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1. CULTRAVIBE #077 || "Yoot Digme Guest Mix"


▶ Cultures & Vibes [ @cultravibe ] ▶ || ▶ Extras/Secret Gems - @cultravibe_extras ▶ Compilation album: Greetings to all you music lovers worldwide! 🙏❤️️ Welcome to our weekly music podcast where it's about having a good time and connecting you with some of the most amazing music and culture on Earth. It's been a very long time since we've had a guest from our very own home country - Latvia and for this week it has finally happened as we are very pleased to welcome you our good family friend and supporter - @yoot-digme as this week's special guest on episode #077, delivering you a nicely curated musical selections, full of good vibrations to make sure you get all the right healthy mood vitamins for your mind, heart & soul. Yoot Digme (formerly known as Cute) is Latvian deejay and promoter dedicating his spare time (outside of engineering job) to music and scene strengthening for 18 years officially. This guy was responsible for bringing such acts to Riga, Latvia as: 813, Complexion, Mosca, Anushka (Brownswood), Nuage and Lokiboi. Having played in some years 50+ gigs per year, guy got really tired of this (you know all those stories of exhausted touring artists). Nowadays Yoot Digme runs 2manypromoters together with legendary DJ Vital, has moved to London, composes mixtapes and playlists for broader audience, learns to play piano and co-produces with Voless when there’s a right moment for it. As for Cultravibe guest mix, @yoot-digme has prepared selection from future R’n’B, hip-hop, baile, dancehall and funk/disco music. We hope this mix will give you plenty of wonderful sensations to make that body rock. Igors, thank you so much for all the love you've been spreading through this mix to our amazing worldwide audience. Thank you for all the hard work/time you've invested in the local electronic music community to spread that dope future sound. Thank you for all the amazing support you've been giving not only us, but for all the underground/indie artists across the globe.🌐🎶 Much love and respect 4 you! ❤️️ - If you want to get to know @yoot-digme more or just to reach out, feel free to follow him on social media: ▶We hope you enjoyed this mix. Share/Repost the link with the world if you'd like. 📸 Photo by: 🎵 Tracklist: "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED. WE DO NOT OWN OR CLAIM ANY RIGHTS TO THESE TRACKS AND PHOTOS. WE LOVE MUSIC & JUST WANT TO SPREAD GOOD VIBRATIONS.

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2. Yoot Digme - Tropical 4or

Yoot Digme - Tropical 4or

Let's fight climate crisis, ok!? ⚡️⚡️⚡️🌎🌍🌏. . . our greed is a root cause of it! • • • What can be better than blending jazz and hip hop? • [Like the mixtape? Then click Repost ↻, Thanks!] • 'If i would have my ship being wrecked and i would appear alone in the island from 3 things that i could take i would take this mix compilation.' • Fourth part of 'Tropical' series! • Please give more exposure to these artists by sharing this mixtape: • 00:01 goosetaf - Ashes to Ashes ft ocean jams • @goosetaf kavv - now that you're gone • @kavvofficial Saito & Lester, Nowhere - Endurance • @bscsaito, @arturofratini Flamingosis - Another Day at the 9 to 5 • @flamingosis Lofi Coffee - Coffee Time • @loficoffee Lofi Coffee - Valencia Street • @loficoffee jazzinuf - Dazzle (feat. Engelwood)• @jazzinuf SwuM. - Garden of Rose • @swumbeats 15:59 SwuM. - Snow Down • @swumbeats SwuM. - Hydrate • @swumbeats bugseed - GRASSROOTS • @bug-seed Farnell Newton - Lofi and Chill • Terrace Martin, Techdizzle - Odyssey 05 • @terracemartin S I M - Dill Pickles • @simprod Engelwood - La Fonda (feat. Peter Kuli) • @engelwoodmusic, @peterkuli too ugly - uptown express • @toouglyboi 35:10 OTESLA - delights • @tesla77 SwuM. - Fuji. • @swumbeats pelvo - Haru Maki • @pelvobeat Kazam - romantique • @therealkazam ooljéé - mornin'coffee • @ooljee saib. - Vivre • @saib_eats invention_ - landrace • @invention KAELIN ELLIS - Skies • @kaelinellis Deeb - Aviation • @deeB Fevra - Say Goodnight • @fevra • [Make some noise for your favourite track, comment on it!] • Released on: 05.05.2019 • Check 'Tropical' at: 'Tropical Too' at: 'Tropical Free' at: 'Tropical 5ieci' at: • #Chillhop #FutureBeats

