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1. 【Vulkain】 Tokyo Ghoul - 『Unravel』 歌ってみた 【Full French ver.】

【Vulkain】 Tokyo Ghoul - 『Unravel』 歌ってみた  【Full French ver.】

■ MP3:!QU810KZT!nCijbyI8mNe6xWmcSTURVCE7VjAvWfda49zjo1020Ew ■ Translyrics, vocals & mix: maybe me … who knows ; p ■ Song: Unravel ■ Composer & original lyrics: TK from Ling Tosite Sigure ----- FR: Okay … donc pour une fois je vais m’exprimer en Français un peu vu que je pense que l’occasion se présente. Tout d’abord je suis devenu un gros fan de Tokyo Ghoul depuis la sortie de l’anime en juillet et j’ai directement accroché à l’opening. Pour le coup, ça m’a pris beaucoup de temps de comprendre un peu comment le chanteur chantait cette chanson et je suis vraiment très loin de chanter comme lui mais … cette cover c’est beaucoup de “premières fois” pour moi [Onegai senpai, sois doux avec moi ///A///], autant dans le fait que c’est la première chanson que je traduis et chante en Français [d’ailleurs merci Poutou pour avoir check !], mais aussi la première fois que je cale un truc qui ressemble à peu près un screamo dans une de mes covers xD Pour finir, c’est la première fois que j’anime … partiellement ou complètement une vidéo ; p J’ai mis du temps à sortir cette cover car j’ai attendu la toute fin des épisodes [de la première saison du coup] et attendu de lire les mangas pour vraiment comprendre le personnage de Kaneki pour réécrire les paroles. Certes, certaines traductions sont pas exactement tirées des paroles japonaises, mais j’ai essayé d’en extraire le maximum du sens tout en écrivant ce que j’avais envie de chanter ! Sinon, il est vrai que j’avais pas upload de cover de tout l’été mais … les vacances sont passées par là, aussi le fait que ma voix ou mon humeur n’était pas spécialement au rendez-vous Toujours est-il que j’espère que vous apprécierez cette vidéo, et j’espère qu’on vous a pas trop soulé tout l’été avec cette chanson ;p ! A la prochaine !! ENG: Okay …. so for the first time, I expressed few words in French in one of my video descriptions, since … you know … it’s a french cover 8’D First, I’ve become a huge fan of Tokyo Ghoul since the anime started last July and I directely liked the opening. It actually took a lot of time for me to figure out how to sing this song and I tried to get close as possible from the original singer, but I think I definitely don’t sing like him hahaha 8’D ... but …. yeah, this cover is a lot of “first times” for me [Onegai senpai, be gentle with me ///A///], by the fact it is the first time I rewrite an entire song in French [and thank you Poucet for checking it !], but also the first time I put something that “kind of” sounds like a screamo in one of my covers xD Last but not least, this is the first time I animate an entire video [I used to try few things before, but only for playing] so …. a really BIG THANK YOU to Saint and Yoru for having been my teachers and for having given me tips for this first animation ! It definitely helped a lot !! I took time to upload this cover because I’ve been waiting for the end of the anime and reading the mangas to really understand the character of Kaneki for the lyrics. I admit that the translation is not /exactly/ the same as the original lyrics for some parts, but I tried to take the maximum amount of the original meaning while balancing with the words I wanted to sing ; p Also, it is true I haven’t uploaded any cover this last summer but … you know … vacations … sickness or mood were not really helping lately ... [but don’t worry I’m okay now hehe ;p] Before I forget, there is few people I really wanna thank for having been there lately, you guys will recognize I think, I was at least in call or irl with you during the last month and a half ; D But yeah ! I hope you guys will enjoy this video even if you’re not french speakers !! See you !!

