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1. podpast

  • Published: 2014-07-09T17:18:04Z
  • By wonja

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  • Published: 2018-09-18T11:59:03Z
  • By LN-CC

The LA-based DJ and producer Wonja finds inspiration from the modernist design aesthetic of Building Block. Selections offer warped orchestral soundscapes to make up the soundtrack to the AW18 collection. Building Block explores conventionality and utilitarianism to develop practical and adaptable accessories with a contemporary design aesthetic.

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3. KS Podcast 1: Wonja

KS Podcast 1: Wonja

Here's a very good mix by @wonj - enjoy :)

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4. Wood Glass Metal Vol IV

  • Published: 2016-02-01T18:45:19Z
  • By wonja
Wood Glass Metal Vol IV

Naga - Sorcerer's Rhythm 1 (RingingEar) Henry Kucharzyk - Walk the Line ( Artifact) Thailand - The Music Of Chieng Mai - Likê - Introductory Piece (Odeon) Gamelan Galak Tika - Heavy Metal (Airplane Ears) Midori Takada - Crossing (RCA) Steven Feld - Gragnana, Italy - Village Sheep and Church Bells (VoxLox) Blacius Subono - Griting Rasa, Part I - B. Subono (Lyrichord) Wayan Loceng & Ketut Balik - Sekati (Lyrichord) Unknown - Gabor (Lyrichord)

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5. Mix For Floating World Music

  • Published: 2015-12-15T18:43:34Z
  • By wonja
Mix For Floating World Music

Guest mix for Floating World Music w/ Bass Clef on NTS 11/26/15 Tom Hamilton / J.D. Parran / Rich O’Donnell - Crimson Sterling [Somnath] Hiroyuki Onogawa - Oiyama (1) [Unreleased] DJML - Untitled [Unreleased] Ippu-Do - Plants Music [Epic] LINGO & McDOO - Metadata [Unreleased] Terre Thaemlitz ‎– Raw Through A Straw [Comatonse] Ippu-Do - Water Flower [Epic] Jean-Michel Bertrand - Talking Drum [RCA] Haruomi Hosono - The First One In Heaven [Monad] Youpy - NSX-39_001 [Unreleased] Claudio Rocchi - Il Risveglio [Ariston Progressive] Salon Kitty - ひまわり Himawari [Fantin Latour] Steven Feld - Iraq World Peace Bell, With Rahim AlHaj [VoxLox]

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6. HNYPOT 305: Wonja's Fine Lines and Wrinkles Mix

HNYPOT 305: Wonja's Fine Lines and Wrinkles Mix


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7. Melancholy Italo Disco Pod Past

  • Published: 2014-03-21T07:51:52Z
  • By wonja
Melancholy Italo Disco Pod Past

here are some italo songs i like. decadance - on & on (fears keep on) savage - i love again (special remix) expansives - life with you (instrumental) kano - another life (instrumental) mike rogers - just a story (instrumental) cruisin' gang - woman in black savage - don't cry tonight (instrumental) clio - faces moscow - come back (instrumental) paciscopi - love's harmony thomas leer - saving grace kristal - love & magic brian dalmini - can you tell me valerie dore - magic rain

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8. Herzog Hideout with DJML & Wonja - 2017/11/05

  • Published: 2017-12-01T18:30:23Z
  • By wonja
Herzog Hideout with DJML & Wonja - 2017/11/05

Audio rips from our live streams every Sunday 11am-1pm PST on ~ @the-globule @wonj ~ Full stream with video on Cactus of the week: Euphorbia Lactea "White Ghost" Tracklist: Mark Egan - Trance Dance Daniel Lentz - On the Leopard Altar Franco Nanni - RNA Roger Powell - Fourneau Cosmique Lolina - Miss Understood Savant - Stationary Dance Jon Hassell - Voiceprint (808 Mix One) Burger / Ink - Flesh and Bleed Black Bottom Collective - Invocation (Theo Parrish Remix) Tolouse Low Trax - Jeidem Fall (Wolf Muller Mix) Golden Teacher - Golden Chalice Art of Noise - A Time to Hear (Who's Listening) M.T. aka Bayaka - Homospherical Omar S feat. Gunnar Wendall - Enter the Fog DJ Marcelle - Too Trumpety Wee Papa Girls - We Know It (Kevin Saunderson Mix) Push/Pull - Zanzibar Mutant Beat Dance - In a Daze Fit Siegel - Carmine Cetu Javu - Situations C.C.C.P. - American Soviets Cameron Paul Remix Shannon - Let the Music Play Dub Nocera - Summertime Summertime Soft Summer Dub Suburban Knight - Nitestrike Ken Ishii - Auburnia (Valentino Kanzyani Remix) Blake Baxter - Luv 2 Luv (Electric Mix) Clipse - When the Last Time (Titts 703 remix) Photek - Glamourama Pretty Sneaky - Untitled Telephones - Vibe (Dj Fett Burger Remix) Ryuichi Sakamoto - Riot in Lagos Gangsta Boo - Nasty Trick (Instrumental) Legacy - Point 7 DJ Rashad & DJ Manny - R House Flynn & Flora - Free Cyrnai - Lost Your Soul

