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1. EMISSARY ~ Metal Mario's Revenge(Updated) [Saster + ThatOneEddie + Xinleaf]

EMISSARY ~ Metal Mario's Revenge(Updated) [Saster + ThatOneEddie + Xinleaf]

Art by @saiyan-pt-79203125 Original song: "ono metal mario is a g r u m p e r y and turns into final form, which is just polygon mario No, but this was a lot of fun to make. Although I wasn't originally going to update Emissary, a certain extender cough cough made a deal with me and now here we are. I think this was a good 8 hours of my time spent, and I'm really proud of how it turned out. I originally wasn't going to collab on it, but Xinleaf asked to fix the solo and then Saster asked to make the mixing actually good and then Xaiyan made the majestical art and here we are now as a happy foursome. wut" -ThatOneEddie "lol this went from eddie by himself to him, saster, and i, featuring xaiyan as artist" -Xinleaf "I ship Xinleaf x think, and im depressed" -Xaiyan

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2. @Xinleaf and @Xinclover

@Xinleaf and @Xinclover

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3. Xinleaf - ABYSSAL

  • Published: 2017-09-30T07:10:56Z
  • By eraykaan
Xinleaf - ABYSSAL

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4. Bullet PSY (BullPsy New Lead But FLP Edit)

  • Published: 2018-03-18T02:43:47Z
  • By Jario1677
Bullet PSY (BullPsy New Lead But FLP Edit)

I still don't have my laptop to do actual covers but i did a new lead so enjoy it while its hot OG by Xin y'all know that

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5. Jingle Bells (Remix)

Jingle Bells (Remix)

seasonal greetings everyone! i thought to start off the month with a short lil jingle bells remix and if you've been around on my account for a long time you'll know jingle bells has something with me but enjoy! xd

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6. [Recognized Maniacs OST] A Carol of Fate

[Recognized Maniacs OST] A Carol of Fate

The "Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans" replacement in the Recognized Maniacs Official Soundtrack. Recognized Maniacs belongs to The Recognized Maniacs playlist: And the updated playlist, too: Mokeylokrima and Abyssal belong to Fall of Them All belongs to and Undertale and it's soundtrack belong to Toby Fox. The art used in the background of the thumbnail was made by RS200GroupB on DeviantArt. You can find a link to their page here: And you can find a link to the original art here: The thumbnail was put together by myself. The track belongs to myself. Please do not reupload this track anywhere unless I have given you explicit permission to do so, and be sure to properly credit back to me. -\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/- I made this like a month ago and never uploaded it woops. Don't have much to say, other than uwu the first Song That Might Play that I've done. As always, please be sure to leave your feedback in the comments below. I'm always looking to improve, and your feedback helps tremendously in that. And as always, thanks for listening, and I hope you have a cool day.

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7. Primal Desperation VI

Primal Desperation VI Xinleaf was making a take on primal desperation but it was left unfinished (only up to the strings) I found his motif extremely good and wanted to finish it Credit: @falexinyt - Lead, strings, drums

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8. [Throughout the Treehouse] Left Afloat

[Throughout the Treehouse] Left Afloat

huge thanks to @sasterdadudester / @official-sub0ru for helping with this song art by @kompletekrysys yes this is an update to my self insert fallen down but for another au join my discord server

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9. [Dominant Domain] and a half.

[Dominant Domain] and a half.

sans period sans period yeah you've seen this theme before but i remade it for this au im finally sans period again you can join the discord here

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10. Confrontaxin


so here's a track for pa:s i guess you could call this the "alphys takes action" of pa:s but not really this would be like a genocide theme and it wouldn't really put up a fight at all. yes there's accidentals and clashing notes. here's a vers without the clashing and glitching notes:

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11. [Youtube's Dark Age] The Fall of Them All (Cover)

[Youtube's Dark Age] The Fall of Them All (Cover)

Original Song/Composition: TosterNoah + Xinleaf AU Owned By: TosterNoah Art By: KompleteKrysys

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12. [TB!Overtime] Showdown [Remastered]

  • Published: 2018-01-08T04:50:22Z
  • By Hero
[TB!Overtime] Showdown [Remastered]

tune in next episode where Xeno actually lets TB!Overtime die again Thanks to SimpleRips for giving me a little bit of advice (really wasnt all that much but still) this is the part where i copy paste the last versions description cause everything from it is still applicable to this version. CREDITS: PixelCrusher - Art DropOff - Inspiration for the beginning MasterOfToast - Inspiration in general. MusicCrusher/The Pixelated Engie - Inspiration for Solo Xinleaf - Helped make and mix the first version's flp, which I used as a backbone for this one. ShadeWolf - Helped make the previous version. DJTOB3 - Helped make the version before the previous version, also made brass in this. Chord Lab - Gave feedback during development. btw thanks to you for reading this tiny part of the description

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13. [Recognized Maniacs] Another Update

[Recognized Maniacs] Another Update

CEARTAS/Noglovios - RPG_Freak/Sonix Recognized Maniacs - Xinleaf maybe this'll become official? :thonk:

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14. am big nigro. (Professor Theme)

am big nigro. (Professor Theme)

Composers: Niger (Original), Shiplord, Solid Ice, Xinleaf am big nigro.

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15. Smile! - Drop0ff's Encounter Theme (Overworld)

Smile! - Drop0ff's Encounter Theme (Overworld)

Composers: Drop0ff (Original), Shaxis (FLP), Xinleaf

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[New cool version] I love this song for no reason. also, this is official now lol. Hear it in instaudio: Au and original song by: @xinleaf The actually original song: ok, i'm done.

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17. [Undertale AU - Sudden Recognition] BULLS PSY (Remix)

[Undertale AU - Sudden Recognition] BULLS PSY (Remix)

tmw you fall down the stairs. Original song by @xinleaf Cover art by @litpototos HQ Upload:

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18. Game Corner

Game Corner

Composers: Xinleaf

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19. [Recognized Maniacs] Damaged Caverns

[Recognized Maniacs] Damaged Caverns

Exitium - Judge Recognized Maniacs - Xinleaf ----- * Many alternative paths to take. * But which one will be the exit?

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20. Spriterstale City - 7th City

Spriterstale City - 7th City

Composers: Shiplord, Solid Ice, Xinleaf

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