Vicky & Johnny ep21 Punch Machine

A group of young boy and girl spring dolls live together as a community in "Spring town"; Johnny
and Vicky who love boxing, Rich the wealthy, Micky the baseball player, hip-hop girl Cory, Luka
the mime artist, Uba the amazing soccer player, fox-naif filled Sugar, and the naughty puppy Poco
are all very close friends. The extraordinary Rolly-Polly, the only adult in town, is capable of doing
anything, and he supervises all the activities in town.
The spring doll boys and girls live in the Spring Gymnasium. Every day is full of joy and surprises,
and no one knows what to expect next. Sometimes at school, sometimes in the park, and
sometimes in the gymnasium, or even on the beach, the little spring dolls lead eventful lives.
They cannot say a word or make facial expressions, but the spring dolls can surely communicate
with mere movements in eyebrows as well as with various gestures. Though not outspokenly, Vicky,
Johnny and their friends tell the stories of their every day adventures with more excitement than one
can imagine. And you will be surprised to see how much in common you have with Johny, Vicky and
their friends.

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