukel feat. Chrischou Remix) 26 -Dahu, MPathy - Abyss (Jacob Groening Remix) 27 -Desert Dwellers - View From Laniakea (Treavor Moontribe Remix) 28 -Estray - Mejida 29 -Talaboman - Midnattssol feat. John Talabot, Axel Boman 30 -Recondite - Huibu 31 -Toni Ocanya - Mercury 32 - Bedouin -Better_Future_Bedouin_Intro_Mix 33 - Syria - Satori Remix 34 -Upercent - Vents Del Desert 35 -Nu - Man O To (Be Svendsen Remix) 36 -EXZ - Selene 37 -Kerala Dust - Nevada 38 -Oceanvs Orientalis - Revenge Of The Wankers 39 -Kotelett, Zadak - Take Me Back 40 - Nu - Drug 41 - 4A - 82 - Erothyme - Red Moon Revelations (feat. Madelion Moondrop)

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