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2. 【Vulkain】 『ドーナツホール| Donut Hole』 歌ってみた 【Vocal】

【Vulkain】 『ドーナツホール| Donut Hole』 歌ってみた 【Vocal】

■ MP3 : ■ MOVIE & MUSIC:ハチ (Hachi) ■ Guitar: ハチ (Hachi) ■ Bass: Yu Suto ( ■ Drum: Masaki Hori ( ■ REC&MIX: Yasuhisa Kataoka ■ Original Video : ■ HP → ■ twitter → ■マイリスト → mylist/12682175 ____________________ Hi !! EXAMS ARE OVER !!! YEAAAAAAHHHH !! Omg … okay so I’ve actually wanted to sing this song for a long time but … I was waiting for a little bit more free time to record it. Also it’s been a long time I haven’t uploaded a solo cover so … here it is ! This time I’m singing Donut Hole, composed by Hachi ! It’s talking about a frustrated unaccomplished love of a character (GUMI ?) that won’t see her love anymore and can’t remember his voice nor his name. The whole song talks about that feeling of an empty heart … as empty as a Donut Hole ! I know I missed the band wagon (don’t even remember when Hachi uploaded this song) and some people will just be “ew not this song again~” … well … Idk … enjoy anyway ? I’ve been really (like … really) inspired by Un:c’s cover of this song so you might hear some elements of his version in mine ; ) Eventually, enjoy the song ;D

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3. 【Anba × Vulkain】 Vocaloid - 『上弦の月 | Jougen no Tsuki』 歌ってみた 【Duet】

【Anba × Vulkain】 Vocaloid - 『上弦の月 | Jougen no Tsuki』 歌ってみた 【Duet】

原曲: 上弦の月(Crescent moon): ■作詞曲:作詞・曲:黒うさP( ■絵:一斗まる( ■動画:gram6design( mp3: Script: ____________________ Vocals: 梅酒タイム - Umeshu Time Anba |アンバ 【】 Vulkain 【】 Mix & Script: Vulkain GUYS,WE MADE IT TILL ROUND 3 (applause) !! For round 3 we got (stuckwith) the theme spring!! … (Squintseyesatjudges)… We ended up choosing a depressing song that most probably takes place in spring. (Sakura blooming, rainfall, literally mentioning spring, etc… ) "Jougen no tsuki" is a continuation of "Senbonzakura". Senbonzakura is basically about wartime and about the main character saying one should hold onto hope despite being executed. Jougen no tsuki ,we can assume,is about the person left behind. He loved the main character of Senbonzakura greatly and he laments about losing her, how it all seems like a dream and about all the what if's and regrets he has. "Then I'd embrace you in this never ending rain…". ____________________ V: This song is sad ,huh? (っ`;ω;´c) A: Yeahh (´・ω・`) V: (இдஇ`。)IT'S REALLY REALLY SAD SO F*CKING SAD ANBA IT'S SO SAD SAOijspa A: (╬゚д゚)Vuvu STFU

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4. 【Vulkain】 Mystic Messenger Op.『Mysterious Messenger』 【Full English ver.】

【Vulkain】 Mystic Messenger Op.『Mysterious Messenger』 【Full English ver.】

► MP3 download : ■ Music : DoubleTO ■ Lyrics: Cheritz ■ Original singer: Han ■ Opening theme from: Mystic Messenger ----------------------------------------­----------------------- ■ Vocals: Vulkain 【】 ■ Chat script: Anba 【】 ■ Lyrics rewriting: - Mochi 【】 - saint ♔ 【】 - Vulkain 【】 ■ Art & Character design: Eternal-S 【】 ■ Instrumental, Mix&Master, Video editing: Vulkain *Breaths from lack of sleep* YOWWW EVERYONE !! It has been a while since the last upload! (3 months actually) Those last 3 months have been sort of a new experience for me since I’m currently full time working as an intern and have wayyy less time to work on my projects than last year (which explains how slow I’ve been working on that one haha). I guess /some/ people here know Mystic Messenger? For those who don’t, Mystic Messenger is a Korean phone otome game that was released last August! The concept of the game is basically a messaging app simulator where you get to chat with the game characters and eventually get into a romance with one of them (well … otome game). I’ve only tried it a bit just to understand my friends who were playing it and I have to admit the chat simulation is impressively realistic! But what cought my attention was the game songs and expecially … THE OPENING SONG … the one I just sang , since I’m a huge fan of funky/jazzy music !!! This time again Eternal-S (#707trash #MysticMessengerTrash) joined me on this project on the art section (YT video) and Mochi and Saint helped me rewriting the English lyrics (since the original ones kind of sounded weird to us…), and Anba literally wrote the entire script of the chat with all the characters ! BIG THANKS TO THEM !!!! I send them all my gratitude ;’) The audio part of the video was made and recorded in one week … the rest took pretty much the 3 remaining months since I started working in September and have only had 4 hours a day to work on projects. I have to admit my mood has gone up and down a lot lately because of that, but I sort of work through it. Meanwhile, I put all my heart in this project and I hope everyone will enjoy it! See you ! PS: Today sounds quite like a terrible day for USA and the world in general but hopefuly this video will bring you some joy