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3. Yoot Digme - Tropical Free

Yoot Digme - Tropical Free

Let's fight climate crisis, ok!? ⚡️⚡️⚡️🌎🌍🌏. . . our greed is a root cause of it! • • • What can be better than blending jazz and hip hop? • [Like the mixtape? Then click Repost ↻, Thanks!] • 'If i would have my ship being wrecked and i would appear alone in the island from 3 things that i could take i would take this mix compilation.' • Third part of 'Tropical' series! • Please give more exposure to these artists by sharing this mixtape: • 00:01 I eat Plants for a Living - Chilled •  Jaeden Camstra - Detective Office • @jaeden-camstra emune - Goodnight Southside • @emune quickly, quickly - getsomerest • @quicklyquickly Sky.High - Amoré • @skyhighbeatss Limes - Old Friends • @limes-3 Bonus Points - Hold Please • @bonuspoints Mounika. - Nobody But Me • @mounika-beat OB - can i • @theofficialob Brock Berrigan - So In Love • @brockberrigan I eat Plants for a Living - Know You •  Kazam - Oh Margaery • @therealkazam 22:33 Lucian White - So in Love • @iamlucianwhite nymano - far from u • @nymano saib. - Ballad of Fallen Angels • @saib_eats tusken. X Flitz & Suppe - Kobe • @tusken_ibk, @flitzsuppe Coubo - Good Morning • @coubo eli filosov [ p h i l o ]  - untilthen • @elifilosov Kiefer - Butterfly Inside My House • @kiefdaddy howiewonder - wednesdayloop • @howiewonder [w] - k a l e i d o s c o p e • @wayne_valentine nymano - quand la pluie tombe • @nymano 43:44 B-Side . - Pair • @b-side-production Fatb - Triplet Trice feat. plusma • @fatb1, @plusma baccyard - 4u • @baccyard Jaeden Camstra - With These Hands • @jaeden-camstra Kupla - still breathing • @kuplasound idealism - dont say a word • @idealismus eevee - 1970 • @eveline-eevee jinsang - Bright. • @jinsangbeats manny - breathe • @mannysp Mujo情 - Palm Treez • @mujobeatz • [Give shout outs to your favorite track, comment it, say it!] • Released on: 23.01.2018 • Check 'Tropical' at: 'Tropical Too' at: 'Tropical 4or' at: 'Tropical 5ieci' at: • #Chillhop #FutureBeats

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4. Yoot Digme - Sleeping On A Record V1

Yoot Digme - Sleeping On A Record V1

Sound of now is jazz and reflections on house / techno / rave music legacy in this exceptionally music rich 2018! 🔥 Prepare yourself for a long journey, where electronica meets jazz music, expect much larger music sizes and spaces. You listen to the sound of now! * Take action * If you liked this mixtape, please share/repost it: on soundcloud, on your socials, tell your grandma, send the link to your best friend, make what you like to spread! * Tracklisting * 1. 2XM - 2am (The Nail Shop Records) 2. Yadava - Heart Strings (Ad Hoc Records) 3. Toshio Matsuura Group - At Les (Brownswood Recordings) (Original. prod. by Carl Craig) 4. Ben Hayes - Ala (Ben Hayes Records) 5. Mark de Clive-Lowe - Evergreen (Ropeadope Records) 6. Roy Davis Jr. feat. Peven Everett - Gabriel (Live Garage Mix) (Late Night Tales Records) 7. Nicholas & Nikki-O - Sound Of Earth (Dub Mix) (Shall Not Fade Records) 8. Ponty Mython - Morning On A Boeing 747 (FINA Records) 9. Bicep - Glue (Ninja Tune Records) 10. Audio Dope - All Right (Majestic Casual Records) 11. Yadava - All The Fills (Church Records) 12. Paso - Idocracy (FINA Records) 13. Oma Nata - Alone Together (Forbidden Cuts Records) 14. Harry Wolfman - Upstream (Toy Tonics Records) 15. Brooke One - Don’t Fight the Feeling (Big Bait Records) * Listen to the next volume: * -> * Info * I'm located both in London, and in Riga. Inquiries via direct message at IG: * 2 Many Promoters Community * Follow our music community for information on Live events, Thanks: * Titles * Recorded & released on 29-05-2018. Press 'Free Download' to get Best Sound Experience! Thanks for your listening!

