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1. Greeny Blues

Greeny Blues

I love Peter Green's style of playing, and when I found this beautiful backing track on Youtube (link below), I created this as a 'tribute' - though I don't normally record myself over random backing tracks I like how this sounded. I certainly don't claim to be able to play like him: his is the only tone that BB King said gave him the shivers! The track is based on a classic blues song but I ended up using it to experiment with some new effect mixes from my Zoom G3. It is a bit long, but I love it(!) even with a bit of string noise and couple of flat bends etc. BTW anyone else with a G3 who wants the patches can download the basic one here, with a YouTube videolink showing the variations: I spent much of the last month repairing/servicing/setting up my lovely guitar after I discovered the frets were lifting, so after three years of just polishing it and changing strings I had to get the glue and screwdriver out... Much swearing, mess and after a lot of patient scraping of glue off my fretboard(!) I am delighted and reckon she sounds better than ever. If anyone wants the backing track it was uploaded by a very helpful and talented chap on YouTube who also has some great videos/lessons on Peter Green's classics: BTW The pic was taken not too far from my home in Phuket in the beautiful 'blue' Phangna Bay during a marketing shoot for the wooden charter yacht moored in the background Sadly she sank in 2012 only five years after we built her, taking my business down with her: anyone intrigued enough can still see a marketing video of her created shortly after launch - on YouTube - My friend Cameron Hansen is a brilliant pro photographer who took this shot, and if you like beautiful landscape 'fine art' photography or fancy joining him on one of his tutored photo-tours of Myanmar then check him out too:

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2. Cool Collaborations

Cool Collaborations

The idea of being able to easily record high quality music in your own home is a fairly recent and quite mind-blowing phenomenon for those of us born in prehistoric days. The concept of collaborating with people thousands of miles apart is also a huge novelty for ancients like me. The internet has created a huge community of talent and the ability for people to do some amazing musical creations without ever meeting or even talking together. It is quite incredible... Here are some of my favourites on SC - there's a lot of them so I tend to put the playlist on shuffle when I am the mood to hear a random selection:

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3. Classic covers

Classic covers

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4. Chillin'


I am very lucky - I have my PC on all day pretty much while I am at home, which is a fair amount of the time being retired. I have no TV and get bored with radio stations playing too many good old songs and many crappy new ones (I can say that being of a certain age, though I have plenty of modern favourites from Muse and Creed to Jack Johnson and William Morrison) so SC has been a revelation to me. I am creating lengthy playlists from the numerous tracks on here I like to play depending on my mood, and this one is all about kicking back and relaxing, maybe while reading, checking stuff on my PC, or just having a beer with my missus. Enjoy!

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5. Killer Vocals

Killer Vocals

There are some stunningly good vocalists on SC; many deserve more recognition than they will find on this site. Here is a selection of some of my own favourites, in no particular order. In fact, now the list is so long, I just put it on shuffle and have the pleasure of being reminded of liked tracks each time I play the list! NB There is no truly objective measure of good or bad music: it is really all down to individual taste, so please understand that inclusion in this list is based on what sounds good to my old ear'oles and is purely my personal opinion! I include just one track from each but they have many other songs well worth listening to, some in my other playlists. I admire vocalists as singing is not at all natural for me(!) and I really appreciate the talent they so freely share:

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6. Originals


There is some amazing talent on SC: many people write their own music and/or lyrics but may get little attention despite their tracks being as good as, if not superior to, the stuff pumped out by commercial music stations every day. This is a long list of original music from different genres from relative 'unknowns', within the range of music I like. If you are looking to find new 'voices' then you might enjoy scrolling through these tracks...

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7. Mountains (with Will Patching and Rusty Ford)

Mountains (with Will Patching and Rusty Ford)

A continuation of a collaboration by Will Patching and Rusty Ford joined by Chris Barnett. Will: Rusty: Chris: Atlantic Riff: "Mountains" The hope in my life Feels like times at the ocean But over time I’ve built my mountains There’s been times in my life I’ve been down in the valley But I’m climbing out into the sunlight I believe If I can move these mountains I will find my way to the sea If I can travel through the lonely valley I will find the peace, the peace I need Inside of me If I can move these mountains I will find my way to the sea If I can travel through the lonely valley I will find the peace inside of me Bit by bit I chip away At hardened uncertainties I find the strength I find my serenity Serenity If I can move these mountains I will find my way to the sea If I can travel through the lonely valley I’ll find the peace inside of me Photo by Paul Bica

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8. Slow and Bluesy

Slow and Bluesy

No frantic finger work or shred-meisters here, just notes played with emotion and soul, on guitar and vocals. My favourite sort of music - I guess I not only have slow fingers but slow ears too!