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5. 【Vulkain】Vocaloid - 「サリシノハラ」 Sarishinohara | Distant Field 【Male Vocal】

【Vulkain】Vocaloid - 「サリシノハラ」 Sarishinohara | Distant Field 【Male Vocal】

原曲: Sarishinohara | Distant Field サリシノハラ 歌手: Hatsune Miku 初音ミク 作曲: MikitoP みきとP Off vocal (-3): MP3 : Hey people ! It's been 2 weeks since I posted my L's Theme collab with ReDanh and here's another cover for you! A vocal one this time ;D So this one is another MikitoP song (the previous one I covered was Sayoko) called Sarishinohara sung by the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, it's a reference to Sashihara Rino's (an ex-AKB48) story. Rather sad song (once again ..) that I love because of the rythme, arrangement ... well MikitoP ;D Moreover, I've sung this song -3 keys from the original one and ... well, enjoy the song, please comment and have fun ! PS: I dedicate this song to the fat guy that advised me for the mix, to every single people that gave me some comments and advises for singing, to the guy that spoiled the surprise effect of my video (8D), to the girl that had her B-day yesterday (;D) (a bit late but I don't care), to the Patate Patate clock, to the girl that wanna steal my microphone and to the NanaMizuki/96Neko/Pikachu girl ;)

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6. 【Anba × Vulkain】 『 ワンパンマン | One Punch-Man 』 歌ってみた 【Duet】

【Anba × Vulkain】 『 ワンパンマン | One Punch-Man 』 歌ってみた 【Duet】

■ MP3 : ■ ONE PUNCH-MAN Comics: ■ music&movie: Team Shindehai (original video ■ VoxMakers Channel: ■ かにぱん。歌唱ver. ( __________ ■ Vocals: Anba: Vulkain: on this actual channel ■ VA: Anba ■ Mix: Vulkain __________ Hey !! It's actually been a long time since I've sung a duet with Anba (since the end of the KCE) so... here !! Umeshu Time is back ! Hahaha okay so ... this song was composed by Shindehai and his team from the VoxMakers channel on YT. It's actually a challenge that Shindehai accepted to create a song for an anime that doesn't exist yet, in his weekly YT series called Tai Reflections. Here he chose the manga One Punch-Man (that is not edited in Europe yet) The channel's concept is to compose songs based on the requests he receives from his viewers! You guys should definitely take a look at his works if you haven't yet. So for that song we ... decided to bring back the Vulchoirs Shingeki-like hehehe .. he ... he ..... sorry orz. Oh btw we pitched the original instrumental up a half key ! __________ (人´∀`) A: Shindehai is awesome! I want to meet him (*´∀`*) V: Yeah... (人´∀`) A: And hold his hand (*´∀`*) V: I know right! (人´∀`) A: Touch his hair! (*´∀`*) V: Anba, it's time to shut up. (人´∀` )(*´∀`*) : We love your stuff Shindehai!! Keep it up!!!