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5. Yoot Digme - Tropical

Yoot Digme - Tropical

Let's fight climate crisis, ok!? ⚡️⚡️⚡️🌎🌍🌏. . . our greed is a root cause of it! • • • [Like the mixtape? Then click Repost ↻, Thanks!] • If i would have my ship being wrecked and i would appear alone in the island from 3 things that i could take i would take this mix compilation. ) Thanks for wonderful music goes to following artists: (in order of appearance): Handbook - Crocus • @handbook mtbrd - Girl Next Door • @mtbrd tails. - Misted • @tailsxbeats j^p^n - Amore. [] • @fuckthisurl Salami Rose - Sunday Morning [Emune Flip] • @emune The Kount - Dilla Stroll (Let Me Love You) • @the-kount j^p^n - Poise. [] • @fuckthisurl Jnr Beats - Vibes • @jnrbeats FloFilz - Nomind • @flofills j^p^n - Joy. [] • @fuckthisurl ayo. + disfnk - Perfecto. (ft. Daniela Andrade) • @disfnk, @ayoayo, @danielasings Freddie Joachim - No Matter What • @freddiejoachim VRSYJNES - Miscommunications • @vrsyjnes APO ザ·犬 。- Monday Night • @apothedog Handbook - Once Around The Block (Instrumental) • @handbook Craneuhm. - Silver Trees (feat. Mtrshka) • @craneuhm, @mtrshka silo - Space Message • @silo-beats Zuper - Stick With It (VIP) • @zuper6 Irregular Expression - Setsuko (節子) • @irrex .sinh - Early Spring ft. Masego • @sinhbeats, @masegomusic Flamingosis - A Luv Song • @flamingosis IAMNOBODI - Intermissions For Syria • @iamnobodi Tennyson - SLIPPERZ • @tennysonmusic tajima hal - Grape Choice • @tajima-hal Madrob Beats - Backside Heelflips • @naoki-rob-murakami falcxne - Beachside Dreaming • @falcxne • [Don't be shy, comment on your favorite track!] Release date: 16.01.2016 • Check 'Tropical Too' at: 'Tropical Free' at: 'Tropical 4or' at: 'Tropical 5ieci' at:

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6. Yoot Digme - Sleeping On A Record V2

Yoot Digme - Sleeping On A Record V2

Continuing the journey taken in 'Sleeping On A Record V1', this time diving more into jazz and broken beat music. It features many finest artists of the moment and also legends of the scene like Fourth Kind (4hero) and John Beltran. Tracklisting: Emma-Jean Thackray - Red Bush Gallegos - Note 2 Self Ishmael Ensemble - Full Circle Ezra Collective - People In Trouble Ebo Taylor - Mumudey Mumudey (Natureboy Flako Remix) Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange - Elliot Nigel Hayes, Rachel Berg - Take Me To The Sea (John Beltran Sun Gypsy Brazilian Rub) Fazer - White Sedan (Werkha Remix) Pedro & Jenna Camille - Float Braxton Cook - I Can't (Allmos Instrumental Remix) Fourth Kind - Afterglows Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange - Elisa Harvey Sutherland Ft. Nubya Garcia - Amethyst Joe Armon-Jones - Go See Mast - Evidence (feat. Jonah Levine Collective, Dan Rosenboom, Gavin Templeton) Ethyène - A Baddington Pear Dirty Mix Souleance - Fantaisie (Souleance "Bouclé" Re-Edit) Llorca - All Right (S3a Remix) ▶ Play Prequel: 🎵 DL: Share, comment & repost! 🔥 Release date: 02.02.2019

