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1. I've Got To Use My Imagination

I've Got To Use My Imagination

I’ve Got To Use My Imagination. Written by Gerry Goffin and Barry Goldberg. Recorded by Wendy Waller. Produced by Wayne Wallace

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2. Little Angel Clip

Little Angel Clip

The song “Little Angel” was inspired by a dear friend who survived a childhood of incest. Her adult life is fraught with the residuals of her childhood incest a life riddled with trauma. At times she is so paralyzed with fears he can not function. She has flash backs, her body remembers the incest and she has no desire to live i† She yearns to reclaim her childhood innocents and accept the love that her spouse gives her. My intent is to use “Little Angel” to raise awareness about sexual abuse and to hopefully provide a vehicle of healing as the song proves to be evocative and validating to many who carry this trauma with them day to day.

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3. Time Of The Season

Time Of The Season

That's The Way The World Goes Around. Written by Wendy Waller. Produced by Hershel Yatovitz. From the album, Beauty Queen.

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4. Little Angel

Little Angel

Verse: Kiss me once Kiss me twice Your arms around me sure feels nice Faded pictures, it’s not fair Gotta see a face that I just can’t bear Verse: Fragile witness, sweet little heart Man’s hands in the darkness make their mark I can’t see what I have found And I can’t hold you baby when my body’s bound Chorus: Little Angel, I want you back Show me my young spirit, enlighten me with that Little Angel, I need you near Hold me in your arms and let me know that I’m still here Verse: Of all the lies that I held dear Home safe place was insincere And now you try to breathe life in this love Well it’s hard for this little dove.... this little dove Bridge: Hold me close so I can see A demon’s breath is blinding me Kiss me once, Kiss me twice, your arms around me sure feels nice

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