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7. 【RSFVolcano】 Love Live! - 『Snow Halation』 【Male Quartet】

【RSFVolcano】 Love Live! - 『Snow Halation』 【Male Quartet】

► MP3 download : ■ Song: Snow Halation ■ From: μ's (Muse) - Love Live! School Idol Project ■ Composer: Yamada Takahiro ■ Lyrics: Hata Aki ----------------------------------------­----------------------- ■ Arrangement, Mix & Master: Vulkain 【 】 ■ Vocals: - Fome 【 】 - Howl 【 】 - SquaDus 【 】 - Vulkain 【 】 ■ "Uncensored but censored" video Heeeeyyy ! It has been a hella long time since the last upload !! I’ve been super busy with uni during this first semester (or more like I wanted to dedicate the maximum amount of time to my studies), which explains my lack of upload since June … it doesn’t mean I’m inactive though! Been working on plenty of projects lately, and they’re taking me quite some time but … hey … soon ; ) Anyway ! I’m glad to present you Fome, Howl and SquaDus (who I sang a duet with previously!). They’re really awesome singers who got to sing together 3 times as a Trio (called “RawSquidFoam”, respectively for HowlSquadusFome … which explains why us 4 are “RawSquidFoamVolcano” ... got it ? :D). This is a project we started organizing a year ago and aimed for this year end ! We wanted to be lolies ... for once … Last but not least, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 EVERYONE !! I hope this year will be a better one for each of us !

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8. 【Vulkain】One Piece - 「ウィーゴー!」 We Go ! fullで歌うヨ【Vocal】

【Vulkain】One  Piece - 「ウィーゴー!」 We  Go  !  fullで歌うヨ【Vocal】

原曲: We Go ! ウィーゴー! 歌手: Hiroshi Kitadani きただに ひろし から: One Piece ワンピース MP3: Hey hey hey !! Hi people! I hope you’re all doing great! I’ve had some free time last days so … once again, I’m back with another vocal cover ;) This one isn’t a Vocaloid either (neither was the previous one … but anyway) but Hiroshi Kitadani’s song We Go! From the anime One Piece that I really love! Well actually I haven’t watched the anime that much but the few episodes I used to see were awesome ;) About the song, that’s the second Hiroshi Kitadani’s song for One Piece and the second one I’ve loved. An energic song that I surely don’t sing as good as Hiroshi but … well I hope you’ll like it though ;)

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9. 【Vulkain】 Vocaloid - 「小夜子」 Sayoko 歌ってみた 【Male Vocal】

【Vulkain】 Vocaloid - 「小夜子」 Sayoko 歌ってみた 【Male Vocal】

原曲: Sayoko 小夜子 歌手: Hatsune Miku 初音ミク 作曲: みきとP mp3: Hi hi everybody ! After a little month of training and training again, I've finally decided to post a new cover for you ! This time, this is a vocal cover, my first one so I'm aware this isn't perfect (because originally I'm not very used to record my voice ;p) Anyway, this song is called Sayoko, sung by the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku and that's rather a sad song that I really like because of the arrangement. I had to decrease the original key to 2 half tones though. I hope you'll enjoy it, I really tried to do my best ;)

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10. 【Vulkain】 『ヨンジュウナナ| Yonjuunana』 歌ってみた 【Vocal】

【Vulkain】 『ヨンジュウナナ| Yonjuunana』 歌ってみた 【Vocal】

■ MP3: ■ music&words みきとP(mylist/19099704)Twitter @mikito_p_ ■ engineer まゆげい ■ りぶ歌唱ver.(sm22626672) ■ 愛島工房情報 __________ Hi everyone! A new cover again! I just noticed that I’ve been singing a lot lately but … aaah I couldn’t resist, I’ve really liked this song since the first time I heard it (like … 4 days ago). To be honest I actually cried the first time I heard it … but well well .. This song is called Yonjuunana, composed by MikitoP. This is the sequel of Sarishinohara by the same composer. The title means Forty-Seven that apparently is something related to an AKB unit or I’m not too sure. This time, it’s the girl’s point of view where she regrets to have become an idol and wants to come back to Sarishinohara’s guy’s side. I really love Rib’s version, since it’s just an explosion of emotion and he has that special thing, that inspired me a lot (I think it’s noticeable by the way I sang it). * I feel like lots of other people will cover this song soon haha * I did my best to record it and I hope you’ll enjoy this cover ;)

