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1. 083 Graphics & Podcasting with Jason Tucker of WPwatercooler

  • Published: 2016-02-28T23:00:55Z
  • By WP-Tonic
083 Graphics & Podcasting with Jason Tucker of WPwatercooler

LINK TO WP-Tonic Episode 83   LINK TO TIMELINES Episode 220

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2. WPblab Jingle Stinger

WPblab Jingle Stinger

Stinger for the WPblab - podcast - a WordPress Q&A show on Thursday nights at 7:30 p.m.

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3. Theme song for @WPblab

Theme song for @WPblab

Jingle for WPblab, a WordPress Q&A show on Thursday nights at 7:30 p.m.

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4. 180 Learning WordPress as a Beginner

  • Published: 2017-04-05T14:01:28Z
  • By WP-Tonic
180 Learning WordPress as a Beginner

WordPress development involves PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, MySQL – but what if you don’t know what any of this even means yet? Where do you go to learn WordPress if you’re still a beginner? This week, we look at WordPress for beginners. We have covered tons of resources for learning WordPress as a complete beginner.   Our WordPress panel this week:   Bridget Willard: Kim Shivler: Jonathan Denwood: John Locke:   ==================   Our episode this week is sponsored by LiquidWeb. Liquid Web is offering a 33% discount for your first 6 months of managed WordPress hosting. Head over to and use the code WPTONIC33 at checkout for your discount.   ==================   Table of Contents for Episode 180   0:00 Podcast intros. 2:32 WordPress News story #1: WordPress Plugin Directory Redesign: Why So Many People Feel Their Feedback Was Ignored 12:05 WordPress News story #2: What motivates WordPress spammers? In-Depth Analysis of a Criminal Organization Targeting WordPress Websites 30:48 Main Topic: Learning WordPress as a Beginner 30:58 "If you want to be useful to WordPress, you have to know how to build websites without WordPress". - Quote by @mor10 36:09 Getting people comfortable with WordPress before throwing them in deeper water. How Bridget used immersion techniques to learn WordPress. 42:11 Why aren't there more apprenticeships in web development? 43:37 Resources for learning WordPress. 1:07:05 Podcast outros   ===================   Links mentioned during the show:   Give - A WordPress Donation Plugin Treehouse CSS-Tricks WPShout - Up and Running W3Schools Digging Into WordPress WordPress Training and Tutorials on Designing with Web Standards The #ASKGARYVEE Audiobook Ch. #17: Self Awareness The WP Crowd WPwatercooler WordPress Essentials Course – (Online starting April 19th, 2017) Flexbox Froggy Hello Dolly WP Beginner WP101 WordPress Codex CSS Zen Garden WordPress Training - OS Training WordPress is not easy, and that's OK WordPress: Harder Than You Think Inspect Element in Firefox, Chrome, or IE Easy WP Guide   ===================   Find bonus content for this episode on the WP-Tonic website: WP-Tonic #180: WordPress For Beginners   ===================   Subscribe to WP-Tonic on iTunes   =================== WP-Tonic is both a WordPress maintenance and support service, and the publisher of a twice weekly podcast for WordPress professionals.

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