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1. Varied Beats

  • Published: 2015-09-10T05:51:39Z
  • By Max Webb
Varied Beats

nothing at of , which is

2. Moe Varied Beats

Moe Varied Beats

nothing at of , which is

4. Varied Hard Beats

Varied Hard Beats

nothing at of , which is

5. Varied


nothing at of , which is

6. Royalty Free Music - HIP HOP RnB URBAN BEATS (unlimited commercial usage)

Royalty Free Music - HIP HOP RnB URBAN BEATS (unlimited commercial usage)

Modern beats, catchy synths, fat basslines and a varied atmosphere. Well-suited for urban topics, battle rap or dramatic themes. BROWSE THE CATEGORY:

nothing at of , which is

7. H4 Shed By Fire

H4   Shed  By  Fire

Emotional journey . I hope I've done these tracks justice here . In the series , a bit more Feisty as these evolve their own traits & feels . Vibe'n these tracks right now , though the finished sound could use some work . This is the End of Summer edition of my H series I started in early summer this year .

nothing at of , which is

8. Bhonstro - Beats For The Ill Mix

Bhonstro - Beats For The Ill Mix

First mix for beats for the i l l 2017 thanks to @Bhonstro Bhonstro out of Las Vegas USA is one of those souls whom was simply put, meant to create. With his varied tracks and ability to verbally influence through his raps Vernon is consistently making a difference musically and creatively. With tracks like “Dark City” that encourage head bops and deeper reflection to his track “Totoro bump” which some what creates a sense of internal bliss and dazed mediation Bhonstro has you covered. Honest truth is spoken by this individual through his creations and we hope he doesn’t stop producing as his sound is beneficial to all that hear, so reflect and learn with the Las Vegas native Bhonstro. Tracklist 1. bhonstro - Fake Love Ft Octavio Santos 2. bhonstro - time and time again 3. bhonstro - come close 4. bhonstro - trust issues ft erica leshai 5. bhonstro - minutes 6. bhonstro - turn of events 7. bhosntro - sambastro 8. swum - swishers ft bsdu 9. selfish - roni 10. dibia$e - Bounce (97) 11. aso - clair de lune

nothing at of , which is

9. Omar - Love In Beats [PJCD026]

Omar - Love In Beats [PJCD026]

2017 will see the release of Omar's long awaited 8th studio album, “Love In Beats”. Arguably his most eclectic and varied album to date, this will firmly cement Omar's enviable reputation as a truly unique and gifted artist. Recorded mostly in Omar's own Backayard Studios in South London with his brother (Grammy award winning The Scratch Professer), “Love In Beats” is a career defining album that beautifully demonstrates Omar's unique voice, along with his skills as a multi-instrumentalist and producer. More eclectic than previous albums, “Love In Beats” incorporates Soul, Caribbean rhythms, an undercurrent of Funk, touches of Zouk, a Jazzy Waltz and spoken word. It also features collaborations with U.S. Soul legend Leon Ware, Robert Glasper (Blue Note), U.S. rapper Ty, Guadeloupean singer Jean-Michele Rotin, U.K. soulstress Natasha Watts, The Floacist and the Cape Verdean born, Paris based singer Mayra Andrade “This is album is labour of love between myself and my brother… Powerful songs over mesmerising beats in the evolution - that is Omarmusic and Brothers sound, it is truly “Love in Beats” Omar Lyefook, MBE Stevie Wonder, Angie Stone, Syreeta Wright, Common, Estelle, Incognito Bluey Maunick, Erykah Badu, Carleen Anderson, Caron Wheeler, Leon Ware, India Arie, Lamont Dozier, Zed Bias, Pino Palladino, Roger Sanchez, Guru & Jazzmatazz, Maddslinky, Kele le Roc, Mario Biondi... All share one thing in common; they are all collaborators, fans and admirers of Omar, a British Soul Music pioneer.

nothing at of , which is

10. Laika Beats - Rolling The Dro

Laika Beats - Rolling The Dro

ROLLING THE DRO EP: This week MalLabel Music is blessed once again to bring you yet another boss ass bass EP as Denver, Colorado's, Laika Beats shows us a more colorful side of his creations with a club ready collection of Hip-Hop and 4/4 bass with more bounce by the ounce. From Punk Rock and Hardcore bands to London Dubstep and Glitch-Hop, Laika Beats has been on a wild lifetime ride through the heavy with a genre plethora of phat beat inspirations driving his progression through the Electronic Music scene. Inspired by a Gorillaz dub remix album which took it's name from the first earthling sent into space by Russia, Laika became a totem for his otherworldly sounds and space age production style as he developed a further connection with the first extra terrestrial earthling (that we know of) and beaming back the sounds of the unknown on the daily. His newest EP, Rolling The Dro, is a testament to the varied inspirations one can glean from exploring new places and navigating Communities within the Electronic Music scene. Specifically, the burner community and the warehouse after hours scene in Denver where house reigns supreme. Falling in love with the vibe, he has since taken to dropping all that space whomp over the four on the floor and chopping some vocals on top to kick that UK Bassline House sound into his own unique flavor. These dance floor bombs are meant to keep the flow all night long and give the kids in the back some jams to swing their toys to, and these vibes ride right through his personality spectrum in just the kind of way we love. Artwork by Jeegan Mastering by Chris Cox LAIKA BEATS @laika-beats MALLABEL @mallabelmusic

nothing at of , which is

11. Teebs - Cook, Clean, Pay The Rent (New House Version)

Teebs - Cook, Clean, Pay The Rent (New House Version)

Come peruse Collections 01, a menagerie of songs from Teebs on the Brainfeeder label. Like a cluster of exotic birds, anthology of short stories or secret case of sparkling gemstones, Collections 01 further explores the world expressed in Teebs' previous album Ardour from several new perspectives. While drawing from the universe of Ardour, Collections 01 is more varied with more samples, each song containing specific elements that give it a unique character. Featuring tracks with harpist Rebekah Raff and Brainfeeder cohort Austin Peralta, Collections 01 offers a range of sentiment, always elegantly displayed. From hypnotic, dust-covered beats and languid daydreams to cascading shuffles and bright bursts of color, this beautiful collection is a further glimpse into the world behind the mind's eye of Teebs, painter of sound. From Teebs: "With this record I'm trying to imagine a side project or group of mine that just so happened to make the same exact music as I'm making now. These records are neither EPs or full albums. Just mini collections of ideas...I hope to release them randomly through my life as if they were paintings in a drawn out series. The vibe I want people to be sent off with is a feeling of going out and buying some kind of rare library record they always wanted and not a "new album/EP." This will be the first Collections."

nothing at of , which is