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11. 【Vulkain】 JIN - Kagerou Project 『NEVER LOST WORDS | 失想ワアド』 【Vocal】

【Vulkain】 JIN - Kagerou Project 『NEVER LOST WORDS | 失想ワアド』 【Vocal】

*THIS IS A FAN COVER, I DID NOT COMPOSE THIS SONG AND DO NOT HAVE ANY WILL OF MAKING PROFITS FROM IT * ► MP3 download : Original video: ■ Youtube: ■ NicoDouga: 作詞/作曲/編曲/Guitar:JIN (じん) Movie:SIDU (しづ ) Guitar:Gushimiyagi Hideyuki (グシミヤギ ヒデユキ) Bass:Shirakami Mashirou (白神真志朗 ) Drum:Yuu Mao (ゆーまお) Strings:Shika Udai Strings (四家卯大ストリングス) Violin :Oki Sachiko/Ise Mikiko/Shimokawa Miho (沖祥子/伊勢三木子/下川美帆) Viola :Miki Shouko (三木章子) VOCALOID Edit:Jin/Sakana (じん/さかな) Strings Arrange:Jin/Shika Udai (じん/四家卯大) Recording Engineer:Nagie --------------------------------------------------------------- ■ Vocals, Mix&Master : Vulkain 【 】 Hi everyone !! Happy New Year !! I hope you guys had a great one and I wish you all the best for 2018 ! Hopefuly you’ll guys will spend plenty of times with the people you care about, succeed in what you plan to do and most importantly, stay in good physical and mental health! I was in the middle of days switching between reviewing lessons for my exams next week and trying to work on some songs for the album then I ended up spending way more time that I planned on working for exams (which makes sense)… then this song came up. I’d first like to thank and say “bless JinP and Sidu” for this new song and video, I loved it the first time I heard/watched it. I thought I could afford some extra time to cover it since I missed singing a lot too! This is a song called 失想ワアド (Shissou Words), meaning Never Lost Words. It’s first single off of Mekakucity Reload that was announced on August 15, 2017. The song tells "A story of one who can't speak well" and her struggles through a youth of timidity. Turns out this girl is Kido Tsubomi and the song depics how she met Kano, the first person she managed to share words with. I can feel Jin’s been working on quite some stuff since the previous Kagerou Project songs (that were from … 4 years ago ?). The arrangement level has increased so much and the fact that real instrumentalists recorded for the song makes such a big difference ! You can definitely hear Jin composed it, especially since the chord progression is pretty much the same as Kisaragi Attention ! (I actually hesitated singing some adlibs singing Kisagari Attention in the middle but I felt it would’ve been too much and preferred keeping it as it is !) That was a nice way to work back on background vocals arrangement. I hadn’t done it for a long time so … overall this song felt really great to sing !! … I’d be very excited to hear Rib or Itoukashitarou sing it actually. Their singing style would work so well on it ! But anyways, now I have to go back on working for exams ! Some news for the weeks to come: Exams, then I’ll start a 6 months internship while working on song composition ! Wish me luck, I’ll probably rant about my lack of sleep very soon 8’)))

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12. 【Vulkain】 Cowboy Bebop - 『The Real Folk Blues』 歌ってみた 【Full cover】

【Vulkain】 Cowboy Bebop - 『The Real Folk Blues』 歌ってみた 【Full cover】

■ MP3 : + BONUS: Acoustic ver. ■ Music : Yoko Kanno |菅野よう子 ■ Lyrics : Yuho Iwasato |岩里祐穂 ■ Original singer : Mai Yamane |山根麻衣 ■ Arrange, Vocals, Mix, Video : Vulkain ----- Hey people !! Damn !! Time always runs so fast !! Already a month and a half since Akaito ! Well, this time I’m back with some full arrange cover (which means I did everything from scratch) of a song I’ve always wanted to sing and always loved called The Real Folk Blues. It is the ending theme song from the 90’s anime Cowboy Bebop, composed by Yoko Kanno and originally sung by Mai Yamane. To be honest Yoko Kanno is a goddess … and Yamane’s voice is like so specific and so uncommon … idk, that’s like a f*cking good combo to me ! I’ve known the anime of Cowboy Bebop since … the start I think but never got the chance to watch it until yesterday, even if I kind of know the overall plot and was really moved by the soundtrack ! For this video I’d like to thank HatTrax, Sumashu, Ateotu, Miyabi, Macaron, SquaDus and Ashley who were kind enough to give me feedbacks on the audio Thank you very much to you all, you guys are the best !

