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1. UCD


LYRICS: I told a loose bitch do whatever I say She said it all depends on union so do you play? The dream team? I was 15! I scored in each game The final was pure scenes! Not catch the replay? Well, I’m moving on from that weak shit She had no ass and her B tits Had Boojum on them I could see it There were cheese bits and a bit of guac Quick phone call from Pete Smyth He still loves me, and I love rock Fides et Robur on my cock I’m a fucking legend Girls start sweating When im walking in the lecture Im the king of B and L and My professors just a jester New assignment yeah whatever New extension deadline never Graduate at 27 Quinn building A team forever Yeah I’m talking Quinn Yeah I’m talking Joyce Catch me outside the Newman Few Marlboro lights with my boys Yeah I’m talking Sutherland I ain’t talking Richview The Architecture Ball? Think I’m fucking going with you? Fuck that I’m heading Krystle VIP yeah it had to be Got my boys in but theyre mad at me Cause my contract with the academy Doubled It went from 62 to 125 125 to a 250 Head Colossus put it all on red Then go Zaytoons now who’s with me? Whole crew with me Who’s buying? We all got cash so we’re all supplying Pop champagne, got corks flying My bird’s so pissed now she’s crying She said I called all night and you stopped replying I got two blue ticks so I know you’re lying But we made up stayed up back at mine Now shes sucking my dick so I guess we’re fine Hungover I’m dying That’s what you get when you drink the vino The chat was loose and the club was scenes though Lost about a grand in the old casino Put an extra shot in my frapuccino Waking up with the commerce queeno I’m guessing that she liked the D though In the back of class she pulls down my chinos Broke records at Boojum Loyalty cards I use em Back to D4 with the lads Red lights I’m going through them 90 in my Scirocco Hotter than Alpine coco Speeding past see you ask Here did that lad just win the lotto? Born and bred in STMC Daddy works in KPMG RSVP the greenery Tables booked for bout half past three G2G hopefully I see BOD That would be so key I heard he sings rock boys are we Even I would if he asked me Rock aren’t my enemies I’m in lectures with them you see Big crew with all the commerce girls Guess we’ve just got good chemistry Most of them try to message me Cause I played for the SCT They know I’m still on the 20’s So they all try have sex with me Ag science snapchat I’m trying to find some nudies Tipped off about a few names I snap em and say excuse me Hope you don’t find me rude see I’m not trying to intrude she Said go ahead don’t be shy So I said can I see your boobies She told me she’s not like that I said don’t lie you are She said I don’t send nudes I said love youre from mullingar If you’re not flashing your tits What dya do with yourself all day? You’re either flicking your bean Or you’re eating some fucking hay She said you think you’re better than me Cause you were born in the city Who the hell do you think you are? Bitch I’m in fucking UCD I can do what I bloody please I’m a member of C and E I’ve been to Commerce ball three times And every time it gets more key Oh no I’m screwed Somebody has found out my secret Dug too deep and they found the truth And now I assume that they plan to leak it It was probably someone from the arts block crew Jealous of me and my high IQ Maybe cause they shop in H and M While I buy my clothes in BT2 Well Here it is I guess I didn’t really play much for the S I did trials for Skehan and he wasn’t impressed Played once for the thirds and I wasn’t the best But who cares? That’s the old me Just tell no one im shit at rugby I can be whoever I wanna be I’ll just keep on spoofing - in UCD

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