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1. Vales Beyond Dimension Lyrics

Vales Beyond Dimension Lyrics

I have arrived at the corridor of infinity; the great hall where the ages are kept Behind ancient ash and primordial iron The past is a mirror... aeons exist in a myriad cast The vale before me; my ow

2. Waterfalls Lyrics

Waterfalls Lyrics

Submerged in distortion I'm drenched and I am smothered Existing in abundance My insides have hollowed away Cascading at such a tender pace It hovers around me And reoccurs proudly Overflow and overru

3. Respite Lyrics

Respite Lyrics

There's no respite You're embedded in my veins And you burden my troubled sunken eyes I never thought I'd find a life that truly rewarded me Leave me alone here I need to delve within Beneath a suffer

4. Wildfire Lyrics

Wildfire Lyrics

From every single heartbeat that pulses The life through our veins The sentiment is feeding The sentiment is breeding Time is of the essence and we must pursue so carefully Freedom's our existence yet

5. White Horse Lyrics

White Horse Lyrics

I am the white horse I am the white horse That staggers on for miles so fearlessly Planting each step so gracelessly To a beloved pace Of an unforgivable nerve and an unforgettable ache A voyage of th

6. Survival Lyrics

Survival Lyrics

I'm slowly irrelevant fast becoming a fiction-based content My ligaments are ornaments. I've lost all of my meaningless words Sleepless walker has nothing left to say Sleepless walker lives in dreams

7. Branches Lyrics

Branches Lyrics

I'm twisting my spine To understand How satisfaction is found and why Each day is spent in this fabric daydream These moments are timeless Yet we count them as insignificant as we find breath These mo

8. Open Arms Lyrics

Open Arms Lyrics

There's a turmoil brewing My arms are open wide And I'm standing in the storm path Tranquil in my stride There are too many stories behind the lines of my skin I'm wearing it thick But they're wearing

9. Scripted Lyrics

Scripted Lyrics

All the people that we used to love Have found life in every word And every line That we choose to speak Is carefully scripted because we are afraid of the same story repeating Exaggerating every sing

10. Dead Wood Lyrics

Dead Wood Lyrics

My insecurities have led to me to believe, that i'm in love with my own self doubt and I find comfort in self destruction Maybe one day someone will discover all the parts of us that we will learn jus

11. Surrender - Clarity Lyrics

Surrender - Clarity Lyrics

A cynical tale of this feeling of calm, told in remorse through the clench of my jaw. I even sung with the birds as they sensed the storm. If the death of chaos is the birth of clarity then bring me t

12. Caves - Anxiety Lyrics

Caves - Anxiety Lyrics

We're tempting this chaos just to find the beauty that's within the whirlwinds of our minds. That spins with panic just until we find, just how, to find the peace inside. Our panic is lusted into a fe

13. Stronghold - Destruction Lyrics

Stronghold - Destruction Lyrics

These words of grief, are they worth our speech? Or is it best to let them rest and force them out through gritted teeth? My tongue is tied because my soul is too bare. I never measure with regret unt

14. Stallions - Adrenaline Lyrics

Stallions - Adrenaline Lyrics

Stomach sinking, my feet are off the ground, a moment of eternity suspended in the breeze. Until I descend towards the ground, in, come down and crash straight into your lungs. There's a chamber of gl

15. Standing Alone - Isolation Lyrics

Standing Alone - Isolation Lyrics

Isolated by humanity, a disregard for this life. So I'm compelled by the unseen and I am dreaming in sunlight. Why are we still standing alone in the dark? Why are we still standing alone? Spent so ma

17. Dido and Aeneas, ACT 2, Scene 2: The Grove: Thanks to these lonesome vales (Belinda-Chorus) Lyrics

Dido and Aeneas, ACT 2, Scene 2: The Grove: Thanks to these lonesome vales (Belinda-Chorus) Lyrics

Thanks to these Lonesome Vales, These desert Hills and Dales. Thanks to these Lonesome Vales, These desert Hills and Dales. So fair the Game, so rich the Sport, Diana's self might to these Woods resor

18. No Vales Un Peso Lyrics

No Vales Un Peso Lyrics

Y tu que piensas... que vas hacer lo que tu quieres conmigo el adios de aqulla vez fue definitivo no quiero nada de ti ni ser tu amigo... Y que dijistes... a este tonto me lo vuelvo a hech

19. No Vales Nada Lyrics

No Vales Nada Lyrics

Siempre he sido así no nací en cuna de oro corazón Disculpa si no tengo un pent-house en N.Y. Disculpa si a parís no te llego mi invitación Que no te compre joyas que solo te ofrezca amor Tú

20. Dido and Aeneas, ACT 1: Scene: The Palast: To the Hills and the Vales (Chorus) Lyrics

Dido and Aeneas, ACT 1: Scene: The Palast: To the Hills and the Vales (Chorus) Lyrics

To the Hills and the Vales, to the Rocks and the Mountains. To the Musical Groves and the cool Shady Fountains. Let the Triumphs of Love and of Beauty be shown. Let the Triumphs of Love and of Beauty