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9. Singer Songwriter Originals

Singer Songwriter Originals

There are some fantastic singer-songwriters on Soundcloud, many far more talented than a lot of the celebrity 'icons' foisted on us by the likes of Simon Cowell and his fellow gatekeepers. This list is not comprehensive and includes just one song from each of the performers I have found on here that I really like - and I will add to it over time. This, like other playlists of mine, serves as a reminder to me to visit the pages of the people featured - and I hope it does for other listeners too - as well as offering the shuffle button if I'm in the mood to hear random lyrical songsters rather than bluesy guitar music!

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11. A Minor Thing ( Feat: Will Patching)

A Minor Thing ( Feat: Will Patching)

We have been kicking around the idea of a jam session for a while. Finally we put together this little A minor thing.. Will plays the intro, then i play the first half, and let will have the finish.. Just having some fun..

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12. Blastin' the Blues

Blastin' the Blues

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13. Acoustic With Style

Acoustic With Style

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14. Blood On My Guitar Strings: Instrumental/Original

Blood On My Guitar Strings: Instrumental/Original

It does not take long without playing for my guitar callused pinkies to get soft. So spending several hours practising minor third bends along with first finger whole step bends after some time out might not have been my best decision... Hence the photo, and this track. The title is obvious but the track was not what I'd planned: to have a bit of a blast as a contrast to my very first effort (Blue Sunday). Being a total wimp, my 'split ends' rather put paid to that. So, instead, here is a less taxing, slow, soporific blues style track that I rather enjoyed putting together today. I am still fumbling around with GarageBand - the program seems to pick up random noises, and somehow manages to make double stops sound a bit fart-like(!), rarely resonating in the same way as my amp, but the result seems pretty pleasant to my ancient lugholes. If anyone wants to improve my simple effort with percussion, keyboard, vocals or guitar, please feel free to do so . It is a simple two chord cycle of Am G with emphasized lead notes targeted from each. Pretty easy to extend, so please message me if you fancy that idea too :

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15. Blues Dudes - Collab With Al Wood on lead (Play Loud!)

Blues Dudes - Collab With Al Wood on lead (Play Loud!)

I came up with this slow bluesy riff based rhythm trying to get some variation with just two chords to practice licks over and sent it to my friend Al. He loved jamming to it so much he recorded this and immediately sent it back while I was still trying to record a version with a drumtrack - this was really a problem as the actual riff fingering and slides are at the limit of my ability! (Yup, and just 2 chords - see below!) So here it is in freetime, just our guitars, with Al's amazing raging lead over my ZZ-ish backing. Raw blues - not for everyone but I love what Al did with this. The two chords are E and A. The riff is based on E5 played with an open E string at the nut and 12th fret, with a slide back from the G to F# (3rd to second fret or 15/!4th) while keeping the B on the 5th string in place - something I find difficult still. Lots of sliding around too, with some E5 bar chugging at the 7th fret, both to give it variation. Works for me(!) and Al apparently! If anyone would like the backing I will happily provide it - in fact I will try and create a drum based version for open collab when I get some time... Please check out Al's tracks - he has a unique technique with some amazing rhythm and lick playing that I have no idea how he does. As ever, this was recorded direct to PC with my trusty Zoom G3. The pic is a reference to that classic two chord hit from America, plus it appealed to my humour.

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16. B&B Blues - Collab With Al Wood sharing lead

B&B Blues - Collab With Al Wood sharing lead

My fellow Brit Blues Dude, Al Wood, has been something of an inspiration to me this year with his unique rhythms and amazing lead licks joining me on two previous collaborations. Recently I sent him this cool sad bluesy backing I'd found on Youtube and he created some super - and sometimes aggressive - licks that I then tried to fit around with my more mellow approach. This is the result - a cool contrast in styles that we both think complement each other nicely. Big thanks to Al for his encouragement and support, plus his creative energies on our collabs. One day we will get together and jam while supping some jars of ale, but meanwhile we'll just have to do more cyber-collabs on here! Check out his awesome tracks for an aural treat: The backing was provided by masanoriutsumi who has some amazing tracks available on Youtube. This video also has the chords for anyone who fancies a jam without Al and me noodling: The picture is my lovely guitar from a few weeks back when I had to pull out the electronics from the inside through one of the f-holes: a little downside of my archtop is that it is a bitch to service! With chopsticks and dental floss I managed to get everything back in place but from start to finish it took me almost 5 hours, just to fish out the parts, repair the loose connection at the jack plug socket, clean the pots and then get everything back in place in working order... She's worth it! ;-)))