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7. Yoot Digme - Sunday Mix

Yoot Digme - Sunday Mix

A tool for you to get into other dimension. Feel it and take this feeling into this reality! When I got bad mood And I got this music Then It's no longer like that! Tracklist: 1. Fitzroy - Justlikelife 2. LYNY - When U Need Me 3. OL X BMB SpaceKid - Breeze 4. ROM - Happy 5. No Tv No Radio - Baro 6. Gravez - Where We From 7. Kaytranada - Lite Spots 8. MORE // NIGHT - Candy W/ Comodo 9. Distal - Flowers 10. Monte Booker - I Kno What U Want 11. Handbook - New Love 12. Neguim Beats - Walk in Centro 13. Falcxne - Wet 14. Machinedrum - Do It 4 U ft. D∆WN (Original Mix) 15. Tourist - To Have You Back 16. Mo Vibez x Herzeloyde - LOCO 17. Noisia - Miniatures 18. Opia - YDU 19. James Blake x Bon Iver x Anohni - I Need A Drone Bomb (Golden Vessel Remix) Share, comment and spread the mix like a virus! Recorded on Sunday-September-2016

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8. Yoot Digme - Soul Vitamins From Future

Yoot Digme - Soul Vitamins From Future

Dropping new mixtape series, actually already started it with the Cultravibe prequel. Long story short: grab your tea and enjoy! Music from: ksmoove14, LAKIM, Ian Ewing, Bonus Points, plusNONE, Madijuwon, west1ne, Cool Kids, F R A N C H I S E, CANCREJO, Boston Chery, Shogonodo, Duncan Gerow, Fevra, Blue Wednesday, Mayor, Laster, Still Woozy, Montèr, Ari Lennox 🎵 Tracklist & DL: ▶ Play Prequel: Ah, don't forget to recommend 'soul vitamins from future' to your friends. Share, comment & repost! 🔥 Release date: 21.01.2019

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9. Yoot Digme - Live from Future Beats Night with Complexion in Riga

Yoot Digme - Live from Future Beats Night with Complexion in Riga

Making journey here from grime, trap to baile funk, latin trap, then to hip hop and future house. Whereas on emotional level: from dark feelings to paradise, sunshine and carioca! 🙌 _ >>> Recorded live at 'Complexion / Future Beats Night' event in Latvia on 7-Oct-17 at 00:10-00:50, check video aftermovies at: _ >>> Shout out goes to Complexion for amazing appearance & performance in our gentle and small Riga! On the picture: National Library of Latvia. Futuristic. Beats. _ >>> Tracklisting > Stööki Sound - My G's (feat. Jelacee) > P A T H - Whip > KR$CHN - Trunk Volume > Timbaland - Indian Flute - VANDALIZED / Jarreau Vandal EDIT > DILIP - dots > K, Le Maestro - Azul No Verde > SMOOTH OPERATOR 3000 - La Malanga > Chris McClenney - Vai Funk > JLZ & STINHOW - Hoje É Dia > KA-YU - Eu Quero Dançar Funk > Flamingosis - The Salsa Strut > Sango - Que Nada > Chewii - PuNoni (ft. GOVALES)[Prod. By KAYTRANADA] > Karriem Riggins - Summer Maddness S.A. > Kyle - Doubt It > vbnd - best for you - sophie meiers & tola > Alicia Keys - Sweet F'in Love [Prod. By KAYTRANADA]

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10. Yoot Digme - Live from Tex-Mex

Yoot Digme - Live from Tex-Mex

tell me how you feel.. this is what i listen through my day and want to share with you my friends, no matter how far you are xx ~ ~ ~ *recorded live at tex-mex, dzirnavu 59, riga on 22-aug-2014 at 21:20-23:00 *tracklisting: Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Make You Feel (SAVON Refix) Elaquent - Yesssss. (Floetry "Say Yes" Remix) Chet Faker - Melt (feat. Kilo Kish) Penn Alexander - Simplethings (prod. by King Henry) James Blake - Retrograde Echo - Chosen (Prod. by Akeda) Banks - Brain (Ta-Ku Remix) Fever Ray - If I Had A Heart (Familjen Remix) Chet Faker - Talk Is Cheap Stwo - Virgo w/ Shay Lia (Acoustic Cover) Clara Stegall & Ted Hunter - And I Know Catching Flies - Stay Forever (Live Version) Joomanji - Spread Too Thin (Feat. Lindsay Olsen) Tom Misch - The Journey Air - Come Wander With Me (Great Dane Remix) Banks - Drowning Tommy Jacob - I Want You (feat. Imaneurope) Mary J Blige - Just Fine (El Train Refix) Adventure Club ft. TKST - Wonder (The Kite String Tangle Adaptation) Cast - D Evil Needle & Sivey - Baby James Vincent McMorrow - Cavalier (Minorstep remix) Gorgon City - Here For You (Slander Edit) Diversa - I Love You For Existing #dmsn - New Mecca Ki:Theory - I Wanna Run (Fink VIP Remix) PVNDV & ELZIE - Keep On Tinashe - Vulnerable (Sango Remix) ttt - Bitches Brew (Sh?m Rendition) Flying Lotus - Flotus Kelela - Do It Again (Prod. NA) Ellen Allien - Wish

