Hazard Cinema Black Ops Community Montage by TheModernWish

LIKE/FAVOURITE the sh*t out of this for our hard effort over the past few months. Really hope you enjoy this fantasic video and the 4th and final Community Montage in this series of 4 we have organised. We will be doing more when new games are out, ie. MW3!


CoD4 Community Montage:
WaW Community Montage:
MW2 Community Montage:

Feint - New Beginnings (VIP)
Feint - Lift
Feint - That Makes One

New intro made by SolidWorkAttack:
Download it here:

Enjoy the 4th of our 4 HazardCinema Community Montages to come; we are uploading the Community Montages in order of which they came in the Call of Duty series, COD4, WaW, MW2 and then finally we end with Black Ops.
We have placed months of work and effort into these videos and we would seriously appreciate it if you could show your appreciation for this spectacular montage. After losing 300,000 subscribers and having to start a new channel here we are looking to help grow back with this montage so please help us.

The editor of the fantastic series, 'Scalper' has yet again blown us away with this fantastic edit, highlighting the brilliant talent you guys have displayed in your clips. After months of organising, coming up with ideas and editing, here it is. I really hope you enjoy what I have done here! Tom and Sero have been amazing for me! Hope you enjoy this! Please leave me some feedback!


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-Tom, Ben and Sero

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