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17. Cocktail Hour - Tom Adams & Roger B-Train Collab

Cocktail Hour - Tom Adams & Roger B-Train Collab

Tom very kindly offered a chance to collaborate on this jam over a backing track with Roger - two of my favourite guitar players on here and a real honour to be asked to join such august company! I love the tonal variations and the melodies that they created and added my own BB-ish touch to fit in with what they had sent me. The three of us come together at the end and that was the biggest challenge for me - trying to sneak in alongside their wonderful 'duelling banjos' but it all came together nicely I reckon. Thank you Tom for the invite, and thank you and Roger for making this such a cool track to be part of. When I arrived on SC 11 months ago I did not know about collabs - a whole new world opened up for me and the community here has been an inspiration and motivation too. I could not have played alongside these two blues masters last year - my skills have gradually improved along with my confidence thanks to you super SC people. Love ya all! Here's a cocktail hour toast to the joys of sharing music! :-))) Check out Tom and Roger's music - in the unlikely event you haven't already! The photo is an unfiltered, unre-touched pic of cocktail hour in my 'hood', near Phuket :-)

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18. A Whisper From Heaven: original Ballad with Tony Bluestone & Spiderdrum

A Whisper From Heaven: original Ballad with Tony Bluestone & Spiderdrum

Huge thanks to Tony ‘Bluestone’ Pappas and Carlo ‘Spiderdrum’ Presti for their superb contributions to this original soft rock ballad (links to their pages below). My first ever attempt at creating a track with a vocalist/songwriter turned out way better than I could have hoped. This definitely was not a case of me creating a backing track and then Tony adding vocals, but a genuine three way collaboration: Tony first invited me to work with him last year, but it took some time (as with all things with me) to come up with a ballad-y rhythm that I felt was potentially emotional enough for his awesome voice. When I had the basic verse with a couple of melody ideas some weeks ago I ran it by Mr Bluestone for his feedback. Thankfully he liked the concept and suggested I record some additional material for the verse/chorus, which I then did... using a click track. After that I had to spend a lot of time finding and editing a drumbeat that sort of matched the rhythm and song structure I’d come up with - yup, definitely not the way to do it, especially for someone as percussively-challenged as me! Within a few days, not only did Tony magically produce these great lyrics and a rough edit of his melodic vocal – which literally made my spine shiver when I heard it – he suggested we needed a proper drummer as the track I had chopped around was really not up to par, so volunteered Carlo, who very swiftly did a fantastic job for us using actual microphones and a real drum kit! With Carlo’s swish stick work and brilliant beats mixed with my newly multi-tracked rhythm takes, I recorded several lead guitar melodies attempting to complement Tony’s awesome emotion-filled vocals, and, with his very helpful feedback, together we created the version you now hear. I really love the end result and I hope other Soundclouders do too. To have created this beautiful track with a ‘temporary virtual band’, collaborating with such talent across three continents and thousands of miles apart, is just magical to me – a simple guitarist who usually ‘noodles’ alone in a spare room with no prospect of playing in a real-world band. You can check out Tony and Carlo’s other tracks and profiles here: If anyone would like the backing track to jam to then please message me. The structure is: Two verses, chorus, verse, two choruses to the outro. Verse Chords: D Dm G7 C E7 F F C E7 Am F F C E7 Am Am Chorus Chords: F Am F Am F C E7 Am F Am F Am F C E7 Am Outro: F C E7 Am The pic was taken with my iPhone in my local stomping ground of Phuket from a restaurant: no effects or photoshop - it looked like this. Heavenly!

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19. I Need Your Love So Bad - Ms King sings the blues...

I Need Your Love So Bad - Ms King sings the blues...

This classic blues track is my all time favourite and when I heard the gorgeous vocals of the highly talented Ms King on this jazzy version offering an open collab I had to have a go! I thought I'd try my hand at coming up with a sympathetic 'original' lead that also gave a nod to Peter Green's blues playing on this wonderful song, so I do hope I have done it justice. It took me about twenty attempts to find a tone and some licks, including one or two reflecting Gary Moore's rock-blues version, but I eventually settled on this mellowed out final effort and I'm rather pleased with it. A cool extended backing track for jamming can be found on YouTube here: Thank you Ms King for your beautiful vocal with its jazzy interpretation, and thank you Peter Green for your inspiration and sheer musical genius :-))) Check out Lorraine's other awesome tracks here: Dedicated to Mrs Phutsadee Patching - she's the beauty in the wedding photo. All lead guitar was recorded direct to PC via USB using the amazing Zoom G3 gizmo.

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