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13. 【SquaDus × Vulkain】 『月光潤色ガール| Gekkou Junshoku Girl 』 歌ってみた 【Duet】

【SquaDus × Vulkain】 『月光潤色ガール| Gekkou Junshoku Girl 』 歌ってみた 【Duet】

■ MP3 : ■ Music composer and Lyrics:Rerulili (れるりり) mylist/16274546 @rerulili ■ Mastering:KagomeP (かごめP) mylist/13631314 @kagome_p __________ ■ Vocals : SquaDus: & Vulkain : on this actual channel ■ Mix: Vulkain __________ Vulkain : Heeeeeey everyone !! Long time no see (actually a month so … yeah), I had exams during early January soi t was kind of difficult about music but … yeah ! Finally some fresh video for you ! This time, it’s a duet I sang with SquaDus, who is a singer I really respect and good friend ! Definitely check his YT and Nico channels ! We both were in A LATTE TROUBLE for SCB2014 so we had the chance to work a bit together (on harmonies holy sh-) before but not to sing any duet so … I found this song and since it’s a funky song I was like "dude, wanna sing this ? it sounds like 80’s music". Anyways, this song was composed by Rerulili and uploaded on nico in early december and it talks about some deep things … about the moon that represents the memories of past lives and how in a 100 years, while their world ends, only the moonlight will remain. That’s a song I really enjoyed singing with Squ and I hope you guys will like it !! #HarmoniesEverywhere SquaDus : "When two people who love harmonies come together for a duet - you can feel the magic in the air! Join us in our journey to figure out why we sound so similar in the chorus parts O_o"

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14. 【Shannon × Vulkain】 『月光シンフォニア | Gekkou Symphonia』 【Duet】

【Shannon × Vulkain】 『月光シンフォニア | Gekkou Symphonia』 【Duet】

► MP3 download : *THIS IS A FAN COVER, I DID NOT COMPOSE THIS SONG AND DO NOT HAVE ANY WILL OF MAKING PROFITS FROM IT * ■ Music : Yoko Kanno |菅野よう子 ■ Lyrics: Gabriela Robin ■ Original singers: AKINO & AIKI from Bless4 ■ Ending theme from: Aquarion Evol ■ From the CD : Kimi no Shinwa / Aquarion Dai 2 Sho ----------------------------------------­----------------------- ■ Vocals: - Shannon 【 】 - Vulkain 【 】 ■ Instrumental, Mix&Master: Vulkain *Drinks water* HIIII EVERYONE!! I hope you’re all doing great!! It has [once again] been an eternity! I’m always balancing my time between university and videos and I have to admit I tried not f*cking up with uni this year, which explains the very slow release frequency I’ve had recently. We’re April 2nd and this duet project has started approximatively a year ago. I first heard this song on SoundCloud actually, it was covered by 2 chinese singers [I only remember the guy’s name “EX纸箱君] I was outstanded by their performance which made me wanna sing Gekkou Symphonia ! So I found it would be a great opportunity to ask Shannon [LemonTeaBloops … who I’m quite a fan of ;p] if she could sing this song with me! One of the biggest reasons why this duet took so much time to make was … my intention to reproduce the entire instrumental + add an intro to it … and …. To make … an … actual original PV … yeah orz … BUT HERE IT IS!! Thanks to my partner in crime [and beloved artist] Eternal-S we DID IT [in 4 months for the instrumental, 1 week for the mix and 5 months for the video that is on YT …]

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15. 【Vulkain】 『マカロン | MACARON』 【Arrange Cover】

