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1. Welcome to Red Hook Houses Lyrics

Welcome to Red Hook Houses Lyrics

(Bazz talking) Come around my way (Welcome to Red Hook Houses) Come around my way (The home of Klein and Saye) Come take a ride with me (Matty Rich) Come get high with me (T.H.U.G. Angelz) An

2. Welcome to the Future, Parts 1 & 2 Lyrics

Welcome to the Future, Parts 1 & 2 Lyrics

Welcome to century 21 Take a look and see how far we've come Don't everybody got a bomb? Shoulda know it wouldn't be long 'Til suicide came from the sky Out of the blue the lightning strikes Straight

3. Welcome to America Lyrics

Welcome to America Lyrics

Back to the mothafuckin' whiteboard Time for a change, open the psych wards Never played the organ, but i'll strike chords When i tell the vatican to hand over the child porn (hahaha) In the pews, wha

4. Welcome to My Funeral Lyrics

Welcome to My Funeral Lyrics

{] Welcome to my funeral, please pray for me today I am not among the living, they sent me away I was not a good man but I sure did try to be When you're doin' whatcha do now, please remeber me Welco

5. Astronaut Pussy - Welcome to California Lyrics

Astronaut Pussy - Welcome to California Lyrics

[Hook] Too high, can’t come down Losing my head, spinning round and round Round and round Round and round [Verse 1: Game] Back to the hoes Ridin' down 7-4th and Hoover with my nigga ScHoolb

6. South Brooklyn (The Anthem) Lyrics

South Brooklyn (The Anthem) Lyrics

[Intro: Shabazz the Disciple] Raziel, Seraphim, wings up T.H.U.G. Angelz, Red Hook Projects Fuck out the way, man [Chorus: Shabazz the Disciple] Here come the R-E, D-H, Double O, K And you know we, g

7. Cab Ride (Opening) Lyrics

Cab Ride (Opening) Lyrics

(Cab driver) Shabazz {Razah} (Where do you go to my friend? Where you go to?) I'm saying, we trying to go to Red Hook - Um (Oh no too dangerous, get the f**k out, get the f**k out) C'mon man

8. To Be King Lyrics

To Be King Lyrics

[Killah Priest:] Alien abduction, crack pipe seduction His weed lip proceed to see shit for tellin' what's coming Malachi York talk, see Pale horses runnin' Gray clouds gather over slave, child, and m

9. Red King Lyrics

Red King Lyrics


10. Thug Passion Lyrics

Thug Passion Lyrics

I got money, and hoes, money and hoes Scub by the gallon, loud by the o’s Birds by the flock, but they don’t do no flying They just come for pitchin, y’all remember noland ryan Wheels on dub

11. The Visit Lyrics

The Visit Lyrics

Ft: 7th Ambassador (Sample from Prison Break) "Lincoln: How are you doing with the animals in here? Michael: Actually, it's starting to feel like home." (Razah talking) To all of them brother

12. Under the Wing Lyrics

Under the Wing Lyrics

[Hell Razah] She got Manolo toes with coke on her nose You know them high class hoes, the Marilyn Monroe's I spit 'Da Vinci Code' the dead street scroll Niggas starting with beef leaving in peace

13. Confessions of a T.H.U.G. Angel (Closing) Lyrics

Confessions of a T.H.U.G. Angel (Closing) Lyrics

(Intro) Razah So, I hope y'all enjoyed y'all selves 'Cause this is just the prequel YouknowwhatI'msaying? Me and Bazz ain't finished wit y'all yet We just started, y

14. Audiobiography (Remix) Lyrics

Audiobiography (Remix) Lyrics

[Intro: Hell Razah] Audiobiography Living stories Faced upon real street stories of the Renaissance Child Hip-Hop saga, it's what you get man [Hell Razah] It all started with Preme Back in '

15. Waging War (feat. Rite Hook) Lyrics

Waging War (feat. Rite Hook) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Ill Bill] Supreme magnetic Green grab get it Skimask ? Chief athletic UZI blow, Superbowl The game's to be sold [?] Blood in my veins is trained to be cold '86 Gucci, the chain'll be

16. Before coming weekend (Feat. Red Rock) Lyrics

Before coming weekend (Feat. Red Rock) Lyrics

Intro Shout Red Roc Verse 1 A nega jochiman sasireun nae mam galdaeya ajigeun geureon nae maeum humchineun namjadeuri nal umjigilji molla B geuraedo gidaryeobolge jumari og

17. American Psycho Lyrics

American Psycho Lyrics

Back on my shit two bad bitches want a real nigga what's that? what up? shake down Psycho society, yeah Hook: Uh, all my dogs be loud whole team running, knocking ready to die, American

18. Apt. 7G (Blacksmiths) Lyrics

Apt. 7G (Blacksmiths) Lyrics

(Razah talking) Rubiez, Renaissance, The Blacksmith Established 1976, Heaven Razah (Chorus) Razah My revolutionaries dance wit a gun inside slums Same jungles that the Panthers was from Independent l

19. 144,000 Lyrics

144,000 Lyrics

The 144,000 T.H.U.G. Angelz ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!!!!!!!! [Hell Razah] Read the manuscript, you can any chance you get I don't rock no cross, I rock an amulet I stand in the midst of seven c

20. Cab Ride (Opening) Lyrics

Cab Ride (Opening) Lyrics

Itsuka hikari ni mukau hakasama no chou Kimi to kami o kiru kagami no naka Jigochu no nouka hibiku ashioto Taezu ame no oto ga tsuitekuru yo Kanjiru mama no katachi wa mabushii Amai hana ni naru doku