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11. Yoot Digme - Tropical 🌴 (Chillhop and beyond mixtapes)

Yoot Digme - Tropical 🌴 (Chillhop and beyond mixtapes)

Let's fight climate crisis, ok!? ⚡️⚡️⚡️🌎🌍🌏. . . our greed is a root cause of it! • • • 'If i would have my ship being wrecked and i would appear alone in the island from 3 things that i could take i would take this mix compilation.' • Instrumental chilly hip hop, nowadays its even got new name for genre: 'Chillhop', combined with some future beats is featured in these mixtapes. Soundtrack for your work, chill pill or just entirely chilly listening journeys. Please support, spread the word, share as much as you can. Each mixtape got tracklisting, please follow your favorite artists. One day you will be listening something like this played Live at concerts. Make it happen! • More comments, reposts you make on all of them, more chances are for a more speedy release for the next 'Tropical V' episode. • #Chillhop #FutureBeats

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12. Yoot Digme - Bedroom Housekeeping

Yoot Digme - Bedroom Housekeeping

Basically the story behind this mix is: Many of you reply on my mixes with a following feedback: "It's good to do a housekeeping while listening to it". So, i've decided to write a new one for myself prior to do a major cleaning in my bedroom. Absolutely random mix, has a random image, don't know what i've been taking a picture of) Let's say it's 1st moon quarter. A little bit of techno, or actually a lot, a little bit of house and bass music, and the sunshine in the end. It is also trippy as i do like now. Track listing: * KiRiK & iVANOV - Words Have Not Sense (Original Mix) @kirillkirik, @ivanov-ua * Howling - Signs (Rødhåd Remix) @rodhad, @howlinghowling * Heiko Laux - Moved (Ricardo Villalobos Remix) @heikolaux, @ricardo-villalobos * Asusu - Velez (A Made up Sound remix 2) @asusu, @2562amadeupsound * Audio Werner - Anytime @audiowerner * Cavalier & Brasstracks - Everyday @brasstracks, @cavalierbeats * Maribou State - The Clown Feat. Pedestrian (Axel Boman Remix) @mariboustate, @pedestriansound, @axelboman * Klaves - Come On! (Demo Private) @klaves * Sonzeira - America Latina (FaltyDL Remix) @faltydl, @brownswood * DIVERSA - Gaia @diversa * Persian Empire - Echo's Tribute (Fybe:one Remix) @perserreich, @fybeone * The SEVENth - S Curve (prod. The SEVENth & Sango) @sangobeats, @seventhsounds Recorded on 7/23/2015

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13. Yoot Digme - LOVE mix

Yoot Digme - LOVE mix

ages have past from my last listening mix.. in these dark winter days all we need is LOVE *mix features music from coolest beatmakers: Ryan Hemsworth, esta., Iamnobodi, Giraffage, Sweater Beats, Chiefs, 8tm, starRo, KR$CHN, AbJo, Emoh Instead, Kixnare, SevnthWonder, Arnold, Two Fresh, Fitzroy, Stwo, salute and Jaël *Tracklisting: Lorde - Ribs (Let's Have A Sleepover Version) (Ryan Hemsworth Remix) Esta. feat. Alina Baraz - Paradise IAMNOBODI - Heaven's Gate Giraffage - Close 2 Me Sweater Beats feat. Erin Marshall - Do It For Me Chiefs - Give It To You 8tm - Sippin On Some Syrup Aaliyah - Are You That Somebody (starRo remix) Nora En Pure - Come With Me (KR$CHN Remix Bootleg) Abjo - Night In Los Angeles EMOH INSTEAD - Why Can't You (Say So…) Kixnare - Gucci Dough SevnthWonder - Miami Vice Arnold - 4Seasons Dallask - Alienz (Two Fresh Remix) Fitzroy - Turtle Haze Stwo - Work Stwo (feat. Shay Lia) - Virgo (Salute Remix) Brandy - Never Say Never (Jaël Remix) *Recorded on 2-Jan-2014

