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1. YALL DONT KNOW BOUT TRAP AND SWAG BISH I GOT IT ALL |||???||???||???|||/\//\/\/\/\/\/\/SATAN\/\/\/\/

YALL DONT KNOW BOUT TRAP AND SWAG BISH I GOT IT ALL |||???||???||???|||/\//\/\/\/\/\/\/SATAN\/\/\/\/

MOTHER FUCKERS DONT KNOW ˆ¨Øˆ¨Øˆ¨Øˆ¨Øˆ I GOT THAT REAL HEAT CHECK ME OUT ALL FREESTYLES N KILLER RAP INSANE DOPE LYRICS BELOW VvVvVvV uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh swag swa gswag swag swaggity swag swag whatever punch your lights out punch your lights out this some umh punch your lifhgts out music im dirty like the dirt dont call me crazy cause your girl likes to flirt look oh he mad cause his girl lifts her skirt everytime im around that girl wants a hurting for a squirting let me see your panties dorp girl you a doo wop stanky hoe what the hell get off my jock and my crews cocks dont look at us twice punch you in the face we aint nothing really nice beans over rice punk dont call us no asians or any haitians i am a gypsy matrian like alien uhhh and i make lazer sounds dont mess around (swag swag swag feggit swag swag swag feggit) what? what.... not gonna tell you twice punch you real fast leave your head broke like ice on the ground look at you now lookin like ground beefs look at the thief look at your teef punch through your head dead look at my bed....made of rose petals your lookin metal smell like boiling quarters in a boiling pot hello teef all yellow girl you look nasty get off my ass skeez this is my turn this is my weed to burn this is my couch why dont you leave alone on my own i dotn know what im saying im not even saying nothing this is a bunch of nothing im just nothing and your just nothing get off the porch and go do something go do something go dosomething go do something your all boring me. million dollars! the death of swag swag swag swag swag swag

nothing at of , which is