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13. ShH 173 Jacobs Well

ShH 173 Jacobs Well

We had a wonderful weekend at the Lehigh Valley All-Day Shenandoah Singing! Not surprisingly, a lot of the Christmas songs in our book—in fact, almost all of them—were sung at some point during the weekend. I’ve put together a Christmas playlist, “In Bethlehem City.” Enjoy! You are welcome to download and burn CDs for yourself and others. These tracks are a combination of the large group singing on Saturday and the brunch singing at Dan’s farm on Sunday. Due to travel plans and the snow and ice storm that struck Sunday afternoon, our numbers dwindled down to five singers by the end of the day. I’ve added a few Christmas songs from previous singings, plus a solo recording of Tollie Lee from his NSV workshop earlier in the year. There’s also a special treat—the first ever recording of James P. Carrell’s CHRISTMAS ANTHEM from Songs of Zion, which I discovered earlier this year. We’d like to thank all the singers who participated in these singings and the folks who organized the weekend and kept us all warm, happy, and well fed. We’d also like to remember all our friends who were with us in spirit only. We miss you.

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15. Arthur & Medic ft Veela - Broken House [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Arthur & Medic ft Veela - Broken House [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Lyrics: Did you really love her When you touched her Then you ran? Remember when you fought her, Your own daughter, Against a man? Well, guess what, she didn't make it Locked up, yet tough, forever naked. It was too much, for her mind And as her lover You are a monster to me Might be no other Who knows the things that she's seen It's hard to trust her When she don't trust me, or Anybody In your broken house You taught her to lie And and covered her mouth When she started to cry "Shh, don't be too loud Or the others will soon find out About.." I remember when she told me What was worse than assault Was your manipulation To, make it feel like her fault And she was just a baby Making angels in the sand Prone to your infection Your dissection Your filthy hands Well, guess what, she didn't make it I did all I could 'cause she was sacred To one of us But not herself Flower of chaos Decaying piece by piece Quiet and soft Until she falls asleep Facial blood loss Reliving in her dreams her Sharp memories In your broken house You taught her to lie And and covered her mouth When she started to cry "Shh, don't be too loud Or the others will soon find out About.." Your secret life Your parties for two Your paternal rights Shocked and abused And horror film nights Someone please find out Someone please find out. Bend over, shut your mouth. Or get out of my house. Your broken house You're lucky you ran off Or over her grave I would have sought you out And I'd have played out What you did to her How does it feel now? In your secret life She told me what you would do I hope it's what you like Because I brought my tools It'll be a long night I won't stop 'til you pass out Look who's crying now. Tell me Is it all over To be here without you What do I do Tell me.

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16. Friend, Leader.

  • Published: 2013-10-17T02:53:45Z
  • By Hamsters
Friend, Leader.

**DOWNLOAD LIMIT REACHED. ALTERNATE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE AT MUZIBOO.** A Karkat Vantas Fansong, long awaited. It's basically about Karkat's perspective on Gamzee, Terezi and recent happenings in homestuck canon. Slightly spoiler. ~ LYRICS ~ There will be no soft sounds this time no arms, not mine at least should've expect this, I guess, no “shh” can sooth your beast and it was my problem once, that violence inside your eyes bright red and high with death and pie, and rage that never dies and I used to blame myself, then I blamed everybody else, but never you cause you were just a messed up kid, who'd step in it, get scared and sit, and pray for goats and gods who would know what to forbid and when you would reach out, well I'd run my big mean mouth and make it worse And maybe I deserve that hurt, destruction of my universe, so if you've gotta beat somebody up don't make it her. I'm sorry, I messed up, I'm not a leader anymore. I'm sorry, I messed up, I'm not a leader. Not a leader. Not a leader, friend. No more attempts to make you see, I tried, he succeeded, oh well but what I can say to a girl who'd play with a noose of excuses until her big wicked grin disappears in the smoke, and crack goes the rope pulled true I know enough about doubt, and hating myself, to tell that you now know it too and I used to blame myself, then I blamed everybody else, including you but you were perfect as you were all angled out, a blinding blur so bright and beautiful, and clever, yeah for sure But when you would reach out, well I'd run my big mean mouth and make a mess And now it's my turn to confess I wasn't there, I didn't guess that you were slipping, 'till you tripped right off the edge I'm sorry, I messed up, I'm not a leader anymore I'm sorry, I messed up, I'm not a leader,not a leader, not a leader... Said a thousands words but they never helped I hid my scars from you out of shame Took up the cause, Yeah I took the helm But I'm not the only one who's changed I knew you first, I knew you best I wish I'd stopped it way back then when things were bad, but they still made sense when we were kids, when we were friends. Friendleaders...

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17. Lucid - Shh

Lucid - Shh

Lucid “The New Reprise”, Nightshifters NS024 Buy at iTunes: Juno Download: You know how people say things like “next level” and “you’re not ready”, but then you hear the tracks, and you’re like “well, I was ready and it’s just like 1 baby-step away from whatever’s current now”. But of course, very rarely, there is music that when you hear it you aren’t actually ready for, music so different that it brings about a fundamental re-evaluation of what you think is actually music. Well, guess what. We’re happy to announce the debut release by Lucid on Nightshifters. It’s so next level that you’re literally not ready. Lucid makes music that sits between a lot of different aesthetics. In some ways he has taken a lot of “future” sounds and ideas from a lot of different types of music and then processed them into something that’s for the club despite sounding completely unique. All the elements you’d expect are there, subby kicks, sharp snares, and few whooshing bits and a few fiery synths - but to be honest, they are all in the wrong place. This new sound, this new concept in music, is so fundamentally thrilling that we have to really watch when we drop it. “The New Reprise” is so advanced that you’re bound to get some funny looks, but what we’re saying is this: this shit fucking slays. Every track on this EP is a surprise. The collision of sounds and sub frequencies is constantly curious. The Ep starts off with Jumbo - an overdriven slammer with massive snares and mind-melting frequency-bends. “Togo” marches to its entirely own robotic drummer with flanged grunts and a brutal drop about half way through. “Closed Eye” has some rave elements convoluted through an intergalactic spectrum while “Shh” slides between Electro in a blender and a case of whiplash. “Drung” closes out the original tracks with one of the biggest and most confounding breakdowns you’ll hear this year. I mean, we can throw a bunch of words and genres together, but the reality is you’ll listen to this and realize how little you know. An Ep this good doesn't need remixes, but we have some pretty incredible ones for you anyway. Sam Tiba from the unstoppable Club Cheval crew drops perhaps his best tune yet with an incredible trans-dimensional remix of “Shh”. The Godfather of Baltimore Club Music, Scottie B, goes way the fuck out with a noisy remix of “Jumbo” that should have the club in full-pogo mode, and UK’s Norrit shows us a slightly warmer, housier version of “Jumbo” that we know will get a ton of play. We’ll say it again; Lucid’s “The New Reprise” is so next level that you’re literally not ready.

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