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14. Yoot Digme - Live from Frisson Riga Radio (Video Link In Description)

Yoot Digme - Live from Frisson Riga Radio (Video Link In Description)

i am speechless, thank you so much! cut from the moment you've started to dance Recorded live @ Frisson radio show / Riga Radio Studio/ @ ~23:30-01:10, 23-Jan-2015 Video recording from 23:00 to 00:00 is here: Long live Riga Radio! Or at least in our Hearts

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15. Yoot Digme - Unconditional Behavior of The Glorious Bastard

Yoot Digme - Unconditional Behavior of The Glorious Bastard

This is an example of what i'm playing lately at my gigs Mix recorded on January 2013 Artwork by Sirke: Tracklisting: Bondax - You’re So Ossie - Ignore (Yes I did) feat Tilz Salva - Keys Open Doors Damu - Mermaid Jacques Greene feat. Ango - Flatline Felix Lenferink - Second Forlane B-Ju - Taurus Youandewan - Zeal Temple - Summer Sun Figgy - Know You Better HxdB - Stylish Cadaver (Grenier Remix) Forget Me Not feat Neo - What Were You Gonna Say Kastle - Can't Explain RIFFS - I Don't Care MMM - MMM Meets Tshetsha Boys Astroboyz - PianoBatacazo (Jimmy Edgar Manicure remix) Piri Piri - Mami Monolithium - Spiral Face Wood Holly - Turnt Up Distal - Cherry Red Addison Groove - I Go Boom (DJ Rashad Remix) Memory9 - One Of These Days B-Ju - Mia Got A New Haircut MACHINEDRUM - Doors Kuhn - I Quit DJ EARL - Enlightenment Andrea - Retail Juke DJ Nate - May Be Sum Day B-Ju - Gobble Gobble Giraffage feat. XXYYXX - Even Though

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16. Yoot Digme - Romantika

Yoot Digme - Romantika

Misspelled word in the title actually means 'Romantic'. - An idealized view of reality. Tunes Featured: Dennis Ayler - Friday Night • Temu - #SummaStank • @temumusic Luis - Talk Me Down • vbnd - All I Want (Feat. Tola) • @vbnd, @tolax NXXXXXS - Brown Sugar (Feat. Girls Do It Better) • @nbbeats Mo Vibez - Time for a Spliff (Interlude) • @mogotvibez Henry Wu - Shahada • @wuesli Pavel Dovgal - Quency (Feat. Mujuice) • @paveldovgal, @mujuice Eevee - Rosemary • @eveline-eevee Leaf Beach - Rain • @levfbevch Jeanette - L'Amour Joue Au Violon • The Xtraordinairs - New Spaces Master • @the-xtraordinairz Nujabes - The Final View • ÌFÉ - House of Love (Nicola Cruz Remix) • @nicolacruz, @grupoife Recorded on January 2017

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17. Yoot Digme - Tropical 5ieci