【Vulkain】 『マカロン | MACARON』 【Arrange Cover】

■ MP3: +Bonus: A capella: ■ Song: MACARON ■ Composer & original lyrics: ATOLS | ■ Bass: HatTrax | ■ Instrumental Arrangement, Vocals, Mix&Master : Vulkain (on this actual channel !) _____ Hey there ! I'm happy to present you this arrangement or the song MACARON composed by ATOLS ! It's an old Vocaloid song ... but I honestly feel it never gets old. I had the idea to make an arrangement after Sumashu&Poucet and Chase covered it (and I inspired a lot from their versions). I wanted to add that little touch of creep with the piano and strings, to bring a kind of music I don't find that much in recent Vocaloid songs, I hope you guys will appreciate it !! Obviously some Metal part because ... I like to headbang so ... yeah ... I hope you guys will enjoy this arrangement and have (or had ) a nice Halloween !! See yah !! o/

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16. 【Vulkain】 『アンデッドエネミー| Undead Enemy』 歌ってみた 【Vocal】

【Vulkain】 『アンデッドエネミー| Undead Enemy』 歌ってみた 【Vocal】

☻ MP3 : or!hY1gzCgY!6T92hGWJ_YAned4XRA2qG0XYVvFnkXieFLmnqUl_Z2o ☻ Song: Undead Enemy ☻ Original video : ☻ Original singer : Vocaloid - Kagamine Rin ☻ Composer&Arrange&Poo ギガ (GigaP)→ (mylist/7894586) twitter→ GigaMozuku ☻ Composer&Lyrics&Arrange スズム (Suzumu) → (mylist/37005896) twitter→ suzumun ---------- Do-do-do-do-DOOOO !! Hi everyone ! Already December ! Shit, time is running so fast !! And … « Winter is coming » … But it already looks like it is Winter over here ! I swear it’s so cold !! Anyway !! This song was composed by GigaP and Suzumu (quite a good combo to me) and it is called Undead Enemy and I think it’s about a school boy who metaphorically wears a clown mask, showing everyone he is a nice and smiling person, hiding at the same time his hatred for everything around him. The PV seems to show the surrounding people are all students « from the same factory » in a monotonous world…. Something like that. Well … I actually recorded my first lines for this in June, few days after the song was out but … for some reasons my voice didn’t wanna cooperate afterward, so I had to wait until the last week to resing few lines and … yeah that was f*cking high. It’s probably the highest song I’ve ever sung HAHAHAA (at least in chest voice #NoBallsAnymore). This is the second time I’ve been mixing over a Giga song, that one was quite tricky because of how huge the instrumental was. I tried to make this song more hyperactive than it already was so … I hope you’ll like it ! ENJOY and see you soon !! PS: I wanted to sing TwitchPlaysPokemon's song over the chorus part since they're the same chords but it would have been too much 8'(

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17. 【Vulkain】 『アカイト| Akaito 』 歌ってみた 【Vocal】

【Vulkain】 『アカイト| Akaito 』 歌ってみた 【Vocal】

■ MP3 : ■ song: アカイト| Akaito | Red Thread ■ music&lyrics みきとP (MikitoP)(mylist/19099704)Twitter @mikito_p_ ■ movie&illust CHRIS (mylist/15037766) ■ Drums ショボン @Shobon_mint ■ VocaloVer. mix&mastering 友達募集P(mylist/22904031)@tomobop DUH HELLO Everyone !! Already a month since Squ and I sang our duet LAHKA SAM BOO DEE!! Time’s running way to fast wow … Okay so … I was supposed to sing another song as a solo cover, I was ready to record, in the right mood and everything …. And suddenly … MikitoP and Rib release this song on Nico and I’m " ….oh … my GOOOOOOOOOD !! ", heavily and quickly breathing as if my heart was about to stop at the moment. So yeah, wasn’t sure if MikitoP was planning on making a sequel for Sarishinohara and Yonjuunana but he did last week ! The song is called Akaito which means Red Thread. I suppose it has something to do with the red threads that link the male character of the story to his love. One more time, the son gis pretty sad, it is talking about distance, loneliness, love, all those things … but it sounds so beautiful to me at the same time … weird. Same as Yonjuunana, some parts of this song were so moving they made me cry … 8’( I tried to convey a bit more feels in this cover than the other ones, so … I hope you guys will enjoy it !

