Stand by for Titanfall Lyrics

By Bryan "BrySi" Simon
Take from Stand by for Titanfall Album

stand by (stand by) for titan fall (titan fall)
guns drawn and we're hopping off the walls
our enemies are overcome by our assault
and it's game over when our titans get involved

we're headed into battle, it's man versus machine
robotic exoskeletons equipped with human beings
some fight for the militia, some for the IMC
we're hoping to achieve some interplanetary peace

only a couple more minutes until my titan is ready
but I'm deadly with or without it, if you are not a friendly
you better run for cover, cause I'm coming, weaponry steady
and then it drops, ground shakes, yeah that titan is heavy

feel the power of my missiles, keep shooting me with your pistols
you double jump, all you want, guarantee that I will get you
roaming the map, I attack, every time I see RED
whether it's pilot or minion I will make sure they are dead

cause I'm a Titan. It's what I'm made for
Hammond created me to lead our team into war
you hear the clouds roar, you know it's coming
a titan fall, tell you team they better start - a running!

we're making moves you ain't never seen before
i can travel the entire map without touching the floor
jetpack on my back, hit the switch and then I'm gone
top of the roof and shoot until my fingers go numb

shields regenerating while I am calmly contemplating
calculating, concentrating, how I can be dominating
call me warren G cause you know that I'm regulating
aggravate the population causing chaos and complaining

is that a bird, is that a plane, what's the object in the sky
it's a pilot ejecting from his titan before he died
and speaking of titans it is time that I called in mine
Hop up on the back brah, I'll take you for a ride

stand by, it's titan fall. we shoot and they respawn
AI or human it don't matter they won't last long
we battle through the night, burning cards til they are gone
grab a keyboard or a controller and come along!