Yoot Digme - Tropical 5ieci

Questions: • Should we use 7, 5, 3 social networks? Or use one? Should we continue to eat meat products? Or be vegetarian? Should we buy 20 pairs of sneakers? Or just two? Should we drive a petrol car? Or drive a bike? Should we desire more and more, Or feel more with less? Should I spend 100 hours on the next Tropical Overheated mixtape? Or spend this time on activism and family? there are no judges there are questions and dead people and planet in the future there won't be island any more to take this mixtape from three things to take there are only questions not even to governments but to ourselves do we spend our time properly Or we waste it? there are only questions • -> • What can be better than blending jazz and hip hop? [Like the mixtape? Then click Repost ↻, Thanks!] • Fifth part of 'Tropical' series! • Please give more exposure to following artists by sharing this mixtape: • 00:01 Concept of Thought - For Oscar • @conceptofthought-music Thelonious Coltrane - Motherfucker • @theloniouscoltraneofficial DREVM - Juneau • @drevm MR•CAR/\\ACK - 08 Goddamnit Golda • @mr_carmack sugi​.​wa - Almost Home • @sugiwa aywy - HOMME • @aywymusic Fujitsu - Wondering • @fujitsuu1 Lindécis x sad toï - Dog Days • @iamsadtoi, @lindecis 18:10 Caleb Belkin - Life • @calebxbelkin Kyson - Every High • @kyson Emune - Morena • @emune ImpOrtMediA - late night thoughts (ft. Samotny) • @importbeats Medasin - Always Afternoon (ft. Kathleen) • @officialmedasin tomcbumpz - wonder (w- jinsang) • @tomcbumpz, @jinsangbeats Mura Kami - Kaze • @mura_kami last summer - winter's eve • @lastsummerbeats EMUNE - Hazelnut • @emune 36:44 SwuM. - ヽ`ヽ`、ヽ`、ヽ`ヽ`、ヽ• @swumbeats prima - june gloom • @primabeats Naye Fshr - Space Waves • @nayefshr FloFilz - Inside Out feat. Biig Piig • @flofills, @biiggpiigg invention_ - drxzzl_ • @invention Aver & Move 78 - Housecat • RudeManners - Holding Hands • @rudemanners Karavelo - Mango Butter • @karavelo Matt Quentin - Sky Blue • @mattquentin • [Make some noise for your favourite track, comment on it!] • Released on: 28.10.2019 • Check 'Tropical' at: 'Tropical Too' at: 'Tropical Free' at: 'Tropical 4or' at: • #Chillhop #FutureBeats

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18. Yoot Digme - Live from Kulter (Urban Soulz with 813 Party)

Yoot Digme - Live from Kulter (Urban Soulz with 813 Party)

i'm feeling blessed and thankful, your dance reaction was great and i truly appreciate this live recording from the memorable event 813 Live! @ Kulter // 22.Nov 2013 // by Urban Soulz // 01:00-02:00 for all the souls out there ~ ~ ~ *mix features music from coolest beatmakers & producers: SevnthWonder, Equator Club, Baauer, L D R U, Machinedrum, Debruit, Schlachthofbronx, Eero Johannes, 813, Wave Racer, Flume, Decibel, Ta-Ku, Visionist, Disclosure, Marvellous Macc Mello, Kendrick Lamar and BMB. *tracklisting: Donell Jones - Life Goes On (SevnthWonder's Classic OG remix) Equator Club - Believe Me Baauer - BADDST2 Baauer - 1Snapby The Aston Shuffle feat. Will Heard - Comfortable (L D R U Remix) Sherwood & Pinch - Music Killer (Machinedrum Remix) Debruit & Alsarah - Alkoan Baladi Schlachthofbronx - Apizaco Eero Johannes - Real Virtuality 813 - Espoir Voyage Wave Racer- Rock U Tonite Flume - Left Alone (Ta-ku Remix) Decibel - Wot Ta-Ku - Hustle Visionist - Snakebite Ta-Ku - One Thing About Footwork Disclosure feat Eliza Doolittle - You & Me (Flume Remix) Marvellous Macc Mello - The Cavalry feat. Vaigz, A.D.E, Kase, Bruce Leeroy, Dels & Metrick (prod by Sango) Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools (BMB a.k.a Space Kid Remix)

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19. Yoot Digme - GRECHCAST 1.0 (Video Link In Description)

Yoot Digme - GRECHCAST 1.0 (Video Link In Description)

Well, it's basically a summer music. Recorded live on 13th of August 2016 at Sound Waves Records for Grechcast podcast 1.0. Live video from this set, check: Tracklist: 1. Flamingosis - Finesse (Hey Baby) 2. AbJo - Cannabis Sativa 3. Aztek - Tu Es Guapa 4. Sango - Agorinha 5. Clap! Clap! - (S) Serendipity 6. Antonio Mendez and Jonah Baseball - Slide In (Yah) 7. PYRMDPLAZA - Mantralu 8. Point Point - All This 9. Alicia Keys - You Dont Know My Name (SMLE Remix) 10. Handbook - Melon 11. Sam Gellaitry - Belonging 12. Strict Face & TryTryDieDown - All For You 13. Henri Texier - Les La-Bas (Bonobo Remix) 14. Mura Masa - What If I Go? 15. Slom - Petals 16. kuma - Do I Wanna Know? ft. Kim Vallido (kuma remix) 17. Monte Booker - b2

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