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9. Wood Glass Metal Vol III

  • Published: 2015-08-26T17:36:13Z
  • By wonja
Wood Glass Metal Vol III

Finger on Cactus Mendocino Arpeggio Bird Kotekan - Percussion And… - Kvistad: Dreaming of Another Orchestre Suar Agung - Bali: Musique de l'ouest - Jegog: Gegenderan I Gamelan Kraton Yogyakarta - Javanese Court Gamelan Vol III - Gendhing Tedhak Saking Gamelan Semar Pegulingan - Gamelan of the Love God - Barong Gong Kebyar De Sebatu - Bali: Gamelan Music from Sebatu - Manuk Angutji Lou Harrison - La Koro Sutro - Varied Trio II. Bowl Bells Marcel Duchamp Memorial Players - MDMP - Babylon Gammalon Lawrence English + Stephen Vitiello - Fable - Over Inland Philip Corner - 3 Pieces For Gamelan Ensemble - Belum Robert Turman - Flux - Flux 3 Philip Corner - Gong (Cymbal)/Ear In The Desert VC Bubbler Tomoko Sauvage - Ombrophilia - Making of a Rainbow

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10. Wood Glass Metal Vol I

  • Published: 2015-03-09T15:14:56Z
  • By wonja
Wood Glass Metal Vol I

Touch 33: Islands In-between - Birds Gamelan Galak Tika - Amok! II Touch 33: Islands In-between - More Birds Bali South - Hudjan Mas Music of the Magindanao in the Philippines - Child Vendor and Whistling Annea Lockwood - Two Ribbed Discs The Exotic Sounds of Bali - Rebong Annea Lockwood - Turning Gong, Mini Mobile, Wine Glass, Water Gong Neil Rolnick & Gamelan Son of Lion - ReRebong Other Music - "Now" "You" "Hear" "It" Music of the Magindanao in the Philippines - Duyug Mode on a Toy Piano Crystal Rainbows - Reflections in a Pastel Vase Michael Shrieve - Nightingale

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11. Motion Cast Vol. 35: Wonja

Motion Cast Vol. 35: Wonja

So happy to welcome Wonja to the series for mix number 35. She has been responsible for some wonderfully dynamic guest mixes over the last few years as well as a weekly collaborative radio show w/ DJML. The two of them also have a project called ‘Motoko & Myers’ who’s first release last year on Bass Clef’s label explored “hazy sound baths, autonomous arpeggiations, and microtonal dub”(I've also been told there is a new 7 inch on the way :)). This mix feels particularly reflective of some of the sensations that come with the summer months. Image by Angelina Nonaj

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12. Bandcloud Guest Mix — September 2016 - Wonja

  • Published: 2016-09-06T08:48:07Z
  • By Bandcloud
Bandcloud Guest Mix — September 2016 - Wonja

This one comes from Wonja (@wonj), who you may remember as being a regular stand-in contributor in my absence. Based in Oakland CA, she's a DJ/producer who loves to dig. She contributed a track to the Bandcloud compilation in 2014, and to be honest I'm not sure why I never asked her for a mix before now — her Wood Glass Metal series is sublime — but there you go. This one covers a huge range of stuff: current bangers from John T. Gast ‎and Equiknoxx, blissful 80s gems from Japan, eclectic in the best way possible. It drifts and moves like a perfectly varied collection of short stories.

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13. NTS Show with Wonja - 04/06/2017

  • Published: 2017-06-14T17:08:09Z
  • By Adam Oko
NTS Show with Wonja - 04/06/2017

Upload of my June 2017 NTS Show with a guest mix from the fantastic Wonja - @wonj Hear more here: @nts_live

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14. M.I.D. Vol. IV

  • Published: 2016-05-03T05:00:05Z
  • By wonja
M.I.D. Vol. IV

Pineapples - Come On Closer (Dub) The Creatures - Believe In Yourself (Special Remix) Travel Sex - Travel Sexiness Stage - Ocean of Crime (Instrumental) Fake - Donna Rouge (Instrumental) Lama - Love on the Rocks Laser Cowboys - Ultra Warp (Death Mix) Casco - Cybernetic Love (Instrumental) Tony Esposito - Kalimba de Luna (Instrumental) Freak Electrique - Symphony Electrique (Long) Gazebo - Masterpiece (Instrumental) Depeche Mode - Further Excerpts From: My Secret Garden Rose - Magic Carillon (Instrumental) Riky Maltese - All the Night (Instrumental) Mark Owen - Magic Love (Instrumental) Gary Low - I Want You (Instrumental) Clock on 5 - Theme From Furyo The Voyagers - Distant Planet (Instrumental Extended Rework)

