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1. Masters Of War, 1992 • Eddie Vedder & Mike McCready

  • Published: 2017-12-29T22:19:22+00:00
  • Duration: 330
  • By Wes Candela
Masters Of War, 1992 • Eddie Vedder & Mike McCready

Eddie Vedder & Mike McCready performed “Masters Of War” at Madison Square Garden, New York City for Bob Dylan's 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration in October of 1992... And brought the Garden to its knees. This powerful rendition of the Bob Dylan classic has reached legendary status as one of the best cover songs to be performed ever. While Pearl Jam had formed in 1991 and released their debut album Ten in August of that year, The album was not charting or making any noise at all for the first year of it’s release. The band embarked on an intense year long world tour promoting the album and then opened for the Red Hot Chili Peppers between the launch of you album and the explosion of the grunge movement. By the time 1992 came around they were a tightknit machine and they began to catch on with audiences around the world. In March of 1992, Pearl Jam played MTV unplugged, followed three months later by searing performance by the band at the PinkPop festival in the Netherlands. Word-of-mouth began to travel about the band and it’s no holds barred live performances. They played Matt Dillons band Citizen Dick in the Cameron Crowe film Singles and Recorded an album with Soundgarden called Temple of the Dog, Made in honor of Andrew Wood, Pearl Jim’s original lead singer who died of a drug overdose a year prior. By the time they were invited to perform at the Bob Dylan celebration their album Ten was climbing the charts a year after having been released, and when Eddie and Mike took the stage that night...their musical idols witnessed a new voice in the music industry...Eddie Vedder. Sincere and fiercely serious, he delivered an atomic rendition of Dylan’s song that took the audience there by storm. This is that moment in time, nothing would be the same for the band after this. Wes Candela, 2017 Voices Film & TV (