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18. 【Vulkain feat. TBK】 Game of Thrones - 『Stark Theme』 【A Capella】

【Vulkain feat. TBK】 Game of Thrones - 『Stark Theme』 【A Capella】

► MP3 download: ■ Song : Stark Theme ■ Music : Ramin Djawadi ■ From : Game of Thrones 【】 --------- ■ Vocals : - TBK (TheBakaKitsune) on the main melody 【 】 - Vulkain … all the rest … 【 】 ■ Mix&Master: Vulkain 【 】 Yooooow !! Hope you’re all doing good !! Exams are finally done (well … I still have hella lot of things to do but I’m kind of surviving … \o/). I don’t know if some of you watch the Game of Thrones show but I’ve been watching this from the beginning and every year is kind of the emotional elevator for me when the new season is out, this is literally one of the best things I happen to watch every Monday in the morning from around April to June !! With the recent episodes I felt it was a good opportunity to sing something linked to the show and especially about the Stark family (not gonna spoil but yeah … finally some interesting things going on their side … good … or bad) so I tried making a Gregorian a capella cover of their Theme. This time, if you guys don’t know her, let me introduce TBK to you, she’s a fellow French singer I’ve known for few years and been working with for a year (for the NTNT live project). I asked her to sing the main melody to balance the low tone and rasp of my voice from the Gregorian choirs, since she has a soft and lyrical yet powerful voice which I felt would be a nice combination! I can thank her a lot since I made her record her lines millions of times to get the clearest sound as possible and to avoid having too much room reverb in her tracks … 8’) It’s a short video this time, but I felt I needed to calm the hell down since I’ve only been uploading either full instrumental arrangements or original PV’s lately (which require a lot of work and time). Hope you’ll enjoy that small piece though … until tonight’s episode ;p PS: Please don’t be stupid and DON'T SPOIL in the comments. I’m really serious about that. PS2: He f*cking held it. PS3: Valar Morghulis

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19. 【Vulkain】 Attack on Titan S2 OP 『Shinzou wo Sasageyo | 心臓を捧げよ』 【Arrange & Vocal】

【Vulkain】 Attack on Titan S2 OP 『Shinzou wo Sasageyo | 心臓を捧げよ』 【Arrange & Vocal】

*REPRINT OR REUPLOAD ARE NOT PERMITTED* *THIS IS A FAN COVER, I DID NOT COMPOSE THIS SONG AND DO NOT HAVE ANY WILL OF MAKING PROFITS FROM IT * ► MP3 download: ■ Music/Arrangement/Lyrics : Revo ■ Original singers: Revo ■ Opening theme from: Attack on Titan s2 | 進撃の巨人 s2 ---------- ■ Instrumentation/Vocals/Choirs/Mix&Master: Vulkain 【 】 Hey everyone ! I hope you’re all having a great day ! The sun’s currently hitting pretty hard in France and I’m melting at this very moment. Besides that, Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) season 2 has been out for about a month and a half and it’s still lit af. It's kind of frustrating to know there's only gonna be 12 episodes after all this time. I first hesitated on singing this opening since I was rather done with the fact that Revo was using the same ‘magic’ formula for this opening as well. The song has a closer vibe to Guren no Yumiya (op1) than Jiyuu no Tsubasa (op2) because of the way the verse is built (the repetition of 1st and 5ths on the bass, strings and wind lines) … but hey … that’s what we like about Revo and it somehow went stuck in my head after a while … which led me to sing the song (also because I’m such a background vocals/choir trash that I couldn’t let the opportunity to sing this song go). Arranging the instrumental was quite tricky due to the ton of instruments involved but it made me learn quite a lot about orchestral instrumentation and the use of this or that instrument. I hope you guys will enjoy this video. See you !

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