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15. Wood Glass Metal VI

  • Published: 2017-03-28T17:39:18Z
  • By wonja
Wood Glass Metal VI

Seka Gong Taruna, Çudamani - In Deng Unknown Artist - Dance Music, Jaipur, India Kyotalye Wasabi - Odhanga Igulogulo (You Would Come Every Afternoon) Luis Perez Ixoneztli - Xochiyaoyoloh Family of Percussion - Anonymus V Susie Ibarra - Drum Sketch No. 1 Lightbulb Ensemble - STEREO FUGUE, LIVE Ingram Marshall - Woodstone Thai Elephant Orchestra - Duo For Renats Sarah Hennies - Falsetto Gamelan Degung - Sabilulungan

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16. Wood Glass Metal Vol II

  • Published: 2015-05-05T07:54:48Z
  • By wonja
Wood Glass Metal Vol II

Charlemagne Palestine - Wine Glass SPK - Palms Crossed In Sorrow Bali: Les Celebres Gamelan - Ballet Ramayana Heartbeat of Africa - Wild Dogs Heartbeat of Africa - Birds SPK - Alocasia Metallica Music For The Balinese Shadow Play - Pemunkah The Residents - Santa Dog for Gamelan Orchestra 23 Skidoo - G-3 Insemination - Part 1 - A Winter Ritual Heartbeat of Africa - Hyenas John Cale - Stainless Steel Gamelan Songs of the Humpback Whale - Tower Whales Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings - From the Roof of the World You Can See Forever Heartbeat of Africa - Birds

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17. FTD w/ Wonja & DJML (+ Drakeford)

FTD w/ Wonja & DJML (+ Drakeford)

Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek ‘Helio’ Yoshio Ojima ‘Signe (ambient mix)’ Nilamayé ‘Regresa Pues’ Servi - Laistrygonen Poli Palmer - Old Fulham Fertility Dance Jerzy Milian - Bazar W Aszchabadzie Dark - King Krad Roland Bocquet - Paradia Reinhard Lakomy - Das Geheime Leben Bobby Digital - Nice Girls (Version) Tapes & Sotofett - Topp Version Wonj - NSX-39-5 Marek Bilinski - Ogród Przestworzach Tolouse Low Trax - Ejekter Bang the Drum - Tribal Rhythm Worker / Parasite - Palette of Identity Austin Cesear - The Groove STL - My Home Ibrahim Alfa - End Games Russell E L Butler - Privilege M // R - Dread Nox Mark Broom - Roman Times Beneath - Giv Sum Bass Clef - Stenaline Mentranil Solar Flare (Bass Clef Remix) Fiedel - Likedeeler DJML - Breeze Glen Velez - Sweet Season John Bergamo - On the Edge Orkiestra Ósmego Dnia - Walc Sans Soucci John Surman - Changes of Season Compassion Crew ‘Habitué III’ Samo DJ & Pedrodollar ‘Track 1’ Leif ‘Shoulders Back’ Young Wolf ‘Kabuki (Ritual Mix)’ Kinetic Electronix ‘Roamin’ (feat DM)’ Vernon Maytone ‘Old Pan Sound’ Gregory Isaacs ‘Nobody Knows (Club Mix)’ PST & SVN ‘Untitled (A1)’ Alter Echo & E3 ‘Call Mi Name’ Equiknoxx ‘Last Of The Mohicans’ Michele Mercure ‘Eye Chant’

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18. Spontaneous Affinity #007: Wonja

Spontaneous Affinity #007: Wonja

The depth and breadth of Oakland-based DJ and producer Wonja's music collection is seemingly infinite. Both her solo mixes and her weekly b2bs as half of Herzog Hideout are tied together by a sense of playfulness and honesty, drifting seamlessly between dancefloor heaters and ambient soundscapes. For this mix, she's got plenty of tricks up her sleeve. Read the full interview and see a tracklist: "I'm still learning how to mix live, so this took a few takes and rearranging the order to get right, but I really enjoyed the process. I wanted to challenge myself a bit by mixing more rhythmically complex tracks and tracks with syncopation or swing. Overall I wanted to convey a sense of fun and energy with the mix. Every track has a playful element, like a tricky little irregular sound or vocal samples. I recorded the mix in my home studio where Dan (DJML) and I stream weekly as Herzog Hideout on" @wonj

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